4/20 Noon Live Workout

– [Allison] Happy Monday! – [Stephen] Happy Monday.

Good morning, goodafternoon, good evening, depending on where you are in the world, and welcome to The Boss Family Workout.

This is a very, very special day.

This is our first daythat we're partnering with the American HeartAssociation to make you move more! Y'all, this is gonna be awesome.

We're super excited.

If this is your firsttime rocking with us, thank y'all so much for coming through.

If you've been rocking withus for the last couple weeks, thank you so much for coming back.

– Yup, also, rememberthis is a follow-along, so wherever you are, ifyou're sitting in a chair, whatever you're doing, just make sure you movearound with us a little bit.

You can do just the arms, you can do the full body.

But you can make this experience as big or as small as you need it to be, yeah? But we want you guys to get up with us, have fun, smile a littlebit, laugh a little bit, and let's dance.

– Absolutely.

No prior dance experienceis needed to get into this.

All you need is the two-step, and we'll take it from there.

All right, let's have a little fun.

Go grab your family, go grab your friends.

Clear out some space for yourselves.

Let's get into this thing, let's go! – Yo, every single time we do this, Stephen actually makes usthe most incredible playlist, so it's always really hype, so fun, definitely family-friendly.

So, all ages can join us.

We're just gonna havea good time together.

(old-school funk music) Ey.


– Ah, we got people checkingin from all over the world to rock with us.

It starts with a two-step.

Let's get it.

Just as simple as this right here.

Good morning!- So, we wanna treat this as a check-in with the body.

– Hey, hey.

– Maybe waking yourself up.

Maybe this is the firstactivity you've done today, but right now just take a couple breaths, get in tune with your body.

Here we go.

Two to the side, let's go.


(claps) – You can always play with the variations, (claps) add the arms, take them away.

Take the legs away, just do the arms.

Whatever works for you.

Ey, ey.

(claps) – Back to your two-step.

Let's go, two-step.

– Now, if you're just coming in right now, welcome to The Boss Family Workout.

I'm Allison.

– And I'm tWitch.

Welcome here.

– Just follow along.

Let's go.

– Hey, hey.

– Now, we're gonna keepthis two-step going.

Let me show you all the variation if you're just rocking the upper body.

(snaps) If you're doing lower body as well just kinda keep that two-step going.

But this is if you just wanna rock the upper body.

Here we go.

Hey! Bring it back to the two-step.

Hey! Two to the side.

Let's go.

(snaps) Let's go.

(snaps) Hey.





(snaps) Two-step, let's go.

Oh! Now, let's take thattwo-step just a little lower.

Ah! – Ey! – And this song is ending so we're gonna creep to the front just like that.

Hey!- Oh! Such a good warmup!- Wow.

Love it.

Now, if you're joiningus for the first time that was not so bad, right? I feel like sometimes peopleget really nervous to dance, but then they get past thefirst two-step situation, and they're like, “Okay, cool.

I didn't know you was gonnaplay boogie-shoo and stuff.

” Right? You wanna keep that same kind of energy as we're going through this entire thing.

It's all about having fun and moving and kind ofgetting everything going.

– Absolutely.

– All we're doing isspreading light right now.

– Man, we have so many peoplethat been rocking with us since the beginning of us starting this.

We have people all around the world.

Let's see where you guys are from.


– We got people from Texas.

– [Stephen] Checking in, boom.

– Let's see where else we got people from? – [Stephen] Yeah, writein where you're from.

Let us see, boom!- Let's go.

Let's see where you at.

– [Stephen] We saw Texas.

We saw Los Angeles.

We saw, I'm getting some thumbs up.

We're getting a thumbs up emojis.

We're getting the heart emojis.

– They're writing in right now.

– Checking in on Facebook and YouTube.

We got another Texas!- What's cracking? Boom.

– Kazakhstan's in the house.

Kazakhstan, let's go.

– Michigan in the house.


– Vegas in the building.

Michigan is in the building.

What's up? Brooklyn.

– Venezuela's in the building.

Let's go.

– Indiana, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Florida, Tennessee.

Indonesia's in the house! – Thank y'all so much forcoming through, again.

If you got up with us, thank you so much.

If you're just joining in right now, this is The Boss Family Workout.

Everything starts with a two-step.

Let's get into this next song, let's go.

– Hey! Let's dance.

– [Stephen] I got the firequeued up for y'all, too.

I got the fire queued up.

– We really want to makesure that we're promoting everyone staying active at this time when we're supposed to stay at home.

(bright upbeat music) Keep that joy alive inside yourselves and let's just move.

Hey! – Here we go! Let's bring it back tothat two-step, let's go.

(claps) Oh! – You can see we get alittle bit bigger with it.

Hey, hey! – Two to each side.

Let's go.

(hollers playfully) Two-step, two-step.

Let's go.

(snaps) – All right, what we're gonna do next is two forward and two back.

Let them go! Hey, step, step.

And back.

Hey! Hey! Hey! – Let's keep that going, and I'm a show you the variation.

We just open it up.

Hey! Hey! – Now, we're gonna take our arms up.

Huh, huh! And down, let's go! Add that arm! Hey! Hey! Hey, hey! – Keep it going, keep it going.

Hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! – Hut! – Bring it back to the two-step.

Let's go.

Hey! Hey! Hey! And, you know what? Let's go ahead and get this head involved.

Let's go.


And look.

And look.

And look.

And look.

And look.

And look.

Let's bring it down to the shoulders.

We go shoulder.



– Shoulder.





Now, we're just gonna go a little faster.

Shoulder, shoulder, shoulder.

– Hey! – Now, don't let these arms fool you.

Our shoulders are basically doing this.

Right? Just loosen the arms up.

Hey! – Let's go, single, single, double.

Let's go.

Single, single.

Double it.

Hey! Hey! Hup! (snaps) – Let's bring it down to those hips.

Roll them around.

(hollers) – Oh! – Hey! Other side, let's go.

Huh! Ah! Ow! Oh! Oh! Now, we use the hips like this to go.

– Hup! – Now, here's the variation.

If you're doing upper body, give me this rock.

– You wanna get a little bitbigger, get a little bit lower.

Hey!- Ey! Huh! Ey! – And if you rock an upper body, just a little bigger.

Two up, two back, let's go.

Two up, two back.

(claps) Two up, two back.

(claps) Two up, two back.

(claps) Two up, two back.

Look! I'm rocking.

I'm down.

I'm rocking.

I'm down.










Hey! Hey! Bring it back to the two-step.

Let's go.

Oh! Ey! You guys are doing so good.

– Ey! – So good, you're almost there.

Ey!- Two to each side.

Let's go.

(claps) Now, we got four walks to the front, four walks to the back.

One time.

– Let's go.

– One, two, three, yeah! – [Both] Hey! Hey!- Blah! Oh!- Hey! Hey!- Yeah! Oh!- Hey! Hey!- Ah! Two-step, two-step, come on.

(snaps) Ah! – So good! – Hey! – Keep it going! Hey! – Let's go, let's go.

Bring it down, bring it down.

Bring it down.

– A little softer.

Bring it down, hey! – While riding that fade-out.

(hollers) (claps) Amazing!- We loving it.

When's the last time you heard that song? When's the last time you did alittle two-step to that song? That's what I'm talkingabout right there, baby! All right, should we (claps)keep this thing going? – Yup.

– Hopefully, everybody'sdoing, feeling great.

We're getting a lot of heart-face emojis.

Thumbs up.

Hearts, fire emojis.

That's what we going for, y'all.

The heart-rate is up.

We're feeling good.

You're feeling un-intimidated to dance because you're in the privacyof your own home, right? So, you go as hard as you want to.

The only thing judging youright now is your pets, and that's fine.


– Here we go, all right.

Let's get into it.

Let's go.

(smooth funk music)- Let's be real there was never a timewhen you danced at a party, family reunion, schooldance, wherever you danced at that you didn't have a good time.

Right? It's all about smilingand enjoying yourself.

– So, now we're getting allthe body involved, right? Hey! – That shoulder.

(shouts) – Now, if you're rockingthis upper body, look.

Keep it going! Two-step, two-step, go! Hey! Hey! – All right, we're gonna do three taps.


(claps) Hey, hey, ey! Same thing.

– Keep it going.

Ay! Ay! – Keep it going just take it down! Same thing to the side! Whoa!- Hey! Ey! Ey! – Keep it going, here's the variation.

Oh! Ey!- Hey! Two-step, two-step.

Come on.

Hey! Hey! Now, we bring it back to The Temptations.

We're gonna rock just like this.

We're gonna go like this.


Whoa!- Ey! – Whoa! Whoa! Keep it going, keep it going.

Let's go.

– You really wanna bend (music drowns out voice) – Keep it going.

Four more times.

One! – One.

To the right.

– Four times last bit of two-step.

Let's go.

(hollers) Ey! – So good! Let's go.

– So good.

– Here we go.

Two up, two back.

Let's go.

And by this time, you should be a lot warmer, right? So, feel free to add a lot more body, a lot more personality, a lot more individuality, and feel the song like you want to.

Let's go.

(hollers) – Hey! Hey! (claps) Now, we're gonna give you guys more.

Ready, go.

Hey! Other side.

Hey! Let's go! Keep it going! Okay! Oh! Oh! – Now, we're just gonna reach like this.

We're gonna reach.





Now, don't be fooled.

We're not doing aerobicsso just go like this.

Single, single, double.

– Oh! – Single, single, double.

– Let's go! – Single, single, double.

Single, single.

Let's go.

Ah! – All right, if you haveenjoyed this workout, we've teamed up with the AHA.

We have a hashtag, “MoveMore.

” (music drowns out voice) – Shout out to theAmerican Heart Association.

We're having a good time.

It's wonderful this afternoon.

We're starting the week off right.

Happy Monday.

We're still rocking with y'all Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Look, we already got the sweat going.

Y'all know how we doing.

I'm gonna get up on the camera to show you the glistening situations we got.

Shout out to everybodyon Facebook and YouTube.

Let's keep it going.

I know y'all gonna like this next one.

Here we go.

Let's get it to it.

– Oh, ha! – As soon as it hits, it's gonna be crazy.

– Hey! (upbeat rap music) – We're just gonna revisitthis last step we were doing with the arms, right? So, our arms are reaching up.

Single, single, double.

Look, we go.

Single, single.

Now, let's keep this rock going.

I'ma give you a coupleof variations with this.

So, keep the rock going.

Now, your arms can vary.

Right? If you don't wanna stretch your arms out, you can rock.

Give me elbow.

– Ey! Now, we're gonna takeit right in front of us.

Same thing.

Bring those arms out.

Ey, hey, double it, ah! Hey! – Take it low.

Let's go.

Ey, let's go.

Hey! Bring it to the mid.

Come on.

And if you feeling froggy, put those feet back in.

– Ey! Let's go.

– Bring it back up.

Let's go.

– Hup, hup! Hey! – Keep that flavor alive.

Hey! (shouts) Two-step, let's go.

– Whoa! – Now, we're really about to connect with the bounce of thissong right now, all right? This is one of my favorites, all right? So, the next bounce we'regonna do, it goes like this.

It goes like.

It goes bounce.





So, as we do this make sure that you just really loosen up here.

Again, there's nothing to stress about, nothing to get perfect, I'm just giving youvarious ways to connect with this music, right? To speed it up, look.

Listen to your body.

You might wanna do a little smaller.

You might like to try bigger.

Either one is fine.

Keep it going.

We're gonna keep this same rock.

We're gonna go two to each side.

Two! And add the arms in.



Let's go keep it up!- Open.

– Close.


Keep it going, keep it going.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Now, we're gonna keep this rock going.

Single, single double.

Let's go.

We go one, one, two.

(snaps) One, one, two.

– Get used to this.

– One, one, two.

– Because if you wanna goa little bit more advanced, we're about to add it in the knees.

Keep it going, get comfortable with it.

Here we go.

You can see that, Stephen tWitch.

We already showed you how to do the moves.

Here we go.

Hey, hey! Oh! Hey! Hey! Double it, hey! Hey! – And, once again, listen to your body.

If you're only good to meetthis much with the knees, that's totally fine.

Hey! If you wanna go big and extra credit? That's fine, too.

It's about starting your week off right.

Let's bring it to it, let's go.

Now, we're just gonnastep, step like this.

We go step, step.

Step, step.

Step, step.

– Same thing.

Step, step.

– We keep it small.

Keep it small.

– [Stephen] (murmurs) fade-out.

– Hey! (laughs) (hollers) Boom.

– Oh, wow.

– Let's do another check in y'all.

Let's do another check in.

(claps)- Boom.

How's everybody feeling? Drop your favorite emoji on us.

Drop a flag of where you're from.

How we doing out there? Let us know.

American Heart Association, how we doing out there? We rate good!- Yeah! We're starting our way up.

– Amazing, amazing! – We're starting thisweek off right, let's go.

Boston is in the building.

What's up, Boston? We're getting some waves.

What's up? Hey, what's up, fam? Boss Fam in the building.

What up, what up, what up? – Man.

– “Greenbean66” givingus the heart emojis.

Love it.

“YorkieGirl” heart emojis.

Where we at? – We wanna say thank you toso many people for joining us from the very beginning.

If you're joining usfor the first time now, we have created and madethis amazing community of people that are rockingout with us, dancing with us.

– Yeah.

– Chiming in, and we're justhaving a good time together.

So, thank you guys so much for joining us.

– Absolutely, let's keep this thing going.

Hope y'all have a good time.

Look, if somebody just came into the house and they don't know what's going on, go grab them real quick and just say, “Come in the room, girl.

You gotta do this real quick.

” (laughs)- All right, come on.

Let's do it, let's get into it.

Here we go.

– Let's go! (upbeat pop music) Hey, hey! – All right, y'all.

So, we've got up to this point.

It's really time to ampthe smacks, all right? We're gonna keep this energy up.

Okay? So, again, everythingstarts with a two-step.

Let's go, come on.

Here we go.

– Ey! Hey! Ey! – And if you've been rockingwith us from the beginning, you know we have our variations where you can just rock your body like this.

(snaps) Two to each side.


(snaps) So, now, we're gonna rock like this.






So, notice with the bounce there's a pump of the arms as well.

Hey! Now, let's get used to going double.



– Two.

And two.

Again! Two.

And two! – Now, get comfortable with this feeling 'cause we're about to speed this thing up.

Here we go! Five.


– If you need to Five, six, seven, go.

– Keep it right here.

Hey! Let's go! Hey! – Slow it down, slow it down! Whoa.

Love it! Now, this next time, we're gonna add an opposingleg with these doubles, look.

It goes like this, look.





– Nice, guys! Keep it going.

– And if you're rocking the variation, just stay with the rock up top.

All right! We have two variations.

Let's speed this thing up.

Seven, go!- Let's go! (hollers) (shouts) (shouts) (shouts) Keep it going, keep it going! Come on! We almost there, baby! Let's go! Hey! Hey! Hey! Pick it up with a two-step! Let's go! Two-step.

(hollers) Breathe it out, breathe it out.

Hey! Everybody in the house rocking right now.

Y'all don't even see howcamera man rocking right now.

He's feeling it, too.

I know y'all feeling it.

Let's go.

– All right.

We're gonna step itforward, and step it back.

Here we go.


Ey! Ey! Oh! – Now, with this forward-and-back motion, let's walk front four.

Walk back four.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Huh! (shouts) Wow! Wow, let's do the same thing side-to-side.

Here we go.

One, two, three.

– Hey! – Now, we're picking up with a two-step.

Let's go! And pump those arms as we do this one.

Now, we going two up, twoback, two up, two back.

Two up, two back.

(claps) Two up, two back.

(claps) Two up, two back.

Let's go.

Two up, two back.

Let's go.

Whoa! Whoa! (hollers) We're gonna keep it going.

Oh, yeah.

– We're good.

We're there.

We're gonna keep it going.

Let's go.

Hope y'all loving it.

Having a good time.

Hey! (snaps)(smooth pop music) Now, for those that are rocking on TikTok, you probably know this song.

– Oh, yeah.

– If not, it's a nice little joint.

Let's keep this two-step going.

There's a nice little bounce to it.

Hey! Now, we're going two to each side.

We're just gonna add arms.

(hollers) Let's go.

– All right, we're gonnatake this all the way around in full-circle, let's go.

And then go.

Ah, ah.

Whoa! Other side.

Let's go! Ey! Ey! Oh! Ey! – Hey! Now, we're gonna two-step andadd a little arm like this.

Ha! – Ha! Now, also, it can always just be an arm.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! – Now, same thing, but take it lower.

Let's go.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! – We're doing two different variations.

– Bring it back up, let's go.

– I'm not using my legs and Stephen's got the legs.

Ey! – Two up, two back, let's go.

Two up, two back.

(claps) Two up, two back.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Let's go, let's go.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Let's go back to thetwo-step and pump the arms.

Pump the arms.

Let's go.

Come on.

We're here.

Come on, we're here.

Let's go.

– So good! Hey! Hey! Hey! We're gonna go back tothose forward walk forward.

And four back, let's go.

Hey! Hup! – Hey! Work the hips around, come on! It feels good on that part.

Let's go! (snaps) Let's go to the other side.

Here we go.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Two up, two back.

Two up, two back.

(claps)(hollers) Two up, two back.

– You guys are doing so good! – We're almost there, y'all.

– Oh, yeah.

– This is how we startthe week off right here.

We're moving more.

We love it.

Let's go.

You know what feels good right here? Shoulder.

Hey!- Shoulder.

– Oh! More! – Shoulder.

– We got four on each side.

– Shoulder.




Now, let's go two to each side.

Here we go.

One, two.

– Hey.

Two, two.

– Ey, ey! All right, let's jiggle it up! Let's go!- One! – Hey, hey! – Hey! Two-step, let's go! – Ey! – Now, hey! Hey! Real good.

It's almost like a Carlton-type of.

– Oh! – Ey! Bring it, Carlton!- What's up, Alfonso? Let's go.

– A little Carlton to start the week off.

We good.

Let's go.

– Now, stay together in your shoulders.

– Oh, (murmurs) fade-out.

Ah! (hollers) We are here.

– Oh, yeah.

– How's everybody doing? – Amazing.

– This is what it's about.

Again, if y'all are tuningin for the first time, thank y'all so much for rocking with us.

This is what we've beendoing for a little while.

We've partnered with theAmerican Heart Association to with the Move More Challenge, and, y'all, it justcould not be more perfect because this is one ofthe best ways that we know to spread love and light.

It's by dancing andinviting y'all to come in and dance with us so, again, thank y'all.

Could not be more grateful.

Shout out American Heart Association.


This is it.

Now, we're gonna play alittle joint to cool down.

We're gonna do some littlecool little grooves.

I know y'all gonna enjoy this next joint.

Hey, listen.

Please give us feedback, post videos, photos of yourself doingit, and, you know what? Let's groove down real quick.

– Let's go.

– [Stephen] Let's get it.

– Man, you guys have been amazing.

– [Stephen] Shout out toeverybody in the building.

Love you all so much.

– Boom.

– Yeah, we're breakingout in a sweat, too.

– [Stephen] Yes, we are.

– (murmurs) they bring out the sweat.

(hollers) – Tripping.

Can't see comments here, but I'm right up on the camera saying, “What's up?” – “RobinTapDancer, ” we see you.

– I might even be a littletoo close, but, you know what? It's real out here.

– “ErikaP2406, ” we see you.

– Let's go.

– “CaramelSettler, ” we see you.

Thank you guys so much.


Mom's in the house! I love you, mom! (hollers) (upbeat chill music) Mom, I sure hope you're moving.

Hey, hey!(hollers) What's up, Christian (murmurs).

Ey!- Uh.

– Ey! Op! Hey! – You don't even haveto fight all right now.

You can just.

Y'all about to be havingthe same feeling right now.

Like, “Oh, yes.

” Oh! (snaps) Just kinda feel thatmusic for a quick second.

All right, we're gonnatreat this as a cool-down, but, please, stay in the groove.

Let's give it the two-step.

Let's go.

Oh! Hey! – Hey.

– Two to each side, let's go.

Hey! Hey! – Make sure that you're breathing.

Let's go.

Ey! Ey! Doing this, feeling reallynice about now, fam.

– Hey! Let's go.

– Let's get in those body rolls.

Body rolls now.

Ey! Hey! Oh! Other side, let's go!(claps) Hey! Hey! Oh! – Keep it going.

(claps) – Oh.

– I got you with the variation, too.

Other side, come on.

Hey! Back to the two-step.

Come on.

Whoa! Make sure you breathing during this.

Ey! Let's go.

Oh! Now, what you're gonna dois we're gonna bring it back to that move that The Temptationsmade it so wildly popular.

Fit in perfect like this, look.

– Hey! (hollers) – Hey.

Ow! And you know what I want youto do is just keep this going, but if there's somebody in theroom watching you right now, just go ahead and point themout and say, “You missing out.

You missing out right now.

” Even if it's you're pet.

Point at the dog.

Say, “You missing out right now.

” Let's go.

Uh! (laughs) (music drowns out voice) Two-step it back, let's go.

Whoa! Hey! – All right.

We're getting to that grape vine.

You ready? Here we go.

Grape vine it out, let's go.

Ey! Uh! Whoa! Ey! Keep that going.

Hey! – Now, while we keep this going, here's the variation, look.

Whoa! – Yeah, you guys have been so amazing.

Whoa! – Hey! For ones to the front, and four to the back.

Treat these cool though.

Uh! (snaps) Two more times.



Ey! Let's trip it out.


Keep it going.

We got a little shake action going on.

I like it.

That feels good.

Let's go.

(hollers) – (murmurs) new.

– Let's go!(claps) – I wanna say thank you all of you guys.


– Wow.

– Thank y'all so much.

This was such a good time.

– Yeah.

– And listen if this was your first time, again, it's like we'regonna keep saying it because this is very surreal.

This is something we were doing already.

We just love to dance, and to partner with somebody like the American Heart Association.

I mean, the things thatthey have been doing to keep everybody in good health, to make sure spirits are high, that energies are lifted.

Like we're just so hype aboutthat, so, thank y'all so much.

Everybody that's rocking right now.

Hopefully, y'all are dripping in sweat like we're doing right now.

Please, send us pictures, send us videos.

Look, the workout is gonnalive live for awhile.

If you wanna do it again, take a video of yourself.

Let us know what you like.

Send us some song requests.

Y'all, we're all in this thing together.

– Yup.

– We're just gonna raise thespirits, raise the energy.

And we're gonna have a good time.

– And make sure you guys rock with us Mondays, Wednesdays, andFridays at 10 am Pacific time.

We are actually gonna beposting these workouts now.

So, you can find them on our IGTV.

You can find them at theAmerican Heart Association.

On YouTube, on Facebook.

And also our YouTube page.

– Boom, yup.

And if you shouting us out, yo, use that hashtag, Move More.

Boom, right there.


Also, you know what we gotta do? We gotta do (murmurs).

Look, so.


Use your screenshot feature right now if your trying to get like a Cool little picture.

– A situation.

And I say this every time.

It'll be crazy if everybodydoes it, let's go.

– We have three cameras sowe're gonna start with one.

– We're gonna start with one, let's go.

Now, the next one.

– Camera two.

– Boom.

Next one.

– Camera three.

Boom, hold up, we actually got four.

Oh, camera four!- Boom.

I really hope somebodyuses the screenshot feature 'cause if not then that'sjust gonna look crazy.

– Yeah, we'll look real silly.

– All right, boom.

(laughs) – Man, thank you guys.

We'll see you guys next time.

– Hey, we'll see y'all on Wednesday.

– Hey! – 10 am Pacific Standard time.

10 am.

Pacific Standard time.

– [Allison] Happy new week.

American Heart Association.

– Let's go.


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