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Hey everyone, welcome back.

Today's workout is a 30 minutes full-body workout including warm ups and Stretches today's workout is going to help you to burn fat and get you closer to those flat abs and toned legs Now this workout is part of my 30 days flat belly challenge and I put up a free workout calendar for you guys So check that out.

So I'll be doing this challenge myself to get back in shape.

So do join in share your progress So I can do it before and after videos of my result as well as yours So let's get started before we start I really appreciated if you hit that thumbs up button and drop me a comment as I've created This free workout program for you guys and also do share with anyone who needs it and the first exercise is butt Kickers kick your heels up towards your butt And for those of you who have issues jumping you can take it slow and follow the low impact version I've included Low-impact versions for all exercises so you can follow that if you are a beginner or if you need to take a little breather The next exercise is overhead reach stretch out those arms from side to side as much as you can This will help you to increase your range of motion for your exercises Alright next we've got jumping jacks We've got squat and reach next squat down low and take a deep breath in as you come up and exhale as you go back down Front kicks are next kick forward and use the opposite hand to try and touch your feet this will help to warm up your hamstrings Next we've got dynamic twist.

This is great to warm up your back muscles as well as your hip All right we're almost at the end of the warm-up session get into a lunge position and really stretch out the leg behind you and hump that floor 30 seconds off your left side and then we're going to stop to the right side this dynamic stretch helps to stretch out your hip flexors and hamstrings OK we've got a quick 20 seconds break before we jump into the first set These exercises are all 30 seconds each with a short rest times of 5 and 10 seconds.

So don't stop moving We're going to start with high knees Bring your knee up to hips level as fast as you can and for low impact version.

You can just exclude the jumps Shuffle crunch is next.

Remember to engage those abs as u crunch and be safe as you shuffle Next we'll have lunge with alternate kick get in a lunge position And as you come up, give a high kick with your opposite leg So if you want to you can do the kick with the same leg but i was doing on the opposite leg for the low impact version Just take it slow and remember to engage your core and focus on your breathing Now onto the other side and as you can see here I was a little bit confused about my legs Your girl here is really bad with coordination.

So yeah Now we're almost halfway through the first set time for some burpees this is an explosive exercise that's going to work your whole body So don't give up now and go hard and for the low impact version.

You can just do it slow and control without the jump Next we've got plank jacks jump both feet out and in a high plank position And for the low impact version just take it nice and slow again and go at your own pace We've got squat reach and jump next, this might be a little challenging right now So do it at your own pace, but low impact just don't do the jump Jumping jacks are next this is not a warm-up exercise.

So you got to do it fast alright I've got two more exercises till the end of set one for this exercise it will help to balance yourself better by Starting in a squat position then give a high kick to the side before you land your feet on the ground Hold your balance and give a lower kick as well It can be quite hard one to coordinate just because I have coordination issues all the time, but practice makes it perfect Now on to the other side to finish set one if you can't do double leg kick Then you can just do a single kick to the side Just so you know, I find set one and two are the hardest So if you have come this far don't give up and let's finish this together.

We're gonna kick off set 2 with skater hops For Skater hops take a big jump to the left and bring your right leg behind and do the same on the other side and For the low impact version just take a big step instead of a big jump Next we've got hopping crunches.

This exercise is really good for your abs So be sure to engage your core as you crunch and do it slow and control if you have trouble engaging them Next with lunge and kick and this is the standard lunge and kick using the same leg not the other leg if you can't kick Then just do the lunge only On to the other side All right time to burn out all that energy we have with 30 seconds of burpees don't give up now we can do this Let's do it guys Stay on the ground because we've got mountain climbers next very fun.

Yes We're almost halfway through the workout guys.

I hope you're starting to sweat because i was getting so drench at this point Now we've got shuffle crunches next if you are working out from home You should be wearing Footwear to stay safe and remember to land softly Time for another round of High knees yay And next we've got sumo squats take it nice and slow and remember to inhale as you come up and exhale As you go back down And the last exercise for set two is abduction kicks hop on one leg as you kick the other leg to the side and don't Forget to engage your core while doing this remember to be safe and just go slow and easy for low impact That's the end of the second set and I look like I forgot where I was for a second there Make sure you keep moving and take a small sip of water if you need to Or take a longer break if you need to just pause the video if you need to take a breather And we're about to start out that set soon Let's start with some in-and-out squats All right, the next exercise is jumping jacks and power jacks, it's going to be an explosive one So give it all you got it is a hard one to coordinate even I stuffed up a little bit So take your time do two regular jumping jacks.

And for the third one jump into the air like a Starfish and make sure you land softly and this exercise is so good it burns like crazy Next we have some side lunge and crunches.

It's an easy one to do after those power jacks So focus on engaging your core and work those abs and legs Now on to the other side Next were push-ups and shoulder tap if you can't do a regular push up just do push-up while on your knees Next we've got plank and knee touches make sure your abs is engaged the whole time when you're doing this exercise We're almost at the end of the third set don't give up guys we've got burpees Next if burpees is too much right now then do the low impact version Next we've got some inverted hold and toe-touches for low impact just do an inverted hold instead i was as exhausted as you are over here, so let's do this guys We are almost at the end plank to squat next if you can't do a plank to squat then just do a high plank instead And The last exercise of the set is inchworm do it slow and controlled because we are all exhausted at this point Great work everyone we've got one more set to go and this is a shorter set and this set is a lot easier So don't give up now.

You've come all this way Let's wrap this up together grab a sip of water if you need to and you can pause the video if you need a longer break and we're going to Start with push up and rotate for low impact just do the push up on your knees Up next with bird dog.

This is a great exercise for your core and also for your butt Next we've got another round of plank to squat the explosive and torch those calories guys.

We're almost done Next we've got fire hydrant.

It's named as such cuz it resembles the way a dog takes a piss on the fire hydrant So it's pretty cute or weird funny.

Okay, whatever Anyway, this exercise really helps to strengthen the hips and butt get ready to swap over to the other side at 15 seconds Lie on your back we've got reverse crunch next work those abs yes those lower abs, yeah Now flip around and we're going to do some Superman So it's really important to work all aspects of your abs, including your lower back So make sure you're engaged and squeeze those abs Just two more exercises to go we've got walking plank next if this is too hard then you can just do a high plank instead And Oh my god, guys.

We've got one more exercise left and it is up and down plank.

We're almost done So let's get this over with Great job everyone we have got some stretches So rest your hips and stretch upwards give your lower back a good stretch and look to the ceiling as well as you stretch out those neck muscles Now get into a downward dog position and loosen up those leg muscles And now on to a child pose and really extend those arm of yours forward and hope this helps to stretch out your ab muscles and Next we've got cat cow get on all fours and bend your head downwards with your back poking up and then look upwards and do the opposite this really helps to stretch out your back and Also your abs and your neck Now give those hamstring a good stretch These are really important to do and while you're at it stretch out your arms and your lats and your back as well Now cross over your legs like so and pull forward your knees And while you do this extend one hand behind you and this will help to stretch out your back And your butt and do it on both sides Now stand upright and stretch out those quads give it a good stretch Now take a deep breath and inhale as you come up Exhale as you go down and two more and that's the end of this workout Great job.


You have done well now drop me a comment if you enjoyed this workout and if you haven't already it will mean a lot to me if you could smash that thumbs up button with your sweaty finger and Also, don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications So, yeah, remember to share your progress with the rest of us, and I'll see you guys in the next workout.

Bye You.

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