ABS & Full Body Couch Workout | At Home No Equipment Routine

So many of us are in isolation right now So I thought to create this fun workout where you can use your furniture.

just so that you guys have something new to try out.

It is much harder than it looks because the elevation really helps to work the core.

It is a full body workout with lots of focus on the abs.

Also I have a new program coming out next week, so watch out for that! Thank you guys for staying home and saving lives and let's jump into the workout! So you can do these exercises on your couch or on your bed You've got two sets, twenty exercises all together, 30-40 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off.

Let's start with 'high knee couch tap'.

It's just like a regular high knee but try to tap the couch with your foot.

This will really help to raise the legs high enough.

Remember to engage your core and please don't injure yourself if your bed or couch is a lot higher.

Now sit down on a couch near to the edge with your legs extended out We're going to be doing 'scissors'.

Lift your legs over each other as you engage your core muscles.

The higher you lift your legs the harder it gets for your core muscles.

We're not taking any breaks here while going straight into a flutter kicks.

Just flutter your legs up and down instead of over one another.

Great work guys now get into a side plank position with one arm up and we're just gonna rotate.

Lots of you hate planks but this elevation might make it easier for some.

Just take it nice and slow and it'll get easier over time All right, we're not taking any breaks we're going straight into mountain climbers you're about a quarter through the workout you're doing great Keep pushing through and remember to engage your core Great work now sit on a couch again and we're doing some Russian twist Make sure you're making a full twist and this exercise won't be effective If you are not engaging your core, so you should feel this in your core All right, great work everyone Now lean back and we're going to do some leg circles draw circles as big as you can rotate between counter clockwise and clockwise You're probably gonna start feeling tired here.

My abs were burning so badly, but keep pushing and easier exercises next All right now stand upright and we're going to do some squats with our butt Touching the couch if your sofa or couch or your bed is much higher than just do a regular squats Now get on the ground with your feet elevated like so we're going to do my favorite glute bridges Remember to squeeze your buns and keep frosting guys No rest time here, we're here we're going straight into narrow glute bridges where you put your knees close together We're about halfway through the workout don't even think of quitting because we're gonna have a little break after this and you're gonna finish this Now you can take a longer break here if you want to and the next exercise is Bulgarian split squat Get upright with one foot on your couch like so with your hands held upright and now lower down into a lunge Remember to go slow and safe guys.

Don't lose your balance here.

If you have any difficulty just to a regular lunge On to the other side Nicely done now have a seat and we're gonna take a ride and do some bicycles You can use your elbows to crunch as well.

Just remember to squeeze your abs We're not taking any breaks here while going straight into in and out If you are starting to feel tired, just take it slow.

Don't need to rush.

Just go at your own pace All right now get into a tabletop position on your bed or couch and we're doing some dips You can extend your feet out like so this is gonna be a little bit harder again If this is too hard just do what you can for now or keep your knees bent Just five more exercises to go guys.

You can do this No rest here we're going straight into toe-touches keep pushing through guys who are just minutes away from wrapping up Great work guys now flip around we're going to do some elevated push-ups Elevated push-ups are slightly easier.

You can do a regular push-up or you can do a push-up on your knees if it is too hard.

Either is completely fine All right now have a seat again and we're going to raise your knees and hope this is gonna work your core, nice and simple You can do this.

Not hard at all.

Just under two minutes left All right Here's the fun one that you wouldn't want someone working it on.

Get into a high plank position with your Feet elevated on a couch and we're going to walk side to side if this is too hard to walk just hold in position Just one more exercise to go Alright now get on the ground with the knee bends like so and we're going to do some crunching Squeeze your abs And that's the workout guys I hope you enjoyed this workout If you are are looking for free programs do check out my website as I'm working on new challenges each month.

Remember to stay safe Love you all and I'll see you soon.


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