700 Calorie Burn Jump Rope Workout

what's going on my name is Brandon Epstein from zen do fitness and today we are doing a 700 calorie burn jump rope workout so you may be wondering where are we coming up with this number 700 calories well there's research done recently I'll cite the article in the

description below this show that with all-out intensity on the jump rope you can burn up to 1,300 calories in one hour so we're back to a 30-minute high-intensity jump rope workout and the goal here is to bring 7-under calories so every single exercise in this workout I want

you going all-out once you're doing your best form but going all out with your intensity so if you want the same sharp rope that we use here at Zen do fitness that's it it's link below in the description check it out let's get into this workout go ahead

one minute guys jump rope freestyle one minute ladies and gentlemen jump rope freestyle please notice here that Brandon is off to a solid start he just happened fun the reason Brandon is doing a great job is because he's having fun which is the most important thing look at

him laughing look at him laughing good guys so the goal with the jump rope freestyle is really just to get more comfortable with jump rope and not worry so much about am i doing a bunch of tricks or not like you can do regular bounce this whole entire

time Brandon you have 23 seconds left my friend number 23 was actually worn by Michael Jordan when he played basketball here's a famous basketball player in the United States 14 seconds left good and 7 good guys so on this jumper of freestyle just focus on doing what you

can do and done we're going into pistol squats next so next what Brandon's gonna do ladies and gentlemen it's these goodies doing a one-legged squat that's what a pistol squat is if you can't do a pistol squat that is totally fine what I want you guys to do

is do regular air squats it's gonna take a little bit of time to get built up to the point that you can do it pistol squat but like I said that is totally fine I want you guys to focus on just doing regular air squats Brandon my do

you got five seconds left go ahead yeah go ahead nice jump rope freestyle for another minute jump rope freestyle ladies and gentlemen pick your rope back up let's get right into it good good check out Brandon's form everyone notice how he's got his elbows in hands are jutting

out to the sides of the hips I know we say this a lot but it doesn't matter if you can do all kinds of tricks we're what we're focused on is helping you lose weight with the jump rope and so all that requires is being very good at

regular bounce just just remember that 30 seconds stood halfway [Music] good 20 seconds guys come on nice Brandon great job it's the sunglasses definitely the sunglasses friends got his cool sunglasses on so you know you burn more calories when you look better because it's science and everyone knows

that and you're done alternating toe touches alternating toe touches okay guys this one is all about balance and mobility so this exercise a little bit difficult but basically all you're doing here is you are reaching down to the opposite toe and touching it while keeping your back as

flat as you can and your leg going up a little bit there you go so you got tough Renan nice man it's okay hey you're doing a great job you're doing great man you're giving it you get an A for an effort man that's what I'm talking about

don't you give me this I'm not doing good you're doing great you're doing great my friend look at Brandon he's smiling the whole time he doesn't know what else to do he's having too much fun that's what happens thirty seconds left guys jump rope freestyle all my freestyle

is out out there make sure you're having a good time with it who do you got who to go are you guys working out with us you guys doing the thing I hope so 25 seconds left 25 seconds left Chris a a what's up dude and like we

do in every single video guys Brandon is using the cross rope cross rope is our is the sponsor it's it's who we use in all these videos look I'm just gonna be straight with you guys everyone asks us every three to one done pistol squats 30 seconds going

back into pistol squats if yours I felt someone just asked what jump rope should they use get a cross rope I'll be honest with you it is much it is very worth the investment and money to buy a cross rope because you'll have it for a very long

time and all you need to do is replace the cables not the actual jump rope Brandon you have 10 seconds good man keep going and as you see here Brandon's using his backhand to kind of just keep himself balanced if you have to do that that's totally fine

one-minute jumper of freestyle my friend second the last exercise second to last exercise good guys good ladies and gentlemen almost done with this first circuit and then we're gonna repeat it another two times almost done with this first circuit here we go yeah Wow okay yeah go ahead

25 seconds good guys 10 seconds Brennan all right guys we almost work we all we've got one 30 second period left and then you are done with this circuit two one alternating toe touches oh shoot I see Brandon he's starting to glisten he's starting to sweat a little

bit it means he's working hard good man there you go above else above everything else guys what we care about the most is your form we don't care how many reps you're getting in we care if you're doing the exercise correctly Brandon you got five seconds left dude

then we're gonna take a minute rest and get back after it hope you enjoyed today's workout today if you did please subscribe to the youtube channel and also check out one of the videos on the channel right now that we linked out for you the videos similar to

this one that we thought you might like and in addition this has been a preview from our Stretton injure workout plan so if you would like to work how that we did today and you want more like this we also have a shredded internal plan that is it's

either out right now depends when you're watching this video or it's coming out shortly so we'll link it out for you in the description below you can check that out thanks for watching this has been brand epstein from zen do fitness do the thing

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