30 min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT (NO JUMPING) – Ab, Core, Arm, Back, Leg, Thigh & Cardio ~ Emi

[Music] hi family so by popular demand we're back with another 30 minutes full body workout with no jumping exercises so a quiet apartment workout that's also beginner friendly and it work your whole body arms back abs inner core lips and thighs and if you're ready let's go first set we're starting with full body exercises to get our whole body warm up and a heart pumping to begin the fat burning all over our body first exercise is touch down and up exercise feet in white dance hands together breathe in and reach down then breathe out and reach up keep your back slide and your legs as straight as possible call the strain [Music] budgets or all these expensive rest for 20 seconds second exercise is wat punch [Music] [Music] exercise squat down with hands together in front once your thighs are parallel to the floor squeeze your good as you come up punch one arm forward then squat down again and come up punching with your other arm alterna side punch as hard as you can to maximize the burn [Music] certain exercises elbow knee touch legs wide apart hands behind your head punch your abs and twist your torso as you raise one knee up to touch your opposite elbow alternate sides keep going keep moving guys this is working our abs and burning the fat make the account [Music] [Music] for exercises inchworm one of my favorite super effective full body exercises exercise walk your hands forward and tell you're in high plank position hold your core tight with your butt down to make sure your body is in one shape line then walk your hands back to your feet and this is one rep repeat for 40 seconds we're working your arms chest acts core back and our legs almost there [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] exercise of this set is high plank to down dog last exercise of this set before we move on to ABS [Music] exercise start in high plank position then press your arms into the floor shoulders away from your ears but lift it up in the air to form an upside-down V then come back down into high plank remember to keep your hips down so your body is in one straight line nice and controlled don't stop you from reaching Stars do mama true beauty I've seen it and never never you say you swear you're saying it like Beyonce this is your dad go on Mike and we're done with the first set moving on to the next ones apps first exercise is meet up crunch and be solely about unimportant trivial stupid things just for my girls and don't desert the drama lie on your back and lift your legs knees bent hands behind your ears punter Axl lift your shoulders off the ground and towards your knees squeeze your abs tight get your hands behind you first your circumstance [Music] second exercise is like race reverse crunch for the best lower ab and inner core / I'm changing what that I can see hence the low your fighters work your lower abs to raise your legs towards the sky then lift your hips high off the ground lower your head back to the floor and then your legs until there are a few inches off the floor keep your legs off the ground the whole exercise you should be feeling a burn in your belly area remember your goals no pain no gain stupid things just for my girls who don't deserve that drama haters bring I bought this bully just beside his done you decide [Music] third exercise is hip raise heel touch for an intense burn in the ABS and spend your knees feet flat on the floor lift your hips and shoulders slightly off the floor with the side app to curl to one side as you touch your ankle with your hand alternate sides display the sleigh [Music] work it guys we won the Act we've gotta put in the work exercise a slow lap bike to take the ad burn to the next level when I saw your face here we're doing it slow bring one knee in and at the same time straighten the other leg out turn your upper body so that your opposite elbow is touching the knee slowly alternate between sides but burn in the ABS is actually more intense when we do it slow focus on using your accent each rect we're not dropping until timer is up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and the last ab exercises lying elbow knee touch to work our apps from all angles feet and back flat on the floor crunch you're apt to lift and twist your torso as you raise one knee up at the same time so that one elbow touches the opposite knee alternate sides again squeeze your abs every time you lift your torso and leg up make this workout count [Music] but you can save it now you taught me Oh [Applause] Oh [Music] rest add session does mix one we're moving on to arms and back first exercise we're starting back up for arm slide [Music] you see whatever you exercise lift your arms up and down as if you're flying with your wings keeping them straight look easy while I promise you'll feel the burn very soon [Music] [Music] second exercise is wing flight chop to target our triceps and get rid off arm clap as well as working out back [Music] like there [Music] exercise bend your upper body down to almost parallel to the floor but that was a slight bend in your knees back flat elbows bent then chop your arms back as you straighten them put in as much power as you can in each chop squeezing your shoulder blades together you're doing amazing so far [Music] baby I'm staying down you [Music] third exercise get down to the floor for knee push-up under your shoulders knees on the floor bend your elbows to lower your body keep your back flat butt down and elbows kept close to your body once your elbows are at around 90 degrees angle push yourself back up try to keep your butt down throughout the whole movement I know it's tough but we're not quitting we made a commitment to ourselves to finish this workout and we're going to get it down [Music] they called us [Music] and we did it recipe fourth exercise is single arm play get into high plank lift one arm up off the floor hold it here for 20 seconds and switch sides make sure you're holding your abs tight your whole body in one straight line maintain your balance it's not as easy as it looks but if it's not challenging it's not working so keep going we're almost there guys just hold it you're stronger than you think believe in yourself and let your body surprise [Music] [Music] good what flap arms and back exercises commando let's kill it we're almost halfway to [Music] [Applause] [Music] start an elbow plank and push up with one arm followed by the other to get to high plank then return to elbow plank and lower one forearm followed by the other hold your core and butt tight to keep your body stable and know your arms are turning jelly mine too it means the workout is working so keep it up we can take [Music] this time we put a drink and we're done with this session good job rest and our next session is lips starting with air squat Sasha [Music] feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart sit back and down with your head and chest up and to your fact that parallel to the floor squeeze your gluts and stand back up you're starting to feel the burn in your thighs and booty go faster with no power push it through [Music] [Applause] [Music] second exercise is front and back lunge for a right leg and now your cool stick back TV it's trying to go now we're moving out of town exercise hands on your waist step forward with right leg lower your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle with all your weight in your last leg push back up to standing and immediately take a big step back with right leg into a reverse lunge alternate between front and back lunge keep your balance you can do this we're not quitters so the change with driving state to stay rolling down this freeway we look behind us third exercise is the same but this time working our last leg [Music] [Music] exercise your legs are sore and the furnace and turns remind yourself that's exactly why we're here doing this workout we've won the firm we've won the results so let's go guys we have come way too far to give up now [Music] I'm picking things right [Music] [Music] for exercise is donkey kick for a little break but at the same time still working out legs [Music] get into all four squeeze your booty as you raise one leg behind you as high as possible then lower it down but still have it off the floor to keep the tension repeat with this leg for 20 seconds and switch side be mindful that we're using our legs and glutes for every list instead of just swinging with our back exercise of this set is by a hydrogen [Music] [Music] Oh staying in all for keeping your knees bent work your glutes and thighs to lift one leg to the side as high as you can squeeze your booty at the top to really feel the burn repeat on the side for 20 seconds and switch side to sit hold your core tight to keep your body stable we're only working on five and booty here for the movement inside of swinging a whole torso only two sets left mix that we're focusing on the inner core and side up for smaller waist first exercise is single leg plan [Music] get into a regular plank position put your core tight so that your whole body is in one straight lines let's one leg off the floor as you squeeze your booties hold it there for 20 seconds and switch legs no dropping to the floor keep it up guys challenge yourself just put it a bit longer almost there [Music] another one down second exercise is plank hips it [Applause] [Music] [Music] stay in elbow plank position holding in your belly rotate your hip to one side dip your body almost to the floor then working your midsection will take your hip and dip to the opposite side this is a tough one but we can get it done together this is targeting the most up and muffin tops and love handles so let's keep going third exercise is side plank this is something oddly to survive [Music] exercise 1 4 I'm on the floor feet SPECT work your side adds to lift your body up so that you're in one straight line from head to toes switch side after 20 seconds to past your palm into the floor and really engage your core this is how you hold up the side plank instead of having all your weight in your elbow [Music] fourth exercise already we're moving on to spider-man clap [Music] in the field mr.

Thomas [Music] exercise again an elbow plank position punch your apps to bring one knee in towards your elbow at the same side often in between sighs this is what gives you killer ass because it works not only the deepest core muscles but also the upper and lower abs on the surface to really slim and tighten your belly area [Music] final exercise up this set is plank to dolphin [Music] sighs starting an elbow plank past your forearms and elbows into the floor crunch your abs raise your hips and push your shoulders away to form an upside-down D this is the soften pose then lower down your hip hold your core tight and return to elbow plank bent with your body in one straight line you should be feeling a burn everywhere from your apps to your arms shoulders back push it for the last few reps [Music] and we're on to a final set of this 30 minutes without already working the size giving them the ultimate berth first exercises outer leg left with circle [Applause] [Music] exercise will work out left leg first so lie on your right side right leg bent on the floor last leg straight and get your thigh to pulse it up and down then switch to lick circle after 20 seconds [Music] now go take your left leg and small circle you will feel a burn in your left side good job it means you're getting this exercise right so let's make the most of it and keep working outside [Music] next one is the same exercise but working the other lip [Music] lie on your left side this time posture right leg again switch to lake circle after 20 seconds I know you want to put down your leg me too but I'm hanging in here and pushing through the bird we got a challenge a party for it to make progress so don't give up when it gets hard keep pushing until we reach our goals only three more minutes go for this workout third exercise is inner left to target the stuffin inner thigh [Music] [Music] exercise staying on your left side left leg straight on the floor cross your right leg over your left and plant it on the ground in front engaging your inner thighs pulse it left leg up and down for 20 seconds and switch side enjoy the slow burn and your inner thigh no slacking were almost done [Music] [Music] fourth exercise is sight line should continue to burn in our inner and outer thighs [Music] exercise stand with your feet wide apart and sumo squat stands shift your body weight to one leg bending the knee with the other leg straight sit your butt back down until thigh is parallel to the floor then push through your heel to return to Center standing position repeat on the side for 20 seconds and switch leg two or six less than two minutes ago guys keep going let's finish this workout strong [Music] and it's the final final exercise of this home workout sumo squat pulses promise me you're giving it all in this last 40 seconds let's go feet wide apart post turnout hands together in front off your chest squat down so you're side to parallel to the floor here start pulsing up and down without standing all the way back up really engage your thighs in every pose we're giving out size estimate burn I know how hot it is I really want to collapse to the floor as well but we can do this only the last few seconds to go push for a few more reps [Music] and done 30 minutes full body fat burn working our arms back abs core licks and giving us like the extra burn we did it all share your progress and hashtag family and don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notification button for new weekly workout videos to come and remember to stretch it out before you leave I'll also link up my complete stretch videos here amazing work I'm super proud of you and I'll see you again very soon.

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