Ai Chi Workout with Donna Lewen

(upbeat pulsing music) – Welcome to Ai Chi.

Let's take a few moments to just do some deep breathing in through the nose, and out through the mouth.

(contemplative music) A couple more in through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Sitting nice and tall in your chair, you can move to the back if you'd like to restyour back on the chair, that's perfectly fine.

Don't do anything that causes you undue stress or tension or pain.

And now let's begin our Ai Chi session.

The only thing you need to remember is when your palms are up, you inhale, and when your palms are down, you exhale.

Contemplating, contemplate your day.

Contemplate your life.

Contemplate somethingyou're grateful for today.


And now lifting those hands up.

Floating away all those extra thoughts in your head so you can make the next few minutes just about you and nothing else.

Floating away all those thoughts.

Dropping the arms to the side.

Uplifting your body, your mind and spirit.

Starting to feel lighter and freer.

Know that we're doing our own inner healing, uplifting.

Notice the arms come down and then bring them to the front, gently touching your heart and open again.

Encircling our body in that protective space so nobody can touch our energy.


And then dropping the elbows down, folding in all that Chi right into your being as you fold your arms in.

Unfolding all of theinfinite possibilities within you.

As you fold in the Chi.

Now taking a moment justto rest the arms down.

Lifting them out to the side, taking your right arm over and across and opening and eyes follow soothing your body, yourmind and your spirit.


Keeping those elbows low.

And now switching sides, taking that left arm over and across.

Eyes follow the hands soothing the body, mind and spirit.

And now we're gonna drop down, taking our left handover to the right knee.

Looking back behindyou with the right hand and then bringing it forward gathering all those things from the past so we can let them go.

So we have no worries.

Gather them up.

And then switching sides.

Gathering all those things from the past to let go.

All that no longer serves you.

And now we're going tocross that right arm.

And over, and left arm.

Shifting over into freeing.

Looking back, twisting from the waist up.

Touch your heart to open.

Going to the other side, reaching back.

Freeing your body, yourmind and your spirit.

Knowing that you have started that innate healing wisdomin your body to heal.

Freeing, you feel free.

In control of your life.

And open.

And now starting to shift, taking that right hand over, shifting the weight.

Opening, that that follows the hand.

As we shift the weight from side to side, shifting your body into balance.


Now taking a moment tojust rest our hands.

And then accepting everything that happened in our life.

Leaning a little forward, opening your heart, looking up, accepting everything thathappened in your life, knowing it happened atthe exact right moment.

'Cause there were lessons for us to learn.

Let's accept with grace and gratitude.

Grace and gratitude's a little bit more challenging on your body, but as you accept your body with grace, you accept your body with mercy.


With grace and gratitude.

And now let everythingroll off your shoulders.

If you want you can adda little bit of a twist.

From the waist up.

Resting my hands on my legs and knowing that there's nothing there for you to carry with you anymore.

You let it all go.

Just let it roll right off your shoulders as you round them and rounding.

And balancing our hands go back palms up.

You take your right foot forward and then step it back.

And then hinge forward slightly.

Again, bring that right foot forward, balancing your body.

Mind and spirit coming into balance as your completing the healing portion of Ai Chi.


And switching to the other leg, balancing.

Now take your moment to rest the arms before we start cultivating the Chi.

Taking the hands and going over to your right side, making a circle as you bring the hands towards you.

Inhale all that healing energy.

Shift the weight over to the right.

Inhale as the hands come up.

And then shifting over to the other side.

And now taking that ball of Chi, maybe even feeling that energy between your fingers.

Going over to the side, coming together, over to the other side, coming together.

And as you twist from the waist up, keep those levels low.

I notice there's nothing back there to carry with you anymore.

It's all gone.

You let it go.

Letting go of all thatno longer serves us.

And nurturing.

Hinging down, bringing that energy up from Mother Earth right to your heart.

Hinging down.

Keeping the ears and shoulders in line as you hinge forward.

Nurturing yourself.

Grabbing all that energyfrom Mother Earth.

Bringing her right into your being, know that she has everything you need, food, water and shelter, and millions of people so you're never, ever alone.


And now, taking yourhands to the right side closing, thanking the heavens.

Thanking the earth.

Bringing your palms together and thanking Mother Nature, and letting your butterfly fly away.

Thanking the heavens, thanking the earth and Mother Nature.

One more time, thanking the heavens, and the earth and Mother Nature.

And thanking the heavens and the earth and Mother Nature.

Just letting the hands gently drop onto your lap.

Closing the eyes.

Going inside.

Some deep breaths.

Inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.


Bringing your hands together to prayer position, and namaste.

Thank you for joining me.


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