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Welcome to another vlog.

Today I'll be showingyou a five minute warmup that you can do before any workout.

Now, a warmup is usually a light routine geared to prepare yourbody for a specific muscle or a group of muscles which will increase your heart rate, blood circulation, and cardiovascular system, raising your body temperature gradually and preparing you for themore demanding exercises that you're gonna do in your real workout.

Think of your body as a car's engine; you never wanna turn on your car and just start revving the engine.

You wanna wait untilthe engine has warmed up and the same goes for your body.

By warming up before a workout, not only are you preparing your body, but you're gonna be able to train harder during your intended workout, with less of a chanceof sustaining an injury and keeping you away from your goals.

A lot of times we get injured because we're not properlywarming up before a workout, or even using a wrong exercise to warm up, an exercise that may be toodemanding on your old muscles which could possibly result to damage to your tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Have you ever felt like you just went straight for a heavylift or a hard exercise and then you pulled something? That's because your muscleswere not properly prepared to handle that load thatyou normally would have had you warmed up.

So bottom line, warming upis gonna prevent your body from injury, it's gonnaprepare your body to work out, and it's gonna allow you to train harder and give 100% in your intended workouts, giving you maximum results safely.

So for today's warmup, I've chosen five specific exercises that aregonna warm up your entire body and prepare you for any workout.

We're gonna be going throughthis routine together, so if you wanna get thisroutine on your phone and follow along with me, then download the HeriaPro app in the App Store or Google Play Store andopen up to this routine in the YouTube workout section.

Now before we get intothis warmup together, I want us to do a quick dynamic stretch.

This is gonna prepare yourjoints and your muscles before any physical activity.

So if you're ready to get started, we're gonna start out dynamic stretch from our head to out feet.

Let's start with our neckby looking right and left.

You don't want to force it, you wanna gently turn your head.

Now let's go side to side.

Now we're gonna go in semicircles.

Full rotation.

(upbeat music) Up, down, up, down.

All right, let's startstretching out our shoulders and our torso.

It's twisting our bodies, keeping our hips straight.

Okay, circles with ourarms coming forward, then coming backwards.

With a nice stretch, got our rear delts, obliques and our core.

All right, warm up thewrists, give it a nice roll, roll it the other way.

We move it down to ourhips, spread our legs open.

We're gonna push one way, push to the other side.

You don't wanna hold it for too long, you don't wanna take outtension in your muscles and not hold longstretches that will weaken the muscle and tension.

All right, so let's go back on our hips, go forward, circle.

Circle the other way.

All right, let's hold our elbow, bring our arm in a circle.

Rotate the other way.

Other arm.

All right, now we're gonnaopen up the hip flexors.

Bring your knees up and out to the side.

Bring your knees up.

All right, we're gonna have our legs open, come down to the side, giveit a couple little bounces, come up, switch sides.

All right, quickly let's giveour ankles a little twist.

We're ready to get this warmup started.

And after this, we're readyfor any workout routine, and I'll show you guyswhat I've been working on after our warmup.

So we have five exercises for 45 seconds and 15 seconds rest in between.

The first exercise isgonna be jumping jacks.

This is gonna warm up our entire body but really emphasize on our back, our shoulders, our core, and our legs.

Let's go for 45 seconds.

(upbeat music) Now this is a great moment to really focus on your breathing.

Breathing in through yournose, out through your mouth.

It's gonna be a lot harderwhen you're doing it with more demanding exercises, and when you're more fatigued in the middle of your workout routine.

So really focus on yourbreathing during the warmup as well as your dynamic stretches.

That will roll over intothe rest of your workout.

Now, this next exercise isgonna be mountain climbers.

This is where they're gonnafocus on our shoulders and our core.

And now you're gonnasee that your heart rate is starting to get a bit higher.

But just remember go at your own pace, but if you feel like you'regetting a bit fatigued, you can always slow down, just trying not to stop no matter what.

Let's go for it.

(upbeat music) Remember to squeeze everything;you wanna squeeze your core, and you wanna bring yourknees as high as you can, give it a full range of motion.

If you're giving quality in your warmup, you're gonna give quality inyour whole entire workout.

(upbeat music) Make sure you're gripping the ground solid and you're pushing your armsdown as hard as you can.

Make sure you're breathing, we're gonna give it our last ones.

Here we go.

Three, two, one.


Now the next exercise we're gonna get into is gonna be pushups.

Just remember you shouldbe going at your own pace, and if you need to, completethe rest of the repetitions with the progression-like knee pushups.

But regardless you're eitherdoing pushups or knee pushups, both targeting the same muscle groups.

Let's go for it, 45 seconds, we don't wanna stop.

(upbeat music) Here we go, last couple reps.

All right, now this nextexercise we're gonna move into, the back and forth lunges.

You wanna make sure tohave your back straight.

A great way to do that isjust to have your hands up on your hand, take awide lunge, come back, you can take a step right herejust to catch your balance.

Come right back into a back lunge.

(upbeat music) You should be squeezing your core, and very important to regulateyour breathing at this point.

(upbeat music) Last one, here we go.

All right, so there we havethe back and forth lunges.

Now we're finally onto ourlast exercise; handstand hold.

I'm gonna be holding afree standing handstand on the ground.

If you can't do that, you could hold either a handstand against the wall, elevated pike hold, or apike hold on the floor.

Let's go for 45 seconds.

Don't give up.

If you do, go right back up.

(upbeat music) Regulate your breathing.


Now this is gonna wakeup our entire upper body, use our stabilization muscles and start opening upour shoulders as well.

You should even feel it inparts of your legs as well, like your glutes and your calves.

You have to be squeezing thoseto hold a proper handstand.

(upbeat music) There we have the lastexercise; handstand hold.

That's gonna complete the warmup.

And if you were able to follow along and complete it with me, congratulations.

You're now prepared tostart any workout routine and get the most out of theworkout that you're about to do.

So I'll head to the gym now, I'll show you guys somestuff I've been working on.

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Now let's get this workout started.

(upbeat music) All right, that's gonnawrap up this video.

Thank you guys so much for watching, and remember you can use this warmup anytime, every time before your workout to get the most out of your training and to stay injury-free.

And remember to get this routine as well as all my personalworkouts and programs, make sure to become amember at heriapro.

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