Alternate Day Fasting for Weight Loss

Alternate Day Fasting is a great way tolose weight but you have to know how to do it the right way I've been intermittentfasting for over 10 years now and I worked out all the kinks by the end ofthis video and you're gonna understand how to fast for 24

hours every other dayto lose weight and to improve your health hello everyone my name is MikeCola and I've been a fitness trainer and gym owner for over 30 years and if thisis your first time here and you really want to improve your fitness health andnutrition along with me

hit that subscribe button along with the bellindicator so you never miss one of my videos I actually just finished analternate day fasting protocol last week and let me tell you exactly how I did itfirst of all I like to start my 24-hour fast on a Monday the reason

why Irecommend people start on a Monday is because it's probably the busiest day ofthe week you are not sitting around you have a lot of things going on so you'renot focusing on food okay and another big tip I like to tell people is thatyou have to prepare for

your 24-hour fast days okay for example first what isa 24-hour fast it just means that you're not taking in any calories for a 24-hourperiod some people like the dry fast I don't recommend that I think you shouldtake in liquids so what I do is that I prep you

have to prep to be successfulso Sunday I get all my liquids ready all the things I'm gonna drink on Monday onmy 24-hour fast day I want to have them on handI personally drink black coffee I think it's totally ok to take in a littlebit of caffeine a coffee

has like nominal almost no calories a cup ofcoffee may have maybe one or two calories next to nothing plus thecaffeine is somewhat of an appetite suppressant for a lot of people itstimulates me I think it's great to have black coffee you can have like you knowblack tea you

and have herbal tea I personally like to drink hibiscus teaduring the day so I have a whole bunch of hibiscus tea bags on hand and readyfor my 24-hour fast day and the other main thing I consume is a ton of mineralwater I love Pellegrino a liter of aPellegrino

has about 50 milligrams of magnesium it has sodium has theelectrolytes so that's what I recommend definitely get ready for your 24-hour fast by preparing the day before and havingthe proper liquids on hand now the next thing you want to do is have your foodready for what you're

going to eat on your feeding day so for example Tuesdayis a feeding day for me see I typically only eat two meals a day most of thetime I follow a 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol when I'm fasting for 16hours I break my fast around noon most days and I

take in all my calorieswithin two meals one at noon and maybe one that by probably around 7:00 in theevening at night so I also want to have all the food ready plus since I'mfasting for 24 hours on a Monday I want to make sure I'm keeping up my

vitaminsand minerals I want good nutrition on my fed days so for example when I break myfast on Tuesday afternoon around noon I want like you know high healthy fast Iwant a lot of potassium I want magnesium I want good quality healthy protein sowhat I do I generally break

my fast with say eggs I think eggs are a greatthing to break your fast with because this is the first meal I've had now inover 24 hours so I don't want anything heavy I want a good easily digestibleform of protein so I have 4 full whole pasture-raised eggs

and I just scramblethem up you know with a little extra virgin olive oil in the pan and then Ilike to take a big handful of spinach I thought right in with the eggs mix themmore let me know that you know I hope biggest spinach you like you knowreduces

down to down to nothing you know so it's great I'm getting a whole bigbig spinach 4 whole eggs and then I like to cut up an avocado high inpotassium high and high in fiber I think that's the perfect meal to break thefast with you know eggs spinach avocado

and then I like that I like to have onemore thing I want to make sure I'm getting the adequate intake of potassiumon my fed days you know you want to have over 4,000 milligrams of potassium Idrink a cold-pressed green drink when I'm breaking my fast too for example

onlyhas by 50 calories but has about 1200 milligrams of potassium so I'mgetting tons of potassium the green vegetable drink I'm gettingpotassium from the avocado getting good quality protein healthy fats from theeggs and avocado also some healthy quality fat from the extra-virgin oliveoil so that's my first meal I

really recommend thatthen I won't it again and I have my last meal of the day my second meal on my fedday which I like to have a nice big piece of salmon I eat mostly fish I'mmore of a pescetarian I eat some red meat but mostly fish have

a nice bigthree-quarters to a pound piece of salmon then I like to have two differentcolored vegetables so for example I may have cauliflower I might have red beetsand then I also like to have a nice big salad like I maybe have a arugula saladwith some tomato so I'm

pretty much eating you know healthy protein and alot of fibrous type vegetables and then I would also drink a lot of mineralwater that day too so that would be day two of the alternate day fastingprotocol okay now day three is another 24 hour fast day and I'm gonna

do thesame thing I did on Monday how I make it I mix up a little bit is that maybeinstead of having a biscuits tea that they may well have herbal tea I stillhave my black coffee in the morning you know differ a little exciting is that Imay have

some peppermint tea or some chamomile tea things along the lines ofthat and then they may even have some some flavored mineral type water like maybeI'll drink Perry a lemon Perry egg or something like that a lime Perrierinstead of going with Pellegrino just to make it a little more

interesting butI'm not gonna take in any calories for that 24-hour period so that's Wednesdayday three okay now they force anything rinse and repeat right I'm gonna do thesame thing I did on Tuesday on Tuesday now it's Thursday I'm gonna break myfast at twelve o'clock but maybe instead of

eggs this time I may have tosay a can of wild cought sardines which I love high in protein high inthose healthy fats about high in the omega threes I Imight garnishthose sardines with like a big pile of sauerkraut great is great fermented foodreally low in calories high in

fiber feeds that good bacteria stomach good forthe flora in your stomach I always have an avocadoand have an avocado again too I may even I may even you know drizzle over a littlebit of ground flaxseed on top of the avocado for more fiberyou know for more omega-3s

once again I'm gonna have another cold-pressedgreen drink you know vegetables high high in potassium that's gonna be howI'm gonna break my fast on Thursday and then for our Thursday evening for mydinner maybe instead of havingsalmon maybe I have some halibut something along the lines of that if

Ihad cauliflower and and meat on Tuesday I'm going to change if the vegetablesyou want to have a rainbow color of vegetable so maybe I will have broccoli green you know maybe I'll have something like yellow squash I have yellow and Iprobably still have a big salad once again

once again drink a ton of minimal watermaybe I'll even have a glass you know one five ounce glass a white wine for alittle hit little enjoyment a little entertainment after dinner till okay youmade a day number five it's a third day of this alternate day fasting once againback

to just liquid you know black coffee in the morning I'm gonna go back to my biscuits the hibiscus tea and really drink a wholebunch of mineral water that day and now all we got it one more day offeeding which is gonna be Saturday the next day

and it's really pretty much thesame thing at just a rinse and repeat it's a very similar similar menu thenwhat I would eat on a Tuesday or a Thursday and then Sunday how I endedSunday so generally you know Sunday's got a family day for me so Sunday Idid it

more of an OMAD day a one meal a day so I pretty much gave myself afeasting window I fasted that all day on Sunday almost a 24-hour fast until aboutsay 4:00 in the afternoon so I fasted say 20 hours and then meand my family had a big feast

in like 3 3 or 4 hour feasting meal we eat verysimilar food on what I would eat on my fed days Tuesdays and Thursdays but Ireally think that's an incredible formula for you to follow okay now let'sgo over some of the benefits like why do you want to

do this alternate dayfasting first of all incredible way to lose weight just think you'reeliminating so many calories by not eating for 24 hours three dayswithin a week you could have been eliminated you know nine, tenthousand calories you're gonna lose two three pounds right off the bat thereokay the

other benefit is you're gonna be be depleting your carbohydrate storeslike your glycogen stores when you a carbohydrate excess carbohydratesare stored in your muscles in your liver in the form of glycogen when you havethese 24-hour fast days you're pretty much depleting these stored energy sowhat happens then you burn

these carbs plus you start burning fat see I'm I knowI'm in a state of ketosis during this 24 hour fast when my liver ismaking ketones is turning it's converting fat into ketone bodies I'mburning up fat but I eat a relatively low carb diet a lot of thisdepends

on where you're coming from the first day you do a 24-hour fast andyou've been eating a high carb diet you may not be into ketosis but if you'redoing this alternate day fasting every other day by that third day like byWednesday I bet you'll be in a mild state

of ketosis halfway through thatday and definitely your third day of doing this fasting you'll definitely bein my opinion be in a state of ketosis on Friday at least for a few hours whichis great for health which is great for weight loss some other benefits of these24-hour fast one

things called autophagy you may have heard people talking abouta lot autophagy is the self-cleansing when the body like eats up and recycleslike weak and damaged organelles great for longevity great for health there'sso many incredible benefits to fasting for 24 hours besides just the calorierestriction also insulin sensitivity just

think it insulin is gonna becomemuch more sensitive the cells are gonna respond better to insulin plus you knowyour muscles and liver are not gonna be full with glycogen so if you do eat anyexcess carbohydrates you can store them awaybetter so there's so many benefits to 24-hour fast a

common question I getasked all the time is how often should we be doing this alternate day fastingwell a lot of this has to do with what your goals are but a general rule is Ithink it's a great short-term strategy like for example I think it's somethingincredible to do

say one week every month if you want to lose weight if youwant to improve your health if you want the effects of autophagy you can justlike do this 12 times a year one week the first week of every single month Ithink it's like an incredible way to do

it and my opinion is not good torestrict calories long-term too often it can kind of mess with your metabolism sodoing alternate day fasting for one week once a month it's a great option toconsider okay when I hope you enjoyed this video if you did like if you didlike

the video give me a thumbs up I'd like to know if you ever experimentedwe're alternate day fasting if it had some like good stores even some badstories leave a comment you know maybe we can learn from each other and if youlike this video you know share it with

your family and friends take careeveryone and have a wonderful day

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