Abs & Arms Workout | TONED Arms & Abs | Dumbbell Only (Apartment Friendly)

welcome back to another workout guystoday we're gonna define your arms and abs with a 30 minute strength styleworkout so for today's workout it will be a time to workout we've got to Circuswe're gonna run through each circuit two times before moving on to the nextcircuit and then we have seven moves within each circuit and then once wefinish those two rounds of circuit one we'll take a minute rest and then moveon to circuit 2 for today's workout all you'll need is a heavier set ofdumbbells and then a lighter sentinel's today my 8 pound dumbbells will be OrionBread dumbbells are eight pounds and my lighter set are five pounds if you don'thave a heavy link so the devils is completely fine just go ahead and useany gun those that you have I do recommend anywhere between 5 and 12pounds for today's workout and then if you don't have any dumbbells at allthat's completely fine as well you can go ahead and use water bottles pastasauces canned goods you can even put like rocks and reusable water bottlesfor this workout I did not provide a warm-up so I'll go ahead and link a warmup here that I do recommend you do before starting the work out so you canproperly warm your whole body up even though we're doing only arms and EPS butmake sure you stay around till the end of the video since I'll be guiding youthrough a quick cool down to stretch out your arms and EPS and if you are new tomy channel please subscribe and support my channel I would totally appreciate itI'll be coming out with a lot more workouts and then go ahead and give thisvideo a thumbs up if you enjoyed it so I'm gonna go ahead andsake and we're going to go ahead and work out okay we've got about 25 secondsbefore we start into our first exercise so I'm going to go ahead and show youthe first move the first move we're going to go ahead and pick up ourheavier set of dumbbells you're gonna do one wide bicep curl flip your palms intoa lateral side raise so flip your palms squeeze and lifting from your armpitsall right we're moving to one here we go so nice curl and lift try not to swingyour arms when you do those bicep curls and don't lead with your hand when youdo the sideways lifting from your armpits get sixty Seconds slow andcontrolled from these three two one arrestso I'm gonna hold on to my favorites that you can always switch to yourletters in it if you want next move we're going to have wide shoulderpresses so instead of regular shoulder presses here you're gonna put tight andthen – why not – one o'clock is on press and down you can always start heavierand then move on to your minor set if you feel like you're starting to loseyour form better to go lighter then do it incorrectly oh he's definitelyburning out to the Y we've got 15 seconds whoo switching the lighters upand down three all right I'm gonna hold on to myheavier set we've got a half Burpee – two bicep curl and tricep push it outthree tricep push-up press up her feet into a bicycle dinosaur sound you canalways do the tricep push up on your knees curl it up you can also always step back instead ofhopping back into that link dress alreadyour next we're going to be on the ground meeting in a hollow Rock and wonderfulthat's a night of your set we're doing there a brick show our chest presses sodumbbells together – we're going to press up squeeze down trying to keepyour shoulders and head off the ground please use one of your dumbbells if you would have a lighter dumbbells Iwant you to go a little faster if you have heavier every week a little slowerso people anyone's to challenge yourself get a little faster and we're going to feel this in yourshoulders our shoulders and your chest lower your legs are the harder it is 3 1 dumbbell my light one we're going toplank rotations so place it right in between your handsgonna grab it going into a side plank you can your is right underneath yourshoulders eight-second a little faster 3 2 1rest already it's you're gonna flip onto your back put the dumbbell up in yourhead through the flutters so your dumbbells can kind of hold me down sorryI kind of like the tool it like this press down into the do all this one moretime we're back into the mat or the floor so think someone's trying to pushyour belly button into the floor you've gotta keep going free swimming yesalready you're gonna flip on over hands Annie we're gonna do one level changewith the spider planks you're gonna go down down up up three elbow to knee onehere we go down up elbow and make sure you alternate the arm that you go downwith I like to look at me me when I bring itto my elbow to feel like it really contract my absolute when I do that boom15 seconds we get a 30-second rest for this move three breasts okay grab some lever we'regonna start from the top circuit one and then we're done withcircuit one we move on to circuit two wanna start with that bicep drill flipyour palms into the side lateral raise that's kind of repetitive signs aroundalright two one wide bicep curl flip your palms now that you guys know themoves and I want you to move right into it try not to waste a single second youguys are strong so you don't want to miss that best single second move rightinto it I'm trying not to go for speed heregopher controlled blondie play quality over quantity here careful yourshoulders rolling in keep them up roll down your back three rest okaywe've got those wide presses so I'm gonna start with my heavier set thengrab my lighter said three all right here we golisten up and I just feel like I'm sitting here so remember this matterregular shoulder press where we go this way out wide and if somebody was standing ourexercise especially overhead make sure your gaze is out either straight or Ilove to look out and down about 45 degrees help you take that neck we'vegot that half Burpee by Cisco pepper beef tricep pushuppop back up a bicep curl three here we go three two one rs2000 nano group chest press with thathollow Rock three head and shoulders off the ground if youcan these are definitely tough remember go alittle faster if you have a lighter so the weights and for this one look downtowards your belly button if you can lower your legs just a littlebit o3o rest all right we've got those flutters I'm sorry not the flutter you've gotthat plane rotation so grab your letter set history to your hands so side plank- there are me back brothers okay keep going keep going almost aterrific to hear or one sir come on guys train driver one dumbbell you feel likeyour lower back is smooth off the ground you can always throw your handsunderneath your boots tree nice six letters don't mind listening ofyour likes big flutters we can do it last time we do these seven secondsthree boom press we're gonna flip on over to our hands and knees our handsand feet that level change the spider point second timer on this is much harder soyou can always start down tuning and do the level change right here that neither it helps you expect work our last move we get in a whole minuteafter this so think about that a whole minute you get a full recovery it's rain oh good I said this I'm gonnasave the pain I'm burned there's only temporary already open itgrab some water here on this little shake we're gonna get you back on theground when I grab myself your set of weights to begin with all right move inabout 25 seconds I'll show you your first loop you're going to meet me in abridge position I'm gonna do some skull Crusher's in a bridge position so let'sdo your lips up you're gonna come down bring the dumbbells on your ear press upyou will only feel this if you don't move your upper arm so you don't want tobend so like it's a wall right behind that upper arm you can go through thatwall here we go lift your hood side tonight down smoothup if you want to make it a little challenging you can let the one leg upjust remember what leg is up so the second round don't have to switch legsnice and controlled for these feel it behind that your arms triceps areshaking I'm ready keep your hips nice and I always drop down the weight if youfeel like you're losing your form 300k we're gonna stay here and do one fullsit-up with a shoulder press here we go so I'm gonna press up and then down atyour palms in sorry and so we're targeting the frontshoulder but eat your feet flat on the ground you have to dress yourself up forcharity Oh lose momentum keep going don't slow down 3-1 rest okay we're gonna go ahead anddo a rotating press so go ahead and make these in standard position this one's alittle more cardio so you're not kind of row 3 and press here we goso you're not coming into a full squat burnout your shoulders and your core anda little bit of cardio here kind of like your fists but this bumping in theceiling for this one I usually drop my weight towards the end again going keep going don't be usuallywith you also keep them down three we're gonna call a box then the other way onepush option to drop down to your knee fromthat push-up just make sure your hips right backthere's a little right underneath you we can do it we can do it right here withyou guys keep going keep going drop down to your knees if you have toright here pop back up three okay if I go into a single leg this suitcasegrabbed one line wait how is it three out of eight we like one leg out flexyour feet come in extend out replace it in and out so you can keep your lightsfully extended for this one too from the Willmar challenge just keep that lowerback on the ground if not stay right here I can get close better when it's up herecan be challenging already we're gonna go ahead and go in for our last move mr.

Pitts we're gonna go to the plank toe touch very difficult you know I playedthree we're going to touch our opposite dealt with opposite hand so toe touchtoe touch if you are new to this time is on to keep going I want to show you someoptions if you're new to this and have tried this move yet try just tappingyour meat and if that's still too challenging and you're rocking a lotjust bring me to dress go through 18 seconds make sure you'rebreathing – rock – much occasion sources popular event we did 30 seconds of thatstuff with this we're done oh I'm sorrygrab one dumbbell tree you're gonna go ahead and do one shoulder press then onetuck one shoulder dress one tuck anywhere anyone move then we're done atthis press in options those heels down give you one year time let's go see so you disagree to yourclub and gaze at court three rascais now we get 30 secondswe're going to start back through the skull Crusher's on the ground okay grab your dumbbells right meet meon your back one hips high for pressing down squeezing up if you lifted one legin the first row make sure you lift the other leg try not to swing down withyour hip so keep them nice and high well that's why I'm going to do this wedon't do this again remember don't swing that upper arm just your lower arm we'll treat you hard guys stay on yourback I'm gonna switch to my guys that sit up with that shoulder press 3 1 sopawns stay facing in roll up shoulder press try to use moment or try to useyour core not momentum through this one you both feet planted on the ground keepgoing keep going for this one I do like just slow down a little bit for the endbecause I get tired so push the rig don't lose that speed 3 1 West okaywe're gonna go ahead and go into that rotating press so meet me in standingposition three right here we go rotatingside-to-side shoulders are on fire thirty Seconds you go with your back isarching get rid of that weight and just punch this doing that means youovercompensating using your back instead of your arms here engage that core leaninto that punch you only have nine seconds let's go a little fasterwhoa you can rest three push the urge three walks one push up in that highplank position three one here we go two one one push up whoa keep going keep goingtry not to drop down ten seconds you can do it three lessons up single etsu paper one dumbbell if youwant maybe on your back dumbbell overhead tree here we go moving keep both feet on the ground andjust switch legs eight more seconds three rest okay youcan get those clink toe touches then we've got the shoulder pressput a little tongue three arms are those neutrals right now oh here we golet's do it so much get these nice and slow just as much aren't active is ABShere my are c-17 stronger you're going over your options pepperonior no taps it all just you need three two whoa rest okaylast exercise grab one dumbbell there might have been one their arms likeshaking three okay here we go last move guys wecan do it one press one tuck sit up nice and straight 20 seconds let's go oh you can do it so this one guys hangin there three your timer is complete you hearthat hope you guys are feeling good guys my arms are jelly abs are on fire go andstretch it out real quick it's really important to stretch right after youworkout I know some people start just like the EdmundI know sometimes I knew that so really take your time – where else take your goahead and me removed for this take your left arm across your chest right armunderneath pull the back so you feel that stretch along your shoulders andlook over your left shoulder so much keep your shoulders nice and square good and slowly release and now you'regoing to go and meet me a child's clothes so feet together knees apart tryto repeat your hands nice and wide feel that stretch in your back take a couplebig red food and wash your hand into one side and walk it over to the other side maybe back in center shift into tabletopposition move down into a cobra pose and just stretch up your abs right here moveone shoulder to the side at a time maybe back in the kneeling position takeone arm I'm egghead stretch out those triceps and slowly release and we'll dothe other side then slowly release and we're done youguys did it we all did it put it together thanks for working out with meagain guys that was a good one my arms are definitely feeling it and samplewith my core if you guys liked this video again please give it a thumbs up Iwould really appreciate it and if you are not subscribed to my channel pleasedo so I would appreciate it since I'm still growing so I wanted to createcontent for you guys workouts I really enjoy it and speaking of workouts if youguys want to go ahead and leave your workout requests down in the commentsbelow I would really appreciate that because I make these workouts for youguys not really myself I do I mean I do get a good workout out of it but I wantto make the workouts that you guys enjoy rather than just what I enjoys I reallyappreciate that but other than that I hope you guys have a great rest of yourday or night and I will catch you guys in the next workout video see you guyslater.

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