hi guys in this video I want to share with you five hacks to lose weight hack number one drink water water as life but did you know that drink water can also have short-term weight-loss effects drink a glass of cold water in the morning this ritual has been

shown to help people burn 200 more calories daily think they would otherwise the effect is thought to have something to do with the body needing to metabolize in order to warm up the cold water as well as getting the digestive system going a great morning routine drink a

half gallon of water a day being properly hydrated will allow you to feel better and think more clearly even if you are operating in a caloric deficit the rundown feeling that makes so many people stop their diets is greatly improved by being well hydrated being well hydrated has

been shown to decrease cravings and drink a full glass of water before eating if you eat way too fast then this one is a game-changer often times when I drink a full glass of water before eating I don't even feel half as hungry the reason is quite simple

your belly is empty when you start and is full of water after making you feel much less hungry super simple hack number two eat food eat food not too much mostly vegetables it sounds so simple food-like substances should be avoided eat food that looks as close to what

it looked like in its wild form and watch your body take on its more natural form the less processed the better for example sauteed vegetables look a lot like they did when they were living on the vine tree or in the ground pork chops also look a lot

like they did when they were still attached to the animal on the other hand Twinkies do not look like anything in nature really neither in fact does an energy drink therefore these foods are best avoided hack number three chill out stress greatly affects our bodies and as a

result our entire lives this can lead to chronic fatigue craving energy-dense and often unhealthy foods increased risk of heart disease depression and weight gain chances are your stressors are regularly occurring such as work parenting or traffic try incorporating meditation I find the mornings are the best time for

me and I generally don't need much more than five minutes to get to a state of relaxation most of our days are filled with trying to achieve greater productivity try and do something that doesn't have a goal go for a walk read a book yoga whatever your stress

reducing activity as make it a part of your daily ritual and you will see the results and also sleep more by putting yourself to sleep your body can take advantage of what it perceives as a low stress environment and take you out of fat storage mode if you

aren't running on a full night of sleep you will be more likely to go for the comfort foods calorie dense foods high in fat and carbohydrates instead of the healthier option you would take if you were operating at full capacity if you are sleeping eight hours a night

you are guaranteeing that you are having at least an eight hour fast your body naturally curbs your appetite during the hours you are asleep multiple studies have shown that decreased sleep duration causes a decrease in the satiety hormone leptin and an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin basically

your appetite increases in general though out the day when you are not well rested hack number four sheep right by in large people who try and stick to incredibly restrictive diets are not successful because it is not sustainable by eating well all week and knowing that I am

having pizza on the weekend I can allow myself the pleasures of pizza while still maintaining my diet for the majority of the time plan on cheap meals on the flip side if I never allowed myself to enjoy foods that I deemed unhealthy then I would most likely become

frustrated and eventually be dissatisfied with my nutrition but make sure that if you are counting your calories you are including these cheap meals into the calorie count hack number five move and get strong we know sport helps protect us from and manage chronic diseases like diabetes high cholesterol

exercise can boost mood and energy increase self-esteem and aid in sleep so why do we still have a hard time starting a fitness routine if you don't have enough time every little bit helps add more movement throughout the day in 10-minute intervals take the stairs when you can

ride your bike to work go for walks during your lunch breaks or do some deep housecleaning look for easy ways to get just 10 minutes at a time of movement to add up to the recommended 150 hours of moderate intensity exercise a week in fact moderate movement throughout

the day has benefits that the two-hour gym session followed by a day of sitting can't match if you don't love running don't run if you really love to dance dance experiment with different kinds of exercise including sports dance yoga and outdoor activities you can start with some gentle

movement like walking or stretching and then ease into more vigorous exercise the ideal training regime would include both strength training and aerobic exercises be gentle with yourself and learn your limits and remember even a little something is better than nothing if tackling weight loss from all aspects of

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