5 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT (Works Every Time!)

In this video, I’m gonna share with you5 tips for losing weight.

They’re so effective, I’ve never seenthem not work.

But first, I’m gonna tell you what you shouldn’tdo.

You shouldn’t just eat less and do somebicep curls at the gym, or crank the speed on the treadmill to 10 and hold on dear life.

That’s not really helpful and you’ve probablytried that.

It doesn’t work long term.

Now you’ve probably also seen some people, they measure every ounce of their food, they track everything, and all they do is mealprep until the cows come home.

Their entire lives revolves around food.

Now that might be effective for some people.

But if you have 3 kids, you have a dog, youhave a full time job, while trying trying to have a social life, it’s not really themost practical way of doing things.

And again, it works for some people.

But my idea for this video is that, if somebodywatches this and applies everything they learned, are they gonna lose weight? Well I can really only speak for myself, andthese are the exact same things that I do up to this day and it’s been 8 years.

And they also the same tips So i’m pretty confident that they work.

Before we get started 1.

Cut out snacks I want you to eat 3 meals a day like a normalhuman being and don’t eat anything in between.

Don’t eat that donut in the office kitchen.

Don’t eat that protein bar at 2pm becausebro I need some protein.

Stop going to the vending machine.

And stop drinking pre workout or having apre workout meal.

I don’t need to hear that you need it tofuel your workout.

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldever need to eat snacks in between meals.

There are zero studies that proves this isbeneficial to the human body.

And we snack for two reasons.

A) We eating out of boredom or just out ofhabit.

The problem is, we don’t really snack onthe healthiest food, and B) We’re hungry mid morning or mid afternoonbecause we’re not satiated from our last meal.

Which leads me to tip number two.


We can argue until the cows come home aboutwhat the best diet is.

It’s almost become a religion.

You’ve got the Paleo crowd, you’ve gotthe plant based movement, some people love keto, other people take it up a notch andgo full carnivore.

But there is one undeniable thing in all ofthis.

Sorry vegans and vegetarians.

We evolved to eat plants and animals.

So I want you to eat this way.

Always have a combination of fat and proteinand as much non starchy vegetables for every meal.

For example, ground beef and asparagus withsome olive oil, chicken and salad sprinkled with some cheese, Salmon and cauliflower withmacadamia nuts, Bacon and eggs with avocado.

This is a very important concept that youneed to understand.

Weight loss in its very essence is about controllinghunger, not counting calories.

Because being hungry sucks.

And controlling hunger is about activatingyour satiety hormones.

And every time you eat fat and protein, youactivate CCK and PYY which are your satiety hormones.

If you eat a lot of non starchy vegetables, they’re high in fibre which activates that stretch effect in your stomach.

You feel full.

This is why telling someone to just eat lessis the worst advice on the planet.

Because it makes you hungry.

And you can only fight hunger for so long.

If you always have fats and protein and alot of green leafy non starchy vegetables, that’s gonna keep you satiated longer andyou won’t feel the need to snack in between meals.


No liquid calories Stop drinking soda.

Stop drinking milk.

Stop drinking juice.

Stop drinking crappy frappies and choco mochalattes.

Stop drinking so much beer.

They don’t call it a beer gut for nothing.

Stop putting water enhancers in your water.

And stop drinking “zero calorie” soda.

All the things I mentioned offer zero nutritionalvalue.

And they’re extremely easy to consume, andover consume.

If you’re someone who drinks this stuffand you ditch it, you’re gonna lose so much weight it’s not even funny.

What should you drink instead? I don’t know, water? 4.

Start an intermittent fasting routine I talk about intermittent fasting a lot onmy channel so make sure you check out my other videos about it.

But if you’re new to the channel, let mejust ask you this.

Level with me here.

What do you think will happen if you don’teat? Because this is the reverse of snacking.

You’re probably gonna lose weight.

A lot of weight.

Specifically body fat.

No, you’re not gonna die when you do this.

You’re not gonna wither away.

Your metabolism won’t shut down.


Again, watch my other video about intermittentfasting.

But just think about it this way.

You have about 100, 000 calories worth of storedenergy in your butt, thighs, and belly.

It’s not just there for looks.

That’s what your body uses for energy whenyou take a break from eating.

And the simplest way to get started with thisis by skipping breakfast.

Just drink black coffee or put a table spoonof heavy cream not skim milk, if you can’t drink it black.

Then think of your body burning fat for breakfast.

I also want you to think of this as puttingsmall deposits to the bank so you can withdraw it and have access to tip number 5.


Schedule one cheat meal per week.

The more you tell someone they can’t havesomething, the more they want it.

So I’m a big believer that you can haveit.

Just not all the the time.

You can call this whatever you want.

You can call it your re-feed day, your treatday, whatever.

There’s even studies that shows that thishelps people stick to their weight loss plan longer.

And it makes sense.

It keeps people sane.

You can’t tell someone they have to go coldturkey on the foods they love.

It doesn’t work.

If you tell me I can’t have cheesecake, I won’t listen to you.

So you can have everything.

Just not all at once.


Bonus tip.

Get 8-9 hours of quality sleep.

I have literally never met another human beingthat complained about getting a good night’s sleep.

There’s a reason why we evolved to sleepfor a third of our lives.

It’s when your body repairs itself.

If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you just don’t function as well the next day.

Important fat loss and satiety hormones getcompletely out of whack.

Like ghrelin which is your hunger hormone, leptin which is the hormone that signals that you’re full, and cortisol which is yourstress hormone just to name a few.

You don’t really hear a lot of people sayman i’m really craving broccoli after a late night out.

No, we crave the worst foods.

We crave mcdonalds or something sugary andthen it just snowballs for the rest of the day.

That’s when you start snacking and you startdrinking something sugary.

There’s even studies out there where evena few days of sleep deprivation can cause someone to have pre-diabetic symptoms.

None of the things I mentioned will work ifyou don’t get this part right.

And it’s so easy.

It’s such a long hanging fruit.

Get some sleep.

That’s it guys.

I hope you got a lot of value from this video.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be rocket sciencelike some people make it out to be.

It can really be this simple.

Stay tuned for next week’s video where Itell you 5 tips for gaining weight.

Basically you do everything I told you notto do in this video.


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