Another success story with Dr. Vince Hassel's weight loss program

I mean it's time now to check in with a good friend dr.

Vince hassel and talk about another success story of an incredible program that he is involved with has been involved with quite some time right now so let's say good morning to dr.

Vince hey Vince how are you buddy wonderful are you a little great a lot of people singing the praises of what you are doing because what you are basically doing is making people healthier and as a side effect of all this they are losing a ton of weight weight in a short period of time so true I've been doing this since January of 2018 and I've helped over 1, 500 people reclaim their health and lose weight women lose 20 to 30 pounds in 42 days and men lose 30 to 40 pounds or more in 42 days it's so much fun everybody's successful if they just play along and do the program and let me lead them they win it's awesome so much fun all right let's talk a little bit about the the basics of the program why somebody stopped me of all places they stopped me in the grocery store of the other day and they say we next let me talk to dr.

Vince have them talk about how simple it is just to go through the steps of this and why does it work so well it really is very simple and it works so well because the success behind the program is what the krile thin drops do to reset an inner current system that's the science part of it the adrenals and thyroid and pituitary and hypothalamus that's the science part about it that's the metabolic reset and then the easy part about the nutrition is stuff that that person would have been able to buy right there in the grocery store that are called proteins vegetables fruits and berries the outside aisle of the grocery stores there's no shakes there's no bars there's no packaged foods there's no delivered foods it's just foods that you go and purchase and cook in your own kitchen foods that your body expection requires and the alignment of the drops and the food together they knock it out of the park it's absolutely so much fun because the people lose so much weight yeah you mentioned vegetables and that's the area of the grocery store I was him when I was stopped that we're buying asparagus as a matter of fact now is asparagus is is that a good veggie on your program absolutely we'd call that an approved veg and so broccoli cauliflower asparagus green beans carrots spaghetti squash sir that the list is long there's so many options a really restricted list there's so many options that these people get a juice from so if you have the finicky picky vegetable eater maybe they're gonna eat green beans or carrots for me but they hate asparagus I don't know it's whatever they can whatever they desire whatever they like okay I saw a big hot pepper on there too like a big Gus or is what kind of pet was an Anaheim pepper that was there a grilled one yeah that would be what we call a free vetch those peppers your jalapenos and you know red and yellow and green bell peppers those are gonna be what we call free veg you can get as many of those peppers as you can you know when you never told me about that that is awesome now you have somebody with you that went through the program and lost a ton of weight here want to say good morning to Lisa Aldridge hi Lisa how are you good morning I'm doing great this program obviously a light bulb went off over your head when you learned about it how long ago did you learn about the program I started in February towards the end of February all right and what was the trigger point that said you know something I really need to to do something with my health and maybe the weight will come off – what was that trigger point sure many different eating things I've tried different workouts I've tried a million things and just have never had a lot of success or have had some minimal success but then the way it always comes back on so just trying to be more healthy just trying to feel better just trying to have some more energy that was really what triggered it for me all right and there's that we have some pictures here we can see the difference that you know just a couple of weeks make and that's really all this program is now when you first got started I want to get your take on the different way that you had to eat how difficult was it for you to change your eating style and your habits it wasn't too difficult the one thing that was a bit of a challenge as I travel for work so eating in airports and things was a little bit interesting but dr.

hassel was able to help provide some insight as far as how to order how to ask for different things at restaurants and so I got comfortable doing that and it was pretty easy and then I learned how to cook with some more fresh spices that I hadn't done before which has been really fun lots of new flavors and so it really was not that hard all right you said lots of new flavors like what what type of flavors here because I'm starting to get in my my taste buds they're starting to dance a little bit here right now what kind of flavors are we talking that you discovered so I used fresh herbs now so like fresh thyme fresh basil fresh cilantro all of that just really adds a lot of really good flavor to the food it's at least I'm taking a stab in the dark here I'm guessing you're to probably try to grow some of those in your garden this year I might do that and that's what it's all about dr.

Vince is that you want people to start eating better start eating healthier and as we mentioned this earlier as a side effect the weight comes off now at least can I ask you how much weight you lost yes it was just over 30 pounds Wow and in in 42 days yes that is amazing dr.

Vince and that's a typical success program and results being on what you had to offer absolutely every females gonna lose 20 to 30 pounds in that range or more in the 42 days if they've got the weight to lose you know obviously if it's a 120 pound woman it doesn't have the weight to lose that's not going to happen but if you have the weight to lose you're not in a good place my program successful you're gonna win you're gonna lose 20 to 30 pounds in 42 days all right now Lisa mentioned that she travels a lot and you weren't joking when you said you travel out when you end up at airports what kind of things did you tell her when she was at the airport to order something but what was the suggestion that you gave because you are in touch with everybody on a daily basis yeah the beautiful thing is anybody can do this any busy businesswoman or businessman or traveler or it doesn't matter where you're at or if you're stay at home you can do this from anywhere and so on that menu at the airport she can find the foods required for her meal they might not be on that one menu choice but she can say hey waitress you know I don't want to be a pain but here's what I need to have for my my nutrition sorry doctors got me on a special program and she orders the chicken breast and the girl asparagus and she gets to you know the side salad without the croutons and all the other things on the and then she needs a fruits you know so maybe she has that in her purse and has an apple or some cuties in her purse but maybe they have it there and she's done she's fulfilled her meal requirement so it really doesn't matter what your lifestyle is you can adapt to whatever the lifestyle is and in an environment now where we're trying to do things a hands-off approach on this you can do it virtually – correct dr.

absolutely you can do it with your stay at home quarantine program you would just get in contact me you don't have to come to the office I can get the program to you and then we start the program I'm in contact with you every day I'm not only your accountability partner but I'm your coach here leader and I'll help you through the program and you'll be successful you're gonna recapture your health and you gonna lose a ton of weight and you're gonna feel better yeah and every single day you check in with dr.

hassel he does provide you feedback every day and just keep track of you and the accountability Lisa that was pretty important wasn't it with dr.

hassel yes it was great to have that feedback every day and then if I was having any challenges I got immediate help with those too so that was fantastic well Lisa congratulations man a job well done and dr.

Vince you can make these success stories for anybody that's watching us right now what's the best way for them to get a hold of you why don't you call or text me phone numbers five one five four two three eight three nine six or you can go to the website at weight loss in des moines comm you can watch videos of all Luo and Michelle and Jackie and myself with conversations with other successful people which is everybody and there's a place where you can put your information into the website and that'll get to me as well and we can start our conversation and start your journey all right dr.

Vince and Lisa thank you so much for your time here this morning and once again congratulations and hopefully you know continued success Lisa in all your ventures I will talk to you next time dr.

Vince thank you all right.

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