#99 We took the WRONG ROAD – WEIGHT LOSS journey AFTER 40 | My weight loss STRUGGLE

thanks hon good morning I am getting ready to weigh in getting ready to start my water want to give the power word like right off the bat this is the power word groovy so that's what your total word from the 1960s and since I can tell what age

of people watch the channel you're between like 34 and 44 so you might not be familiar with the word groovy but it is a fantastic word groovy groovy I'm groovy like I am super groovy you are groovy we are groovy today when things start to go south we

think I'm groovy man I am I am groovy which is a completely different word than a lot of the words that I usually have which is like persevere persistence or something those are kind of heady a little heavier something but groovy man we are groovy okay let's see

what today holes do 60 point – there you go cap with that weight I would think tomorrow I should dip into the 59 again I think it was like a week ago that I touched it the first time now it's taking me a whole week and I touch

it again hopefully this is the last time I'll have the circle around the 260 mark to break through like I told you I circle a circle I circle I up a little down a little up a little down a little circle so hopefully I'll break through the 260

and keep going and when I do which what philippi tomorrow then I can take this number off the wall I'll be able to take 16 off the wall because that would be down to 15 pounds and that makes me happy and today is a good day to have

a great day I'm taking a day by day one of the things that I'm working on is I am making my way down to 244 pounds I with low friends and company along the way already have some good friends I like some more friends to join me along

the way so if that's something you're interested in joining the circle joining the fun please hit subscribe today Mac and I are gonna drive like 2 hours and 45 minutes away to record a weight loss story so we're looking forward to be able to spend the whole day

together without kids without household responsibilities without all that kind of stuff I'm gonna drive to two hours of 45 minutes do the interview I'm sure we'll have some lunch and then we'll drive back should be a really nice day I don't know what about what does it mean

for my food though we're always dealing with that ok first quart of the day done before we go on our road trip April and macro out here still working in the garage getting some organizing on how's it going out here guys slow and steady made any major progress

it lists major progress progress what is it ok I don't know what that means oh yeah I gotcha ok corporal progress oh yeah general progress ok serious progress ok good ok I'm happy for you you know how we have these vegetables that we put in our eggs well

and and I think Mason you eat them amazing you know how you eat them a lot of times with your meat and stuff well we did this completely all brand-new fresh vegetables fresh broccoli fresh cauliflower first everything we think they're going bad so Mason's cooking up the bulk

of it now because it kind of smells funny well you know how cauliflower always smells kind of funny but it smells not quite right so in the right hand one that's our breakfast with a and the vegetables which hopefully will be okay and then this one is just

being cooked up so that we can try to save the food and I was telling Mason it's got to be when it could be 1012 dollars worth of vegetables and he's like yeah and a ton of time grading it because he stood there and graded it forever what

was that just like two or three days ago right yeah just a couple days ago this is probably our third big batch of the graded vegetables don't you think yes here's my breakfast when Mason made it he put only five eggs in the whole thing so between this

and his I certainly didn't get three eggs but I probably got an egg in half both some cheese and all the vegetables the vegetables taste mine don't you think yeah the vegetables taste like it's official we're on the road I'm gonna take a road trip have a great

time today enjoy our time together we're alone together no kids away from the house no real tasks that we have to do other than go up here and record the weight loss story video which will be awesome we stopped and got Mac a sandwich I'm just gonna eat

the meat out of it I'm not gonna have the bread and idiots we're going good we've been driving for almost two hours and it's a two-hour I'm 45 minutes trip so sweet that's rotation okay we're on the wrong road we took the hard wood we took the long

way an accident I guess okay so what I don't have any internet right now so I would have to reach out no phone service phone or internet or anything submit their wait till we get something and then reach out and let her know that we're gonna be late

and later we going to be okay that's disappointing but not a big problem because okay is that a minimum we're having a great time being together we think what must have happened is that we were talking and driving instead of driving and noticing the signs either way I'm

happy you happy yeah we're happy I contacted the woman that we're going up to interview and she said that she has an appointment at 4:00 so we have to be done by 3:30 and so we added by golden on the wrong road we added one hour to our

trip so we're gonna have to super hustle when we get up there and set up lights instead of the can set up everything really fast but I told her you know if it doesn't work out today we'll just go another day because I'm having a great time we

should come into overtime then my honey and I can spend the day together believe looks like this is a test run yeah this might be our first this might be a test run see how it goes but when I told her what happened what road we took wrong

she's like I've done that before too so must be pretty common pretty common mistake to make we were just chatting instead of navigating and a couple times in my head I thought oh I should put the address into the nav in the car I thought it twice wait

till we get closer we don't need to now but I think if we had we would have got going on the right Road my honey said he was sorry but I don't think he needs to apologize because I could have been helping too you're gonna been paying attention

to it just is what it is and it's okay if I were miserable like if I didn't like being with you then maybe it would be awful and then I would then we get more or less be assured that I would have gotten lost see at least one

on the wrong road or not really lost okay we're back on the road we were supposed to be on oh I don't know about an hour ago and we're headed to the right place now and we're gonna get there the estimated to out forty minutes so we ended

up on a about a one-hour detour but it was nice I took Louis news I laid back my chair and snooze and then my honey got a chance to think about stuff he's working on a project at work then he got a chance to think about that so

it was nice illiterate adds a little spice to our life we are about 15 minutes out from our final destination and I'm excited to meet this woman that's a good name is Camille I've never better before but I happened to see her pop up I think on Facebook

and it said it wasn't before an after picture and it said you know like if I could do it anybody can and so I'm gonna be really fun to meet her and hear her story and see what she has to share with us so she's had some really

good success we're gonna have to hustle though because we lost an hour and she has an appointment so we have to get set up really fast and get ready I have to use the restroom I'm not sure if I should ask for her fish and stuff before we

get there okay let's stop and go to the restroom and then we'll go to her house they will be completely ready to go hi welcome to Linn venture so happy to have you here today we have another special guest this is Camille hi yeah there was a piece

back here was like it is impressive that you lost the weight and have kept it off six years later Camille and I were just talking after we finished the video and we think we want to include some more information so come on over here and tell us a

little about your meal prep Oh meal prep is my favorite okay this is my favorite I can't believe I forgot to mention it I love my food to taste like food I love bold flavors I love creams I love my love I love bold salts those are mine

feels in my go twos so what I discovered is as I learned how to manipulate Marissa piece so I can keep the fat content down keep the fiber up but the flavors still there and what I do is once a week I just spend all day making food

because organizations key here's a few it's kind of frozen this is a Rojo chicken with vegetables this one Rojo yeah it's a basically red chicken Mexican red Cho okay Rojo yeah and this is a salmon I know it's kind of hard to see frozen this is a salmon

with Parmesan mmm my cream sauce is I'll give you this tip I don't do it often coconut cream is a wonderful substitute so I think it would be super helpful to put some of these below the video oh absolutely so maybe you could give us some of your

recipes like maybe the top three we'll put them below the below the video for people to be able to use if they want alright I'll tell you what I will give you my top favorite recipe I don't give out recipes often but I really want to see everybody

succeed I have an amazing it is keto friendly its high fiber it is low fat beef enchilada recipe I will say this that I'll send you that and I'll put that on there and then if they want more they can request them okay by commenting on those video

ok thank you there you got some bonus material we're gonna add that in we'll put it below the video in the comments action what was it something enchilada beef enchiladas here it comes and there Quito you know friendly that was so much fun we just finished the video

of a woman who lost 80 pounds and she's kept it off now for like six years it was so much fun we did it really fast we were late obviously an hour late so we didn't know how that would work out but we got all set up did

the video and we are done in like 25 minutes and it reminds me when we first started doing this if I first did one of the first interviews it'd take like two hours to do a video as we were so struggling and didn't know what we were doing

and I've got two hours but it took a while so we're getting better that was fun this is the beginning of my lunch with my honey a nice little scarred and salad and yes Lee I am going to have some dressing I'm not gonna have all of it

but I'm gonna have some salad dressing on myself there's the next part of my lunch steak and scrambled eggs why am having shakes and scrolled eggs until the day I'll never know but I am Hayley we're done with our shoot we had some dinner and we're just getting

on the road to head back home it would be there in about three hours what goes on give me a call back or text me there's places where I don't have coverage so if I don't answer it's because I don't have coverage all right talk to you later

bye thanks hon good catch okay really mad yes I was looking forward to eating those which is why I didn't buy stuff at the store and now they're all over the floor but you're mad at me well they went that way I'm driving I can't stop what I'm

doing to catch them you just watch them fall I'm not upset I'm just like really oh good none of them get saved in the box the one thing I did that I didn't want to do today was I put the rest of the documentation for my tax audit

away so I'm gonna consider that completely done for now remember your efforts matter and I will see you tomorrow you

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