ABS IN 2 WEEKS?? TRYING CHLOE TINGS SHRED!! *workout challenge*

over the last two weeks I've been completing the Chloe ting two-week shred challenge I've been doing this challenge with two other amazing girls who have been doing the entire thing with me as well say well done both of you for completing this as well in total we completed

14 workouts and a total of eight and a half hours of work out so I thought a good way to start this video would be to just explain why I wanted to do this so I think the main thing to take away from this is that you don't

need to be doing our challenges to feel prettier or better looking and it should all be about just feeling stronger and better about yourself and I can definitely say that throughout this challenge I felt fits out stronger and just sort of better from the inside which I think

in turn makes you prettier on the outside I don't know if and but the reason why I did this was really just because I felt quite unhealthy I didn't like the way I was eating did like that wasn't really exercising at all so I thought when it just

kickstart my health journey I guess with a challenge so the first day of the workout was hard my form was terrible I had to take so many breaks and I was just really out of breath the whole time and it made me not want to do the rest

of the challenge I feel like you're always gonna get that on the first day especially when you haven't really worked out in a long time this did kind of go on for the next couple of days we felt quite I felt quite weak I didn't feel like I

could do the workouts and I can safely say that I hate up-and-down planks now so starting date six of the challenge P workouts have been hard Chloe tink really knows what she's doing she knows how to work your body and I like the fact that she can work

sort of more than one area of the body at one time so you'll feel like even though you're doing an ab workout you're getting quite good like hit and cardio in and that your arms are working annoyingly though I've not been very motivated to do workouts and I've

just really had to force myself to do it which i think is the whole part of the learning process of living healthy life it's just that discipline to do workouts of to eat healthy so what I thought I would do to combat that is to get some a

new word packet now I can only show you one of the items since I'm wearing the other ones but I just got some stuff from Tarla now absolutely love grace and everything that she's been doing I've been a fan of hers for years and years and years and

I'm just like so proud of everything that she's done and I'm sure you know about Tala by now but I just got the long I believe it's called these are abroad but I got this long top I like to have my arms covered and then also just the

matching leggings but yeah I just thought that this would motivate me a bit more because I always find that when I get a new workout stuff I really just want to jump back into fitness and just off go for it so I'm hoping that this would give that

to me because the workouts are good and I'm always thankful that I've done the workouts I just really dread doing them which I'm sure a lot of people do that start donned Asics we decided to add ankle weights just to give us a bit more of a challenge

because once you've done the same workout a couple of days in a row it does get easier so we thought we'd just add that extra weight onto it and we definitely did feel it [Music] today is the seventh day of the workout i'm officially halfway through and i'm

feeling a lot better about myself I have to say I'm definitely feeling more energized I'm not sure that I'm saying the ABS that I've been you know doing all this work out for and now I realized that obviously to get rid of the fact that you wouldn't need

to do a lot of cardio and this is more just an ab workout and be yeah this is what we're looking like day seven so again on day eight we decided to add the ankle weights just to give us that bit of an extra burn because even though

it's an ab workout we did want to get our legs working and it definitely does get your legs working I'll tell you that so on day ten I just had this massive burst of energy and I just put 110 percent into the workout and really tried my hardest

and I was so grateful that I did afterwards I feel like if you really try at your workouts you get a lot out of them and so I'm happy I did that [Music] so by the time day twelve came around I felt a lot stronger in my body

still needing to improve a lot I feel like my form on this day just improved so much so I was feeling the exercises better my back wasn't hurting so much and it's just a great day day twelve we really worked hard so day thirteen was a hard workout

day but I really tried to put on wear thin again because I knew it was the second-to-last day and there was no point slacking off at this point and I actually really enjoyed this workout even though I strolled quite a lot and what we did do though is

we changed out one of the ab workouts for her lower ab workout because we felt like the exercises can be a little bit repetitive when you're doing them sort of every single day so we did swap out and do the lower ab workout which I really really enjoyed

actually [Music] [Music] on this day my cat decided to join us and just attacked me Midway so there's that and here we are on day 14 so this day I really put all of my effort in I really enjoyed this workout as well maybe because I know it

was the last day or maybe just because at this point I was just enjoying the workouts and looking forward to doing them and I feel so proud of myself because I actually did an up-down plank for more than two seconds so go me so this is a bit

that I'm sure you've all been waiting for and whether you've actually watch the entire video or just skipped here doesn't matter here are the results to me this isn't a huge change but I can definitely see that I have slimmed down a little bit a little bit of

definition trying to come through all my abs which I think for two weeks is amazing I said that a big help was actually having the two workout partners that I did have we facetimed every day that we did the workout that's all I'd say if you can do

get someone who can and do this with you and because it definitely does help me thing just to have someone alongside you struggling with you growing with you are just getting fitter with you so yeah those are my results it's not a crazy transformation but you know I'm

proud of myself and I think that's the main thing to take away from this and if you enjoy this video if you enjoy my other videos then subscribe you know I'd love to have you hit on my channel be out that's it for me this week and yeah

thank you for watching [Music]

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