3 things you have done wrong on your weight loss journey

hi guys welcome to my channel my name isEugene here so everyone welcome to my page I'm Eugene your wellness Coachso today I'm going to show you the top three things that you might have been doingwrong all the time to get your body weight down so let's take a lookalright so very quickly the first thing that you might have been doing wrong isskipping your breakfast so imagine you have been staying in bed sleeping forthe last seven to eight hours and you wake up and you are not going to eatanything and what's going to be for lunch so the whole entire morning you'llbe .


what's my lunch what I want to eat you know the kind of thoughts that you are going into and it's not that skipping breakfast cannot helpyou to lose weight or manage your calories yes by skipping breakfastyou're eventually cutting off you know a whole entire meal saving you hundreds ofcalories but however research have shown that when you start your breakfast earlyin the morning and you tend to get a little bit more healthier and at thesame time but that have breakfast we should also shows that all right sostart your day right within awareness of having a breakfast so then you'll beasking me a so coach what do I have to eat in the morningaha so wake up a little bit earlier like five minutes so 2 eggs for a start so what you to have for breakfast is something that are high inprotein high in fiber so all this is gonna help you to kick-start your thermogetics effect so you gotta start your digestive system to work so imagine youstart working on in the body the momentum is gonna come throughout and entire daygonna feel good you're gonna feel right you gotta stay alert as well alright sodo this habit do a change wake up a little bit earlier or you canprepare something in that night for you to enjoy in the morning hey alright so the nextthing that you might have been doing wrong is to skip carbs so a lot of timeyou hear from the public you research on internet you know they say carbs are badyou have to stay away from carbohydrates and your friends your family thegovernment it's been saying that you know you got to control your carbohydrates and things like that so you might be goingon the path of skipping your carbohydrate but nonetheless carbohydrate if youunderstand the nutrients for the body the three big major nutrients that our body needs they are carbohydrates they are fatsand proteins so it' s very important for us to have portion and a balance onthese nutrients with our body and function properly and carbs eventuallygives our body's energy to move to think all right a lot of processes in our bodyneeds energy and if we are lack of energy we gonna have very emotional kind oflike you know you're gonna have mood swings and as you all know alright ahungry man age is a Angry Men alright so you don't want to deprive yourself toomuch don't get from carbs and laying down too much come sometime may costyou to have some headaches and you gotta low in energy if you're so tired thethings that you want to do you cannot do and you're unhappy so how coach? They says carbs eat already will be unhealthy how okay uh then now so I'm gonna teach youI gotta tell you these are some of the items or some of the carbohydratescarbohydrates that are healthy okay so they are like complex carbohydrates likebrown rice they are like potatoes they are like sweetpotatoes and you can have extra quinoa oats high in fiber items those arereally really good and in the e-book that I have they will show youthe kind of complex carbs that you can get from supermarkets or go through thatis going to help you a lot take the carbs.

Carbs can help you grow muscles aswell give you energy to do more push you have to go to muscle gonna give you moreenergy and sustain energy as well for you last longerfuller and so that your body can do and allocate the energy the right placesand aid you in your weightloss program alright so start having a your complex carbs try today youhave some potatoes or you have some brown rice, some oats quinoa in your diet regimealright the last one that you might have been doing is that Coach in order tolose weight I don't want to eat solid foodI did the better so I drink fruit juices so I drink soup no ice cream smoothies ormore things like this or I drink only the protein shakes and mind you mightbe drinking your calories and some of the items are really really high and densein calories when you are drinking them so things like fruit juices afteryou go through the process and everything what's leftalright the fiber is extract is you know it is discarded what is left is thejuices the fructose or the sugar and you might be drinking sugar alright and of course not talking about soft drinks and can drinks or all these things guys already know and soup as well a lotof sodium and sometimes there's a lot of carbohydratesall are fattenning all the fats all the juices or the “Ho-Liao” hide inside the soup itself and you drink entire Bowlalright and it doesn't fills you up 800 ml or go into all these are really dense and as compare to food like vegetables salads and like protein those are dense they take up a lot of space in your stomach alright and thoseare high in volume but as compared to you know liquid food the calories are actually lesser so don't start drinking your calories and things like bubble tea, specialty coffee you know and everything , those are really really alot.

So please look please do bear in mind don't start drinking your calories so what youwant to do right now is to go back and look at your diet and if you are justtaking soup or you have this idea removed that alright.

Make sure youhave a complete meal make sure you have a combination alright a combination ofhigh volume and you have like nutrient-dense foods that you can drinkevery single day that you can eat every single day and you want to go for fruit juices make sure you have the fiber as well inside alright so use those kind of technique extract the juices out so its still retains the nutrients and the fiber enjoying please do like share andcomment and of course for those of you who like to find a little bit more andhow to actually get it right every single time click the link below and letme share with you and let me have a chat with you thank you and my name is Eugeneyour wellness coach thank you thank you.

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