5 Ways MODELS Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

hey what's going on guys welcome back tomy channel if you guys are checking out my channel for the first time definitelywant to consider subscribing especially if you're interested in becoming a modelbecause I make awesome videos in the weekly basis that you guys are going tolove so one of

the biggest concerns during this lockdown is your weight gainnow people are binge eating we're not working out the gyms are closed somaking sure that you maintain healthy weights is very important especiallyduring this lockdown so in this video I want to tell you guys five ways thatmodels lose weight

without going to the gym coming right up so first of all Ihope you guys are staying safe and I hope you guys are healthy there are alot of things that you can do to maintain healthy weights especiallywhile you're stuck at home while the gyms are closed so one

of the thingsthat I like to do personally is to try a low carb diet now a low carb diet isvery common amongst models because once you've cut down on your carbs your bodyfat percentage is going to reduce and your cheekbones are gonna be moreprominent your abs are gonna

have more definition so try to do a low carb dietsnow I'm not saying to completely eliminate carbs because this could bedangerous and not nutritionally balanced you definitely still need some carbsespecially if you're doing some strain training so trying a low carb diet everynow and then it's really good

for losing weight or maintaining your healthyweight I personally try to avoid eating a lot of bread I try to avoid eating alot of rice even though I love rice rice is one of our main dishes in Nigeria wehave all different types of rice one tip that I find

very useful especially whenit comes to carbs is that if I absolutely have to eat carbs or fromeating a plate of rice I like to go for a very small plate so once you fill upthat small plate is gonna look like a lot but your portion size is actuallylower

and then you're taking less carbs into your body so when you take in carbsyour body automatically converts that to glycogen and that feels your muscles soif you're doing any kind of physical activities like lifting weights this isa great energy boost for your muscles so to enable you to

do more however if youdon't use that glycogen within that periodtime your body then converts it to fat and in that fat is usually stored aroundthe abdominal area for men around the hips area for women and then it kind ofbuilds up from there especially now that we're not as

active as we used to beforethe lockdown you can't consume the same amount ofcarbohydrates so you have to cut back on your carbs to maintain healthy weightsbecause if you don't use that glycogen fueling it to your muscles then it'sgonna get converted into fat the next thing you can do

is to try a raw vegancleanse I personally just finished a five-day raw vegan cleanse and it wasgreat I lost a lot of abdominal fat and I gotdefinition back to my abs and I'm gonna leave more details in the descriptionbox as to what I ate during that five days

but just to give you guys an ideafor breakfast I was having overnight oats for lunch I was having fruit saladsand for dinner I was having arugula salads in between I was eating nuts Iwas eating fruits I was eating vegetables so this is a very good way tocleanse your

system to give you a digestive system or break and to kind oflike help it resets and not to mention doing a five-day raw vegan cleanseyou're also going to lose a lot of weights because your body gets intoketosis by the second or third day depending on your metabolism and

if youguys don't know what ketosis is basically that's when your body is usingstored fats for energy so at this point your body's just burning pure fats whileyou still maintain your lean muscles one tip I'll give you guys for the raw vegandiet is that during the raw vegan diets

you get a lot of cravings because you'renot eating processed sugars you're not eating sugar at all typically you're notusing salt unless you're using sea salts so in between you might get cravings andwhat I did to fight the cravings will sue you want some ginger or chew ongarlic and

this is also very great for your immune system as well another trickthat models do to lose weight is to drink a gallon of water a day one tip isto try to cut back on sugary drinks again sugar also gets converted into thebody as fats so try to avoid

these sugary drinks a lot of times companieswould try to disguise the amount of sugar that they have in a drink so forinstance they might say oh look very low in sugar only two grams of sugar butthen they have high fructose corn syrup and other types of syrups that

are alsosugars the next thing you can do is to do a juice cleansemaybe try it for three days or maybe try it for five days this is one of the mostdifficult diets to complete because from a mental standpoint it's hard to to takein the fact that you're not

eating any food at all and all you're doing is justdrinking juices but on the upside what you're doing is a you're drinkingcold-pressed juices and getting all the nourishment from fruits and vegetablesso this is very great for your system very healthy for a digestive system aswell and it's gonna

help you guys lose weights the last tip I'll give you guysto helping you guys lose weight is to do your own groceries try to shop in theproduce section try to get as many items from the produce section as you can andchallenge yourselves to cook something healthy and nutritious

from that producesection because when you go into the other aisles a lot of those items areprocessed and full of sugars and sodium especially precooked meals precookedmeals are not as healthy as they seem so try to do most of your shopping on theproduce section and try to make your

own food at home because then you controlhow much salt you use you control how much to reuse and ultimately you havecontrol of your health alright guys so these are five tricks and five thingsyou guys can do to maintain healthy weight or to lose weight of courseworking outs always

helps if you can do any of these things and also work outyou're gonna lose weight even much quicker so I hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo if you learn anything new hit me with a thumbs up don't forget tosubscribe I'll see you guys in my next one you

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