ABS Workout – Safe Techniques – with Finnish and Vietnamese subtitles

[Music] alright guys today we are going to go through the ABS workout and abs workout it's the kind of thing that you can choose if you do it in a push day or you do it in a pool there initially it's placed on push day so there's got

four different levels how to do this workout and it gets more difficult and the most difficult parts are where you combine it with the creep workout and if you combine it with a creep workout you probably should be doing in the end of the pool there because in

Puglia you can do Crippin a lot doing a lifts where you have to need need a strong creep and in the end of that workout you can also combine with the apps with the creep workout so that you sort of take everything out of your crate but if

you don't do that if you do just a basic abs workout or a little bit more difficult basic apps workout you probably should be doing in the push tab because in general I kind of think that poster is a little bit easier day and that's good time to

also work on your abs in the pool then you're more focused on the back and the legs it feels like a little bit heavier so we're not going to do what I just showed you in the video that's a little bit more advanced stuff and we're going to

do the BAPS work so let's get into it okay the first version is apps in the captain's chair and important here is to keep your shoulders tight and and push down with your elbows so that you're not just hanging there and like hurting your shoulders you have to

stay tight when you do this and this is just a basic version of it and don't just hang for too long time try to keep the pressure on the on the ABS a little bit but it's important too that you're you're not hanging loose you have to stay

tight with your shoulders and press your shoulders down when you do this sort of lifting yourself up a little bit okay the second version is basically the same thing but you are doing it with straight legs so what I mean with straight legs is that slightly bent legs

if you do it with totally straight legs and you're a little bit cold with your legs you might have a cramp in your thighs and that's that could be nasty so little bit bent legs it's basically is exactly the same thing you're lifting the same weight but you're

not totally bent so this is a one step more difficult okay this workout is the same as the first one but it's done in the pool day and you also train your creep as well it is advice to do this in the end of the work day however

the downside in this workout is that you might be too tired to do this effectively which is why I highly recommend to do the do it in the pushed instead but if you do it this way remember to just keep tight shoulders don't hang loose and as you

see my hands are slightly bent so I have tight shoulders all the time and here is the last version which is the same thing as the previous one except we have straight legs which means slightly bent legs very challenging to do you have a hard pull day there

is a fifth move which I will show you it is a kind of a universal move which I like very much and I I do that in my push down line and the fifth exercise is my favourite it's cable crunch you measure the correct height for cable by

going on your knees and level it on your forehead level and then turn around you take the cable and you just keep your hands sort of relaxed when you do this and just crunch with your abs remember the pressure is upwards it's not pressing against your neck so

you don't have to worry about the neck the weight is trying to pull it away from your neck so there is no problems with the neck and make sure you don't pull against your neck just keep your hands relaxed and to the crunch with your abs not with

your hands so you're only holding it with your hands you're not pressing it against your neck so if you do this correctly there's zero neck problems there is zero plan a bad prompt close either because you are mobile and you're not against floor or bench or something like

that it's very natural move definitely my favorite apps for God all right that's all for now and thanks for watching next time we'll go to four push day you're on

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