30Min Full Body Lockdown Pilates Workout Day 1

I don't know about you but I'm reallyenjoying this lockdown because I'm getting to do things that otherwisewouldn't have done if it wasn't know about normal circumstances so I'm goingto give you guys another nice little Pilates class that we can go throughjust a quick bit even had one wife

he's getting really bored at home so I'vemade him do it so he's doing it right behind the camera as we rolling okay solet's get started we're going to start hey you need to get down there okay sowe're gonna start with our legs close together back nice and straight

we'regoing to extend our arm towards a tee we're going to inhale and on the exhaleslowly rotate towards the side and back to Center and rotating towards the otherside we're going to do four of these and rotate back to Centerand last one rotate and back to Center keeping our

arms where they are we goingto bring our feet slightly larger and shoulder width apart inhale and rotateand extend down towards your foot and slowly back up and rotate towards theother side and lengthen if you can and back up to Center and rotate to theother side he I want

you to hold and inhale and push just a little bitmore and inhale rotate and rotate and push and back to Center from here we'regoing to close our legs and we're slowly going to roll ourselves back on see themat let's make sure that you're in the middle of the

mat we're going to startwith a pelvic curl sucking in their core pulling up that pelvis towards theceiling ready to lift those hips off the ground digging those heels into theground and we're going to draw our shoulders down the back pushing theminto the floor we're going to hold and

inhale slowly rolling back down inhalerotate that pelvis and lift it up off the ground squeezing those glutesinhale exhale down we're going to do two more keeping that core tight using yourcore to roll that pelvis up towards the ceiling and inhale exhale down and lastone we're going to stay

in the air inhale exhale rolling up and we'reholding we're going to lift the right leg into table top position and Bendthat knee and inhale exhale turn up and one two three four five lift those hipssix and seven and eight leaving that leg down transferring leg your weights overand

lifting the other leg into table top and inhale exhale to type one and Cmaking sure those hips are aligned two three and four five six lift those hipsseven and eight and dropping down lifting those hips were not going downwe're slowly going to bring our feet closer to his

ah glutes and lifting upinto our toes so we're holding with our heels off the ground and toes on thefloor we're going to extend the other leg towards the ceiling and we're goingto hold ten-nine squeezing that glute five-four-three and slowly lower thatleg all the way down to the floor

keeping it straight and slowly back upand one and two and three and four and five three more keeping that glute tightand six and seven and last one two back to tabletop dropping that leg downkeeping that toe on the floor those toes on the floor heels up off the

ground andextending that leg and lowering it down towards the floor and one donate thatpelvis move two and three and four and five six seven and eight back totabletop dropping that leg down dropping your heels down lifting your hipstowards the ceiling inhale and slowly rolling back down vertebra by

vertebrafrom yeah we're going to lift both our legs up into tabletop position we'regoing to inhale exhale double leg tight up making sure that core isn't movingone and two inhale up exhale down three sucking in that belly – or just one forlengthening through that spine five and six and

seven and eight from here we'rebringing hands overhead we're going to keep those legs in tabletopinhale exhale slowly lifting arms towards the ceiling andthen towards your side getting those gaps off the ground and inhale back andexhale left arms head neck and chest off the ground all the way to

the side andinhale back and let's do three more inhale exhale up and inhale back twomore up arms to side and inhale back and this last one exhaling up arms to sideand we're going to hold extending those legs if you can and we're just going tohold for deep breath

five four three two and pushing those arms down into thesuds one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and slowly bending thoselegs to tabletop and back over we're going to bring our hands behind ourhands behind our legs and we're slowly going to roll ourselves up into

a seatedposition from yeah keeping that activationyou're going to place your hands on the sides of your knees you're going toextend and touch in to touch your knees that's one and two three four five sixseven eight nine and ten and extending thoselegs down bringing arms in front of you

inhale rolling or chin down towards yourknees then bringing this chest towards your knees you extending to stretch outand deep within and exhale lifting back up stacking your vertebra and slowlyrolling back down making sure that your legs aren't moving controlling thatpelvis down we're going to bring arms up towards

the ceiling drawing our feetinto a flexed position our knees into a flexed position lifting up into thattabletop from here double leg toe taps with arm extensionsand inhale exhale double leg toe tap into tabletop crunchand one and double leg toe tap to tabletop crunch two and three and inhaleup

exhale down inhale up exhale down and up and let's do four moreand one making sure that pelvis is aligned to three and last one and fourand slowly rolling your legs back to the floorplacing arms in a tee position and you're just going to rock from side toside Lhasa

exercise on our backs and thenwe're going to turn over into an all-fours position we're going tointerlace our hands behind our heads we're going to get that power us in aneutral position and we're going to lift our legs intotabletop we're going to inhale on the exhale lifting here Nick

and chase offthe ground squeezing those glutes we're going to inhale exhale rotate towardsyour right hand side inhale Center exhale to the left that's the one we'redoing a keeping your elbows in the periphery of your eyes and four and fivekeeping their scabs off the ground and six seven and

eight and back to Centerand we're gonna hold you placing hands towards our knees and we're going to doeight little crunches and one two three four five six seven and eight anddropping right leg down left leg down arms in a T position and rocking justtwo on each side dropping

those knees to the floor and one and twowell done you should getting if you're getting a nice little burn in their coreor after you've very quiet are you slow laughs okay we're going toget until all fours okay remember in this position you are making sure thatyour pelvis is

nicely stay Oh your wrists are comfortably underyour shoulders and your knees are comfortably under your hips from herewe're going to tuck our toes in under our feet activating their core suckingin their pelvic floor and we're going to lift and hover our knees off the groundand we're going to

hold and inhale exhale 9 8 squeezing their core 7 6 5 43 2 1 and staying there we're going to squeeze those glutes and we're going tobring our knees away from each other and one two three four five six seven eighttwo more nine ten and if you can

you're gonna holdkeep holding into taste chest touches and one and two and three and four andfive six seven eight nine ten dropping those knees down and back intothis position keep holding for ten nine eight sevensix five four three two one back into that tabletop we're going to do

that onemore time sucking in their core drawing theshoulders down your back huh bring those knees off the ground and holding keepbreathing nine eight seven six five four three two and opening those knees onetwo squeeze and go screech three four five six seven eight nine ten and chesttouches watch

that that body has moved onetwo three oh six seven eight nine ten dropping those knees done and I know Isaid I thought you're gonna do twice but we're going to do that's it one more Samhow are you feeling heaving I quote I remember the objectiveof these exercises is

to get quality activations not quantity it's all aboutthe quality and its hold lifting those knees ten nine eight seven six five fourthree two and a Plymouth knees one two three four five six seven eight nine andshe stretches one two three seven eight ding and dropping those knees and

backinto that race position it's a toes your core it's the first thing that you'recool okay back into that all fours no time to restwe're going to draw those shoulders on the back you got 21 days to rest youdon't either now and activate my cool and sucking in that

pelvic floor we'regoing to extend right knee off the ground then left knee off the ground andwe're gonna hold making sure that pelvis is stable we're going to hold keepholding ten nine well we can take down you're going to on that last secondwe're going to tuck in ratney about

three seconds two andnow exhale right knee tuck and extend and left knee tuck and extend and -that's the three sorry and four five six seven eight nine and because I know youlike a challenge we're going straight from there into five push push ups ifyou need to you can

tuck your knees in one two three four five and droppingthose knees in and in serious position you said you wanted to express todayokay are we ready for one more voice into that old fourth position if you arestruggling just tuck those knees in to do let's push up is

how he do thosepush-ups oh you can do this instead of nuts okay so let's go extending thatright leg in the left leg stabilizing that core drawing the shoulders down theback and five four three two and knee tuckone two three four five six seven eight nine and ten andinhale

exhale push up one two three four and five and dropping those knees in andback into race position I'm gonna go from hereonto your tummy from here we're going to rest your forehead on your hands you'regoing to draw your shoulders down the backinhale activate that cool exhale lift your

knees off the groundand you're going to hold five four three two one and slowly down inhale andexhale lifting five four three two one and one more inhale down exhale up onetwo three four five we're going to extend arms up drop those legs inhaleexhale lifting arms and legs off

the ground and holding ten nine eight sevensix five keeping it NIC neutral four three two we're going to bring ourstraight arms around to our side and slowly back while keeping thoseknees in the ground off the ground that's one and Spooky's and rotatesaround and down and squeeze let's do

three moreand one and two don't let Nick drop or lift and last one and back to Center andslowly dad we're going to prepare for the swimming exercise so we can pretendthat we're in the water we're going to inhale lift both arms and legs off theground from here you're

dropping opposite arm with opposite leg keepingcontact and one and two and three and four five six seven eight and nine andten I'm lifting on the legs and holding for five four three two oneand dropping lifting up into that rest position well then okay from here we'regonna turn over

onto our left hand sides core nice and tight deep activation intothose muscles yeah Bob he's dying by the way and he's not that strong jerkswe're going to lift up core tight and we're going to start with an elevatedleg slide for rotation of that hip and we're going to

bend and exchange one andtwo and three and four five lift that knee a little bit higher six seven eightnine and ten we're going to hold a five four three two and drop them down onesee three four five six seven eight nine ten and big circles for words just

fiveone two three four five and back one two three four and five and slowly droppingdown from here you're going to lie down on your side resting your head on yourarm activating cool hips and shoulders perpendicular to the ground you're goingto inhale on the exhale you're going to lift

your straight legs off the groundyou're going to hold there for ten nine eight seven from yeah five four going tothree two one left to the top leg up and down into a slap backward 45-degree twothree four five six seven eight nine last one keep that stability we're gonnahold

for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and relaxno one to the other side well done should be having a nice littleactivation in those glutes after you wake up keep going no songs your wristand let go no pause no it's ham and it's got knees

hips andshoulders all in line you can just turn your head the other way don't face me itwould be nice and we're going to hold 14 tucking in a pelvis nine eight sevensix five four three two and lifting at me a little bit higher hip forward kneeback bending and

extending that leg one and two and three four five six seveneight nine and ten and up and down and one and two and three four five makingsure not slumping into that shoulder six seven eight two more nine and ten andcircles forward one two three four and five and

other side one keep going twothree four and five and we're gonna hold for five seconds four three two one andslowly down okay last little push lying on your sideyou're going to erase your head on your arm stabilizing with other one inhaleexhale lift the knees off the ground and

holding ten nine eight seven six fivefour three and lifting at top leg at a slide backward 45-degree angle and onetwo three four five six seven eight nine and ten and we're going to lift and holdfor 10 more seconds nine eight seven six five four three two one and

done andrelax you gotta turn over onto your back you going to place a right knee ankle onyour left knee and you're just going to hold keep holding deep breath in andfive four three two one and other side and holding for five four three two oneI'm going to take

keep bad those odds behind that back knee just gonna takeyour left leg down towards the ground and you're going to lift that extend andlift that right leg towards the ceiling and you're going to hold pointing thosetoes towards your nose and keep holding if you can you're gonna walk

your leg upand you're going to hold have four three two one and slowly take your hands onthe outside extending your left leg then just drop in fall over to the other sideextending your other arm onto the floor into T position and looking in the upsdirection of your knee

and hold five four three two one and slowly leaningback to Center placing your hands behind the back of your other knee and you'regoing to hold or bring that knee towards your chest as much as you can don't toldthat poverty still one that pelvis in neutral and toes to

nose five four threetwo and you're going to walk your hand up if you canand holding five four three two placing hands on the outsidenice straightening your other leg and falling and rolling over to the floorlooking in the opposite direction and holding oh five four three two onerolling back

over well then everybody I'm feeling nice and activated and I'mvery excited for my weekend no different than from today but going to celebrateit like at the weekend if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit the likebutton it helps with YouTube awesome awesome why don't you leave us

a commenton we got time and we need to rest as much as I did and comment to laterthough that she needs more respect in between and subscribe thank you gonna goto general notifications

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