good morning and welcome back to dayfour of this quarantine weight-loss challenge day for us pretty good I'vepretty surprised how good I'm doing I'm sitting right here next to chocolate andI have not even indulged once which I've never been able to do beforeI'm usually around this time I'm digging in the food I'm giving up so I'm doingreally good and honestly I think I have this video camera to thank for thatbecause it's keeping me straight it's keeping me honest it's keeping me awayfrom food I don't want to have to tell you guys that I gave up and quit alreadyand that is one of the biggest reasons why I'm going so strong so that's prettygood I said it in the beginning that this is why I want to film thisdocumentary or these videos and it's working so that's awesome but they won'tfor and how do I feel I feel pretty sore my back is sore from that run and walkyesterday but it's not too bad my arms feel weird like they feel almost likeneedles like they feel very weak I don't know why I'm not working on my arms oranything but uh yeah day four I've been fasting for 16 hours and 30 minutes soI'm about to go eat some breakfast I'm not sure what I want I think I want aburger again that was so good yesterday so I'm gonna cook a burger some eggs andthen that would be breakfast for day four here we go I keep losing track Iwant to keep saying day one but it's day four alright let's go cook one morething I kind of want to go weigh myself before I eat but I did say I don't wantto keep weighing myself because it will throw me off but uh I think it'd be safeto wear ourselves so let's go do that real quick all right let's see what wewin today day for two oh two point eight dang I was 205 point to yesterday sothat is two point four pounds of weight loss since yesterday pretty crazy sochange of plans I'm gonna cook four slices of bacon one sausage patty andone a hamburger patty got some cheese and jalapenofor the hamburger so let's start cooking doesn't that look amazing oh my god I'mpretty excited about this breakfast it's pretty big breakfast it's a lot morefood than what I've been eating so I headed up my calories yesterday and itwas about a thousand calories which is very low it's good for weight loss youwill lose weight fast but it's bad for your metabolism so I'm gonna starteating more I do want to lose weight fast but I don't want to destroy mymetabolism and that is what happens when you go to a very low calorie diet youwill lose weight but eventually your metabolism goes down and the weight losswill stop so I'm trying to prevent that and today I'm gonna start eating morecalories I read that when you are doing a lower calorie diet that eating a biglarge breakfast in the morning first thing will trick your body into thinkingthat there is a supply of food when you go in starvation mode is because yourbody thinks that there's no food for you to eatbut if you eat a big breakfast first thing in the morning it tricks your bodyinto thinking that there is a food supply and it won't go into starvationmode which is what you want so that is why I'm eating this big breakfast toavoid that hey looks so good I'm gonna go ahead and stop my fastingtimer let's see where we're at so I did a water fast for 17 hours and 43 minutesand now I can gladly dig into this food I almost did good by the bacon whilecooking it and I was like oh crap I can't do that just yet I have to stop mytimer but uh now I can gladly dig in and I'm going to start with this burger itwas so good yesterday mmm oh my god amazing sausage bacon hmmso freaking good holy crap I was wanting to go walk at the lake today I have afew trails that are open still but this morning it's snowing outside so notgoing to do that I'll probably just walk on their treadmill againso I'll eat go walk on the treadmill and go showerthat's the plan on keto it says to stay away from processed meats is a thissausage processed I'm not really sure I need to look it up if y'all know commentbelow I'm not really sure about sausage it's amazing though really good I'malready pretty full but I'm gonna force myself to eat this I need to get morecalories in two more bites I'm pretty full hmm alright so I just finishedbreakfast it is now 1:25 p.


which is pretty late in the day I stayed a lastnight I could not sleep again which is pretty bad I did fall asleep right awaybut I woke up a few times and was a lot awake again but I did go back to sleepand I woke up pretty late which is why I ate breakfast pretty late at 125 p.


but I'm about to drink this Gatorade zero to go with my breakfastand then let's add up the calories I just ate for breakfast because I do wantto keep track of that now so the beef patty had 240 calories the sausage pattyhad 210 the cheese slice had 60 these six slices of jalapenos had 2.

5 caloriesthat 4 slices of bacon had 176 calories according to google so for breakfast wehad a total of six hundred and eighty eight point five calories which is quitea bit but like I said I do want to have a heavier breakfast so my body doesn'tthink that there's not food around and my metabolism doesn't slow down oh andthis Gatorade zero has zero calories as well so it doesn't add anything to myall right so I'm heading to the store right now I really want some quesadillastonight so I'm heading to the store to get some low-carb tortillas and some ofmy favorite hot sauce that is actually a little carb I was like I haven't left ahouse in a long time I guess it's been four days or so but another update Ifeel weird like I my eyes feel weird maybe a tunnel vision I don't know butuh my eyes feel very tired but my body doesn't so it's like it's weird it waslike my eyes feel heavy but I'm not tired it's just a really weird feelinghard to describe but let's go get some food well the grocery store was out oflow carb tortillas which is a shame I try to get something at one market todayas well and they were out there too so I don't know what is up with everyone bylittle carb tortillas but uh they're all out which sucks so that means I couldnot have a quesadilla which I was really looking forward to so instead I justgrabbed some salad stuff so let's go make a salad I got a bag of lettucestill got some hot sauce and also got this orange Gatorade zero but let's goahead and make this salad for this salad I'm gonna cook up some bacon chicken andsome ham gonna start with the bacon now that the bacon is done I'm gonna add inthe chicken and then the ham so I always put hot sauce on my chicken and it'sreally good so I'm gonna try it on my salad this hot sauce is one carb andfive calories for two tablespoons so I'm not gonna add too much I like to cut my lettuce into smallpieces next I'm gonna add salt and pepper which by the way if you nevertried salt and pepper in your salad I highly recommend it it's a game-changernext I'm gonna add all the protein and then some cheese and there it is thebest salad in the world so good you don't even need ranch so I didn't getthe case of D as I wanted which is a bummer but I got this vomit saladinstead but as you can see I got a pretty big bowl of salad because this isgoing to be my last meal so I had a pretty big breakfast which was like 668calories and then my supper is going to be this salad which I didn't keep trackof the calories because I didn't weigh out all the meat and all that but thescale still doesn't have batteries I should have got batteries for the scaleI will tomorrow for sure let's try it out oh my god yeah it doesn't need ranchI put a lot approaching in here bacon ham chicken the bacon and ham havereally strong flavors so you really don't need ranch at all it's so good Ikind of want to add more hot sauce though your hot sauce is 2 grams ofcarbs so is it worth it 2 grams of carbs I don't think I had that many carbstoday besides what's in this yeah no hot sauce I want to go as the low carb aspossible for the first week and then I'll start getting uh more carbsintroduced they say on keto for the first two weeks you want to do 20 carbsor less you don't want to pass 20 carbs in the first two weeks so I always wantto stick to that the first two days I had zero carbs no carbs at all and thenyesterday has a few and today there's a few in this salad it is 6:30 right nowso I'm right on time for my fest as soon as I get done eating this I will startthe timer for that Gatorade zero the best key to drinkamber zero carbs zero sugars zero calories that's perfectthis one's really good though this is my first time ever having orange Gatoradeand I taste like an orange popsicles I love popsicles and this tastes like oneso I'm have to start getting horny from now on that was goodeven with that ranch that was amazing but there was my supper let's see whattime it is now I was about to start my fasting timer but then I realized Iwanted one more drink of this so I was like crapI better open up and take a drink right now before I start the timeralright I will finish that tomorrow and I starts a timer for fasting so I juststarted my fasting timer at 6:35 so uh yeah I ate two meals today which wereprobably about around a thousand calories not sure about the salad but Idid eat a pretty big breakfast and that salad didn't fill me up a lot but I amso worried about getting hungry in the middle of the night and cravings butspeaking of cravings today I had zero cravings whatsoever I did not care aboutthe chocolate didn't care about cokes or anything never crossed my mind oncetoday and that was awesome so I guess the cravings were going away this isgetting easier it's only day four and it's getting easier so that is good butyeah now all I need to do is go run and then shower and today we'll be donegoodbye my friend a little my new friend for the next 16 hours this is what Ihave to do drink.

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