I would really really really love to wear a bikini one day, just once, once on vacation.

I would really like to wear a bikini or swim suit you know without like a blanket wrapped around my shoulders.

or these long tights that I wear.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.

Somebody recently asked me why do you feel like you need to do this process? I gave a few reasons in my introduction video you can check it out in the link below.

But I have other reasons that might sound a little silly, but they are a really big deal to me.

So i wanted to share those with you today.

Ofcourse the first reason is to feel more confident.

I have always assumed -I don't know if its just me- But i have always assumed that people around me think I am huge that I am really really fat.

It's not a good thought I know, but yeah I would like to build more self confidence.

I would like to feel confident in my own skin.

Anyone who knows me…have you ever seen my arms? Or even my knees? I have never ever been confident enough to go out, you know with sleeveless top.

Cardigans and leggings, those are my best friends.

I've been teased a lot that you dress like a granny, but I would like to change that.

So ya thats reason number 1.

It's a very basic reason I know.


I'd like to increase stamina.

Walking up the stairs feels like a mission and i feel like no it shouldn't be this way.

I shouldn't have to struggle and feel like I just climbed a mountain just going up two flights of stairs.

But, many people know that stamina is very important.

In other aspects of life.

I would really like to fit into my old clothes.

I have many favorite clothes that I have not thrown away or given away Because I have always believed that hey am going to fit back into these clothes.

It makes me feel a bit sad that when I look at some of my old clothes am like ooh will i actually ever fit into that again.

I like to fit into things like my wedding dress.

It doesn't fit right now.

I would like to fit into some of my casual clothes.

That don't fit.

That's another reason why I would like to lose this weight.

I just wanted to show you guys just one or two pieces of clothing that i would really like to fit back into.

This is my wedding dress.

I know it's like blue.

But ya, this is my wedding dress.

Right now, yeah, nooo It doesn't fit.

It does not fit but as soon as it does.

I'm going to show you guys.

Okay, so, it does not zip up, everything is noooo, and the boobs are meant to be here, but now it's covering only one boob.

It's suppose to cover everything.

So ya, as you can see, but, hopefully one day its gonna fit and am gonna go for photo shoot and i will show you guys.





The next outfit.



I can't even.



What a struggle! I would like to fit back into these pair of jeans.

As soon as i wear them, they get up to like here.



Let me show you.

They don't even go up.

You can clearly see, they refuse to go up, so the jeans don't fit.

I think I have a picture of them actually fitting.

I would love for them to fit again I wore this dress at my sisters wedding.

Guys can you see how tiny this is? i don't even have to put it on for you to see that it doesn't fit me right now I want to fit back into this dress because i think it's a beautiful dress so ya, these are the clothes that i want to fit back into.

Hopefully on day am gonna have a side by side picture of me trying on these clothes and them actually fitting me.

I think that will be awesome.

Recently, and this is the final reason.

Recently, you know we've been looking for a house.

We live in a place were bathtubs are not the norm So, we went around looking for a house, and i was like no I need to get a house with a bathtub, its been 13 years and I need to get a house with a bathtub.

I got a house with a bathtub and the results were TRAGIC!! Until this day, I have not taken a bath in that bathtub.

I've showered of cos but I have not relaxed and soaked myself in the bathtub.

Because haha.



Let me show you what am talking about! Alright guys this is the bathtub i was talking to you about.

LAUGHTER As you can see, I literally can not fit in this bathtub, as soon as i sit inside all the water goes whoooooshhhh onto the floor.

I can at least lie down and kinda stretch but you know there is no relaxation happening in here at this moment.

I can sit like this, but then who sits in the bathtub like this.

haha It's sad but.



hey I have to fit into this bathtub before I leave this house.

You see what i mean? TRAGIC!!! But I am on my way to fixing that.

So am very confident and happy about that.

I know these reasons seem rather silly but to me they are really something that hits home and i would really like to change it.

I've noticed that for many years, I've thought about myself in a certain manner and it's not necessarily been positive.

I'd like to change that.

I don't need to be a size 2, to change my mentality.

But am learning now that hey, it doesn't matter what you look like, you know, you are still as great as ever.

I am learning that slowing and definitely trying to get healthy is helping in getting to that goal.

In all this process, I just promise myself that am gonna stay true to myself.

I am just gonna appreciate this journey am gonna pray about it and hope that everything goes well.

I'm gonna be hopeful and positive all the time.

I believe that everything is gonna be okay.

So guys.



Thank you sooo much for spending this time with me.

Hit the like subscribe button, like this video I will be posting my weigh in on Sunday.

Let's see how this weeks gonna go.

I will definitely update you about everything that has happened.

Thank you so much for watching.

Take are, see you in the next video.


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