4 Home Workout Mistakes – KILLING YOUR RESULTS! – ep1. Cardio

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I'm proud My name is Kola and you are watching Koboko fitness today, we're gonna be talking about home workout mistakes Specifically mistakes that people are making with their cardio exercises this video is not for you It's for your sister that wants to gain weight, especially in the booty area.

It's for your sister That's trying to lose some weight trying to get slim thick It's also talking to people that are exercising for the purpose of being fit and Healthy and not even for aesthetics at all before we dive into these mistakes We need to clear up some confusion about what counts as cardio cardio is literally anything that gets your heart rate up There are some exercises that are generally accepted as cardio exercises things like running jogging swimming Even just walking is a form of cardio.

There are some exercises that are hybrids Where there is that element of the heart rate going up, but they're not pure cardio a great example of that is our beloved Burpees who doesn't love burpees now, we're all on the same page.

Let's talk about these mistakes If you have once a story that's trying to gain weight in her lower body and you have another sister that's trying to lose belly Fat the way they eat after cardio should be totally different and they don't understand this It is a huge cardio mistake because they're not going to see the benefit of doing the exercise We're gonna talk about the solution to that in just a moment, but I need to talk about mistake number two Mistake number two is not doing any cardio at all A lot of people don't want to do cardio because they don't want to lose muscle.

They don't want to lose weight They just don't even like cardio in the first place.

Some people are already skinny Some people have health conditions like asthma that prevent them from doing cardio of all these reasons the one I really want to focus on Is the idea of not doing cardio so that you don't lose So that she doesn't lose muscle Guess what? The heart is a muscle and cardio is the most effective way to work the heart muscle in fact Cardio makes your heart grow bigger and stronger and fitter You can't see it the way you can see that beaching booty But it is so important to make sure that your heart is healthy aesthetics is important, but it's not everything for this mistake You might actually be very surprised by what I have to say as far as the recommendation for how to fix this So just be patient with me.

Let's go into the next mistake Take number three is doing too much cardio.

Are you confused yet? Don't be stick with me stand by me Won't you stand? by me Oh a Lot of people do way too much cardio because it has worked really well in the past.

It's what they know how to do It's easy to just do cardio for some people.

Some people are built for endurance They can run for two hours and not get tired.

That is not me.

I'm tired after two minutes.

I Need some snacks, but the problem with doing too much cardio Is that aching lead to injury don't be out here on? Bed rest for three months if you can avoid it by not doing too much cardio, I will talk about how much cardio is Appropriate if any depending on your goal toward the end of this video Before I say this mistake, I just have to confess I love jumping jacks I have to refrain from doing it all the time because it is a mistake to not have Variety in your cardio regimen it is so easy to fall into that Habit of doing the same cardio exercise you just love to run so you just run all the time I get it if it's something you enjoy doing or used to doing it's very easy to fall into that routine The thing is if you keep doing the same Cardio exercises over and over and over again without switching things up you are at higher risk of getting bored with the routine and then just falling off and not doing anything for six months and Then you start again Which could have been avoided? by adding in some variety the other thing with doing the same cardio exercises over and over and over again is that your body will definitely adapt to the exercise and you will stop seeing changes if you're already at your goal and you're just Maintaining your results there is nothing wrong with not seeing any further progress because you're not looking for any further progress Nothing wrong with that But if you're trying to achieve a certain goal and you want to see those changes in your body You want to feel those changes in your fitness level then doing the same cardio exercises over and over and over again is not Way to go now that we have talked about all the mistakes.

Let's talk about the solute shunt solution times Mistake number one was eating the wrong amount of food after a cardio session a lot of people after exercising feel hungry They might say things like I worked out today.

I can have that extra brownie.

I worked out today I can have that extra plate of food Those kinds of statements are not conducive to anyone that is trying to lose some weight If the goal is weight loss the idea is to not eat back the calories that were burned during exercise So after your cardio workouts, you want to eat the same amount of food, you would normally eat or less so for example If a person is trying to lose weight and their daily goal is to be in a 500 calorie Deficit and they do cardio that helps them burn 200 calories that day It's so important to not go and eat back that 200 calories instead Let that 200 calories count towards your 500 calorie deficit for the day for people trying to gain weight It's the opposite if you're trying to gain weight and you do cardio burn 200 calories in your cardio session You have to eat back that 200 calories in your meal So you can either eat it right away after your workout or you can eat it later in the day So if you're trying to gain weight, maybe you have a daily calorie surplus goal of 300 calories a day So you need to eat that extra 300 calories plus? The 200 calories that were burned during the cardio workout gaining weight is not easy for some people and I understand that Mistake over to stay cover to that we talked about was not doing any cardio at all Especially if it's because you are afraid of losing Muscle here is the key You do not have to choose between weight training or resistance training and cardio It's not a multiple-choice test Both are important if you're doing your glute bridges and your squats you are taking care of your lower body I'm here for that when you're doing your cardio.

You are taking care of your heart muscle I'm also here for that these two styles of training serve different purposes and they're both important if High-intensity interval training is your jam it kills to burn with one stone Because it has you doing a little bit of both weight training and lifting weights is not bad But it's not enough to work the heart enough to have a healthy Functional heart that's required to stay alive and stunt on the ground with that booty.

You've been working I also talked about doing too much cardio The general recommendation for most adults is to do 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio Throughout the week or that's 30 minutes a day five days a week It's a lot but some people do it so it is possible My recommendation is to start with two to three times a week of cardio.

See what your body likes Listen to your body mistaked over four was doing the same Exercise over and over again and not having variety.

The solution is simple do different kinds of exercises if you're doing my workout programs I include every type of Exercise you can think of it's in there and it will keep you going So you're never bored – check out my website.

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Try different things.

If you notice that you're always running.

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