#97 Where did the DAY GO🌙? – WEIGHT LOSS journey AFTER 40 | My weight loss STRUGGLE

okay let's see what the weights like today there's 60 1.

4 there you go calf two sixty one point four you all saw me hit two fifty nine I have no idea what's happening but I'm just gonna keep going keep going keep going a great food day yesterday water was weak it did not exercise but I'm gonna keep going because today it is done have a great day I am taking it day by day that's my big plan and today's powered is going to be dream I dream of wonderful things you dream of wonderful things we dream of wonderful things I remember when I was a kid I'd lay on my back in the front yard on the grass and look up at this sky with the puffy clouds and just dream and it was lovely and I can dream again today so when things go south so yesterday's word with confidence or confident and I needed it badly because yesterday was a rough day with the whole IRS thing but today is dream so if things start to go south things start to go awry things start to get off the path we say I dream and it can be just whatever it is that you dream hey my breakfast which is being displayed on the new countertop which I'm totally loving three eggs and the vegetable stuff I got a cup of vegetables with the broccoli cauliflower carrots and onions oh hey can I see that over here for a minute yeah I'm gonna show it again and some cheese I don't know how much she says that there's our big bowl getting ready for the week we seem to be also sauteing it up and eating it with meat as well not only just with the eggs you can get better try um I already know today's think that I don't want to do which is so on Monday the tile is getting put in so applause normal shower day is Tuesday so on Monday night he says it's too busy around here it's gonna be too busy cancel my shower for tomorrow which it wasn't busy because no one was coming and it was already done but in his mind it was gonna be way too busy so cancel his shower for Tuesday that was fine Wednesday the shower person comes and he it can't hear anything and no one was here so he didn't answer the door so she left so now this morning he wants me to call and rearrange the shower person but I'm gonna be gone all day which means were probably in that same situation again where I'll call they'll come he won't hear he won't get the shower and then he'll want but the thing is it gives you like a frowny face like somehow I've done something wrong because he can't hear when the door knocks and that is hard for me plus when I call you know what it'll be voicemail or redirect or you're on hold you're nine hundred and seventy-seventh to get served I mean it's gonna be one of those that you can count on that so I don't want to do that that's my one thing I don't want to do today and I'm gonna say again that this idea of doing one thing I don't want to do each day even though it is kind of genius it is still annoying because ignoring it putting it into ignore mode is sometimes makes my day better in the short run the other thing is I don't like telephone calls I don't like the details I don't like paying bills I don't like following up and following through and so most of my things that I don't want to do in a day are usually that kind of thing how about you but now se said just getting out of bed count and I say 100% yes getting out of bed if you don't want to absolutely counts as the one thing you don't want to do today so link below know comment below and tell me what kind of things you do that you don't want to do because I feel like those deserve a whoa because we don't want to do it and when we do it we need to celebrate it ends up ahead chicken so chicken with carrots that's about it it's kind of dry not terribly good but I'm going to eat it all you.

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