7 Minute Sculpted Arm Indoor Workout For Women! With Weights

this is my actual toned arm workout forwhen I can't get to the gym and I've stopped going to the gym as I wouldguess many of you have so this is what I'll be doing at home two to three timesa week hi I'm Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50's

this arm workout withweights is going to keep my arms strong and toned whether I'm at the gym or notit is challenging but very very doable so you can start using a low hand weightand you can move your way up to a heavier weight as you get stronger andthis

workout is dedicated to a very special subscriber her name is Carolineand she's from the UK and Caroline wrote to me to say that she's feelingdepressed after many years of hard times and she said in her letter that when sheworks out with me she always feels better so thank

you to Caroline forreminding all of us that exercise makes you feel good and it's important to doit every single day and if you'd like to say hi to Caroline leave a comment belowsend her your love and let her know that she's not alone okay let's get startedour first

exercise is in out bicep curls hold your weights with your palms facingaway from you bring your arms straight up that's the end and on the out bringyour arms out to the side keep your elbows close to your sides this is goingto stop them from moving so the works

been done by your biceps which helpsgive us beautiful sculpted arms hold your core in tight shoulders back don'tlet your shoulders come forward let your body stay grounded and solid and focusjust on your biceps and listen to your body go your own pace do the best youcan and this

will get easier the more that you do itthis workout was already pre filmed and I thought it's such a pretty view forall of us to focus on while we're in isolation so close your eyes and a manwe're all there together next up is hammer curls these are greatfor

our arms and our forearms hold your weights straight by your sides so thatyour palms are facing together curl the dumbbells while keeping your palms facetowards each other and make sure to keep your elbows still while you're doingthese hold your core in tight activate your legs and just focus

on those armsusing the hand weights is going to help strengthen tone and sculpt our arms soyour arms will feel the burn but that's a good thing keep going you're amazing next up we have shoulder presses andthese are great for our shoulders our back and our arms hold the

dumbbell ineach hand plant your feet firmly on the floor about hip width apartbring your weights up to the sides of your shoulders turn the weight so thatyour palms are facing forward and keeping your back straight slowly pressthe weight over your head until your arms are extended above you

and thenslowly lower the weights back down to your shoulders this arm workout isdesigned especially for mature women and it actually works so no matter whatshape your body is in this is really helping keep going stay strong you'redoing great mixed up we have front raises and Ithink these are

my favorite start with a dumbbell in each hand at thigh levelraise the dumbbells parallel to the floor and then return to the startingposition the front raise strengthens primarily the shoulder but also worksthe upper chest muscles these exercises will help you build strength anddefinition in the front and sides

of your shoulder which gives you beautifuldefinition be assured that you're doing really great body work with thesemovements so make sure to keep it up stay disciplined and you will seeresults things are playing the things I you next we have alternate dumbbellcourse stand with your feet hip width apart

with their dumbbell in each handposition your arms so that your palms are facing forward bending at the elbowlift one arm up towards your shoulders while flexing your bicep muscles and asyou lower lift the other arm up keep your elbows close to your torso anddon't let them swings keep

your abdominal muscles held in very tightstrong legs straight back it's our routine that keeps us safe in uncertaintimes so make sure that you wake up every single day with the knowing thatyou're going to do some form of physical exercise you're going to do something tomake your body strong

and you're going to have full control over that shaking the crazyhow tricep extensions are going to work on our flabby batwings join your weightstogether start standing with your feet shoulder width apart and dumbbells hillin front of you raise the dumbbells above your head until your arms arestretched out

straight slowly lower the weights back behind your head beingsuper careful not to flare those elbows out too much keep them as straight aspossible and close to your ears these are great for toning the triceps andhelps us get rid of batwings and sculpt that part of our arms I

know you'refeeling the burn by now and if you are well done you're amazing you've justdone a huge amount of work on your arms and you should be so proud of yourself keep going when milli there Charlie that's our workout complete for todaycheck that off the box you've already

done it make sure you do at least onemore thing today that's all about you that was so goodlet me know if you feel great right now please give a thumbs up if you enjoyedthis workout and share it to a playlist so you can do it againthank you so

much for watching and have a beautiful day he's finished workingout and make sure you finish off with this stretch here and if you've got moreenergy I recommend that you do this workout next to complement the armsworkout that you've just done stay strong and stay fabulous

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