25 Minute FULL BODY Low Impact Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

– Hey Killer Bs, it's Pahla B from PahlaBFitness.


And on tap today, I'vegot a great full body cardio, toning and strength workout that's perfect for women of a certain age.

You guys, you are gonna needsome dumbbells today and I have both my lightestpair and a moderate pair.

I'm gonna explain all abouthow we'll use those dumbbells but make sure that you've got a variety.

If you need a variety makesure that you open up the description box below toget the exact 3 pairs that I got from Amazon that Iuse for all of our workouts.

You guys, today there isabsolutely no jumping, no transitions to theground and I've got both a warm-up and a cool-down for us.

So are you ready for this one?I'm totally ready, let's go! (cheerful music) Alright you guys, let's go ahead and get movin' and groovin' andthat means that we're gonna have our dumbbellscompletely out of the way and we're starting with someArm Circles with High Knees, like we do! And if you didn't knowthat that is like we do, that means that youmight be new around here.

Welcome to the Pahla BFitness Channel, my friends.

This is how we start all of our workouts! (laughs) This warm up is myPavlovian way of making sure that my body and my brainare ready every time, by doing the exact samehandful of exercise that really get us warmed upthrough all of our joints, all of our muscles and all of our brains.

(laughs) Ready to go, you guys.

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You guys, today's workout is going to be it's going to be a fun one and let me just tell you straight up that I am demonstratingtoday as a moderate day.

But, today could very, very, veryeasily be a push day for you.

Now, if you don't know whether today is a moderate day or a push day, or exactly what I'm talking about, make sure that you open upthe description box below.

I have a free 5 page information resource that explainsall about how to make any workout work for you, depending on what youwant to get out of it.

Let's go ahead and do some ArmCrossers with Booty Kickers.

The fact is, there is aplace in every kind of workout routine for a moderate workout.

However, here is something I've noticed, doing a little tiny bit of research, like on the internet, there are not a lot ofmoderate workout to be had.

Now, you have probably found this when you are looking for workouts, you've probably noticed most of them are pretty brutal, pretty tough, pretty crazy.

That's why I wanna show you today, is how to take a workout that truly could be very difficult and make it moderate so that it works for you.

Here's what we're doingtoday, I've got cardio, and cardio toning, andstrength for us today.

This is full body, full sweat.

And that's why I have twodifferent pairs of dumbbells.

I have my lightest pairfor the cardio toning, and I have my moderatepair for the strength.

Depending on what you haveavailable though, you guys, this very adjustableworkout could actually be all cardio, or all cardio toning, or all strength.

Let's go ahead and sosome Welcome To My Homes.

And hey, by the way, welcome to Blossom's home.

You guys, I know you seemy cats all the time, and yet I can't honestly remember the last time Blossom was on camera.

(laughs) But here she is, she'shanging out with us today, taking a little nap, righton the couch behind me ordinarily she runs aways as soon as I bring out the camerasbut today she decided that she'd come out, tocome out and say hello.

(laughs) So you guys, here's what it looks like.

I've got the handy-dandy Gymboss here, set for intervals of 20 seconds.

And we're taking my handful of exercises step stool style.

Now, if you have done one of my step stool workouts before, let metell you a little something.

This one is, again, this could totally be a push day.

This is a little bit longer ofa step stool, its more like, honestly its more likea half ladder, truly.

(laughs) So I am really, really thinking about taking today ata very moderate pace.

Trying to keep my heartrate very, very moderate, very easy-going, very gentle.

If you do not have the kind of equipment that I do with a very light dumbbells, or you know, a moderate pair, or a heavy pair or whatever you've got, you can totally take all of today at whatever pace, with whateverequipment you want to.

Let's go ahead and get started and I'll tell you more about that.

We're starting with 20seconds of Half Jacks, which is exactly what it sounds like.

(timer beeps) They're half Jumping Jacks.

(laughs) Your right half, and then your left half.

Now here's the thing, step stool style means that every intervalgets progressively longer and therefore, more difficult.

This first one here is20 seconds of Half Jacks and then we're gonna rest for 20 seconds.

But, we're adding onemore exercise every time.

(timer beeps) So 20 seconds or rest right now.

So the next time it beeps, we're gonna do Half Jacks again but before we rest, we're adding on Reach Across.

Now, if you have a lightpair of dumbbells and you wanted to take all oftoday at cardio toning, you could absolutely bedoing that right now with (timer beeps) these exercises becausehere's our Half Jacks, because here's the thing, I've only got this one setof exercises for us today and we're taking it as cardio.

Then we're gonna do another round of cardio toning with our light dumbbells, then we're gonna take a round with our heavier, not necessarily heavy, dumbbells.

When it beeps we're doingReach Across, by the way.

(timer beeps) So reaching across, andreaching across, here we go.

Right across the front of your body with the other leg tapping back out beside you.

And I want to show you how it's not the exercise that makes the workout tough, it's how we do the exercise, (timer beeps) that makes it tough.

Here's 20 seconds of rest.

So, today, Oh, hello, Rosy is wandering through, All of the animals today.

So when it beeps again we're gonna do Half Jacks, plus the Reach Across, plus Forward Hinge Arm Flappers before we take a rest.

So now, you can see where this is coming up on getting more difficult (timer beeps) because the work interval is longer.

So, that why we're really thinking, I'm just, I'm just kind ofmeandering through today.

No matter how fast or slow, or how heavy the dumbbells, or-or whatever the person on-screen is doing, my friends? You can always make aworkout work for you.

(timer beeps) Here we go with that Reach Across and then when it beeps again we're gonna do Forward Hinge Arm Flappers before we rest.

Today could very easily, especially once these work intervals, I mean, this work interval is already long but it's goingto get even longer than this, when these work intervalsget long like this, it's very easy to get yourheart rate up, up, up.

So here we go with ForwardHinge Arm Flappers.

Just what it sounds like, your hands are flapping, kinda like a JumpingJack but you're hinging forward by pushing yourhips back behind you.

This is, yes my friends, it is a Dead Lift withJumping Jacks on the upper half of your body.

When it beeps again we're gonna get that 20 seconds of rest.

(timer beeps) And yes, we're still adding on.

As I mentioned, this isn't, this isn't a small stool, a step stool that we're doing today.

This is like a half of a ladder.

So, when it beeps again we're doing Half Jacks, plus Reach Across, plus the Forward Hinge Arm Flappers, plus Butter Churns, (laughs) One of my favorites.

(timer beeps) So here we go with those Half Jacks.

Now, if you are takingtoday as a push day, my friends, you would probably be going faster than me, I'm assuming.

This feels moderate tome, depending on honestly, depending on how longyou've been working out, what workouts you like to do.

Whether or not you likecardio more than strength.

(timer beeps) Here we go with Reach Across.

You, you're moderate or your push might look exactly like mine, might look a lot faster than mine, might look a lot slower than mine, your workout is always yours.

When it beeps again we are doing those Forward Hinge Arm Flappers.

You are doing such a good job, (timer beeps) no matter what pace you are going.

So here's our ForwardHinge Arm Flappers and then when it beeps again, we're gonna do Butter Churns.

What that means is thatwe're doing basically a Delt Raise right in front of our body with our hands going upand down right in front and then one leg kicking out at a time.

When hands are down, one foot is out.

(timer beeps) So we're, chum-churning butter, up and down in front of us while we're kicking out one leg at a time.

I know some of my friendscall these Hee-Haws, which I also appreciate.

(laughs) Kinda feels like we're at a hoedown here.

When it beeps again, we're getting 20 seconds of rest.

I know you're feeling thislong work interval today.

(timer beeps) Here we go, 20 seconds of rest.

Today, we are absolutely getting all of the benefit of like, a hit workout where we're moving fastand then taking rest.

But we're also getting alot of cardio endurance.

When it beeps again, we are starting againwith those Half Jacks, hopefully you like Half Jacks, right? (laughs) You'll notice it today because my friends, these Half Jacks are the first exercise of all of our steps stools.

As previously mentioned, we're doing these same exercises as cardio and then cardio toning, and then strength.

When it beeps again, (timer beeps) we're gonnado that Reach Across.

So reaching across, and reaching across.

When it beeps again we're gonna do Forward Hinge Arm Flappersand what that means, we're gonna have the lower half of our body doing that Dead Lift, while our upper body isdoing the Jumping Jacks.

And you guys, this is thelongest of our work intervals.

(timer beeps) So here we go with ourForward Hinge Arm Flappers.

So, we're adding on this time, well coming up next we'regonna do Butter Churns but then we're addingon Double Knees which is the final excercise to ourstep stool or half ladder.

So when it beeps, we're still doing thoseButter Churns or Hee-Haws, however you wanna think about them.

(timer beeps) So when your hands are down, one foot is kicking out to the side.

Hands come up, we're standing up and churning that butter.

(laughs) You guys, when it beeps againwe're doing Double Knees.

Which means we're gonnahave both hand up overhead, bringing both hands down toone knee two times in a row.

(timer beeps) On one side, boom! And then on the other side, boom! When it beeps again, we're gonna get 20 seconds of rest and this was the whole stepstool or half ladder, which for me, means the end of cardio.

If you are following alongwith me and gonna move into (timer beeps) cardio toning.

You can go ahead and grabyour lightest dumbbells.

If you don't have something that's light enough for cardio toning, I would suggest if youhave something heavier, you take it at a strength pace or you go ahead and stay hands free and take this as another cardio.

When it beeps we're starting again with those Half Jacks, but we're down at the bottom of our stepstool / half ladder.

Oh! Feel how different this feels, even with light dumbbells.

(laughs) Which means we're doing20 seconds of work and then we're gonna take 20 seconds of rest.

So we've just got these Half Jacks all by themselves andyou can already feel, if you do have light enough dumbbells (timer beeps) to take thisat a cardio toning pace.

20 second of rest.

You can already feelhow different this is, my dumbbells are only 3pounds and I say only, I know for some people that's very heavy, for some people that's very, very light.

My dumbbells are 3pounds and I already feel a huge different in my heart rate between empty handed and 3 pounds.

(timer beeps) Here we go again with those Half Jacks and then when it beeps again, Oh no, we're not resting yet.

We're gonna do those Reach Across.

You'll notice, and here's the thing that I want you to noticeabout today's workout.

All of these exercises, they're relatively familiar.

Especially if you'veworked out with me before.

They feel so different.

(timer beeps) Here we go with the Reach Across.

Reach across, reallythinking about good form.

Thinking about holding in your core, Oh my goodness! (laughs) When you've got anythingin your hand where you really have to think about pressing your hand or your leg away from your torso (timer beeps) by pulling in your core.

Here's 20 second of rest.

And that what I want you to notice about our 3 different speeds today.

Cardio, I mean even whenwere doing it moderately, When it beeps again, Of course were startingwith those Half Jacks, Cardio always feels, I'mmean we're empty handed, it feels tough becausewe've got our heart rate up, (timer beeps) and were breathing heavy.

Here we go with those Half Jacks.

But for me it-cardio is the easiest thing, I mean generallyspeaking, I can get moving pretty fast before I really start to feel the cardio effortin my heart and lungs.

A soon as we're doing cardio toning, got a little bit of weight in your hands, (timer beeps) that effort level, herewe go with Reach Across.

The effort level goes way up, even if were moving at a slower pace.

And if you do choose to join me with a strength session after this, When it beeps again, we're doing ForwardHinge Arm Flappers and so were adding on the- oh there goes Blossom, see you later sweetheart.

(timer beeps) Oh my goodness and ForwardHinge Arm Flappers.

Awesome Job! (breathes out heavily) You'll notice that your heart rate gets up and stays up, even whileour pace slows down.

This is always aboutmanaging your intensity.

(timer beeps) 20 seconds of rest.

Managing our intensity is always about managing your pace as well, as whatever you have inyour hands for effort and intensity with your weights.

When it beeps again of course were gonna start with those Half Jacks and this time we're addingon our Butter Churns.

(timer beeps) So we're gonna havefour exercises in a row! I know! I know you're really feelingall of them this time.

(laughs) And that again is really the point of what I wanted to show you today.

There is a way to makeevery exercise easier, if you're making it moderate or harder.

(timer beeps) If today is a push day, Here we go with those Reach Across.

Because my friends, iftoday is a push day, you could definitely be goinga little faster than me.

Maybe have weights alittle heavier than me, if that still appropriatefor you, for cardio toning.

Now here's the thing, when it beeps again we're gonna do Forward Hinge Arm Flappers.

Just, just knowing the number on your weights isn't enoughto tell you whether or not it's moderate foryou, or hard for you.

The fact is there's nominimum standard to meet.

There was once upon atime five years ago or so, When in beeps again we'redoing those Butter Churns.

When 3 pounds wasn't even a thing for me.

I think I'm doing this backwards.

I am but I'm going tokeep doing it this way.

My hands are up and my foot is up to the side and I'm pretty sure I normally do it other than that, but you know what, here's another important point, my friend.

(laughs) If you get started wrong just keep moving.

(laughs) There's no Butter Churnpolice coming to your house, (laughs) (timer beeps) 20 second of rest.

To tell you, “Hey, you'redoing those wrong”.

Don't worry about it.

You're doing them, that's always the point.

Here's our 20 seconds of rest, when it beeps again we've got all 5 exercises in a row, so we'readd on those Double Knees.

We're starting of coursewith the Half Jacks.

Totally feeling the effort of this longer interval withthese light-ish weights.

Here's what I was sayingabout light weights.

Light for you is light.

3 pounds might be yourheaviest weights right now, that does not mean that you should be using your 3 pound weights, (timer beep) Here we go with Reach Across.

For this cardio toning, whatever feels heavy to you is heavy.

There is no number that you have to have on your weights to feel like you've done thisworkout right or correctly.

Comin' up next is ourForward Hinge Arm Flappers.

(timer beeps) Once upon a time, when I was younger, Here we go Forward Hinge Arm Flappers.

I could lift maybe not a lotheavier than I can lift now, (laughs) but I could, I could lift heavier weights with less effort.

I can still lift heavy weights, but it take more effort.

When in beeps again, we'redoing those Butter Churns.

I'm gonna see if I canget it right this time.

Nope, still get it wrong.

(laughs) You guys, there'ssomething about moving my arms up that makes mewant to move my leg up and that's not how Idesigned this exercise.

But you know what? Today, today this is right.

(laughs) When it beeps again, we'regonna do those Double Knees.

(timer beeps) And here we go bothhands up, woo, and down.

And here, my friends, is the real reason I made this the lastexercise in our step stool.

I knew how tough this was gonna feel.

I-I tell you, when I firststarted designing this workout, I had this exercise downfirst because I thought, “Oh! That's a great one”.

Okay, 20 seconds of rest.

I am grabbing moderate for me, weights.

If today is a push day, go ahead and grab something heavy.

If you're gonna go back to cardio because you don't have somethingthat feels moderate, go ahead and go back to cardio.

I'm gonna be slowing down though, I'm starting again with Half Jacks, but this is now strength.

Which means that I am really focusing on pulling in my core.

Nothing about this feelslike cardio anymore.

We're not gonna get very many reps done.

This isn't about reps, this is about form.

Here's the real difference between cardio, and cardio toning, and strength.

(timer beeps) 20 seconds of rest.

Mostly it comes down to speed.

You should always be thinking about pulling in your core.

You should away be thinking about doing the exercises as good as you can.

Butter Churns not withstanding.

But doing them properlyas much as you can.

But with strength however, we're getting ourintensity from the weights, (timer beeps) not from the speed.

Here we go with those Half Jacks, and then when it beeps again, we're gonna go into that Reach Across.

You will notice if youdo have enough dumbbells, that you are able to go up in weights and call this a strength portion.

All of these excercisesare significantly harder with more weight.

(timer beeps) Here we gowith that Reach Across.

Woo For me especially, thispunching out motion.

Very difficult, feeling it all through my shoulder, and chest and my arms.

Really thinking about pulling in my core.

We got plenty of intensity by moving fast when we were doing cardio.

20 seconds of rest.

But now our intensity comes from the difficulty of the weights.

Here's the thing, these weights are still moderate for me but that doesn't mean they are easy.

(laughs) It never means they are easy.

When it beeps again, we'redoing those Half Jacks again.

This time we're adding on the Forward Hinge Arm Flappersto our work interval.

(timer beeps) So here we go with Half Jacks.

The thing about moderate work, sometimes you don't know that it's not moderate anymore until all of a sudden, you realize just how hard you're pushing.

If your weights started off feeling moderate and already don't.

Drop 'em, my friends, go back down to your cardio toning weights if you need to.

Here's Reach Across.

Or, or call this another cardio circuit.

This is honestly oneof the most modifiable workouts I've ever made, ever.

This one is very easyto make work for you.

Whatever equipment you have, whatever kind of a day your having, (timer beeps) Here we go with ForwardHinge Arm Flappers.

(heavily breathes out) Yep, its a Dead Lift.

Hoo, and we're really thinking about that Dead Lift motion, core is pulled in tight.

I know you wanna think about your arms, but I would much rather have you think about your booty.

Push your butt back, (timer beeps) pull your butt forward.

20 seconds of rest.

Oh my goodness, you guys.

Yeah, yeah, here we are.

(laughs) Here we are, part way through our third (stutters) third circuit is the word I'm trying to come up with.

(laughs) I'm looking at Butter Churns, that's what we're adding on this time (laughs) Our third circuit, (timer beeps) Here we go with Half Jacks.

Of these exercises and boy, they feel different time we do them.

Now, if today is a push day for you, you might be going even slower than me because of the effort and intensity that you're bringing with the weights.

(timer beeps) A push effort, Here we go with Reach Across.

A push effort also isn't also necessarily about the number on your dumbbells.

It's about what feelslike an effort for you.

The fact is some days, these weights, When it beeps again, we're doing those ForwardHinge Arm Flappers.

Some days these, (timer beeps) weightsthat I have in my hands, Forward Hinge Arm Flappers.

Feel really light.

(laughs) And some days, these weights feel really heavy.

Some days, these weights feel moderate.

What I really, really want you to know about working out at this age, (timer beeps) Here we go with Butter Churns.

So when my hands are up, feet are in.

Here we go! When hands are down, one foot is out.

(laughs) Oh my gosh, I gotta slow that way down.

(laughs) I was trying to actually churn some butter and what I'm really thinking about instead is focusing on one foot being out, (timer beeps) Ooh, and core being pulled in.

20 seconds of rest.

You guys.

(breathes deeply) You guys, coming up this time we're adding on those Double Knees.

This is as long as this step stool gets, and this is as tough as it gets.

We're starting againwith those Half Jacks, like we have every round (timer beeps) of these step stools.

Oh my gosh, but this is our last time.

Really thinking about takingthis at strength pace, unless you're doing cardio toning or cardio with it (laughs) My friends, what I want you to know about working out at this age is that you cannot judge yourself, (timer beeps) by the numbers.

Here we go with Reach Across.

The numbers, the numbersare what they are, are you know age is just a number, your weight is just a number, the weight of thedumbbells, just a number.

Everything, everything has it's place.

Everything has it's time.

And sometimes weightsare gonna feel heavy, (timer beeps) that aren't suppose to feel heavy.

Here we go with ourForward Hinge Arm Flappers.

Sometimes, weights that feel light, don't feel light.

When we stop judging ourselves and just take what the day brings us.

Today, trying to be moderate, so I'm working with moderate pace, moderate weights.

(timer beeps) Here we go with those Butter Churns.

Oh my gosh, hands are up.

(breathes out deeply) And breathing, thinking about that core pulled in tight.

Really thinking about elbows, oh, really thinking about standing on one foot at a time.

(timer beeps) This is balance work, And then here we go with Double Knees.

Hands are together, oh my goodness, these moderate weights got more than a little bit heavy, that's what happens.

We're taking this at a strength pace.

Double Knees is no longer cardio, even though my heart is pounding, here we go on the otherside, Double Knees.

(timer beeps) Ah and we are done! Oh, but not quite finished are we.

No, we're not.

We're taking 20 secondsof rest here you guys, and then I've gotsomething super fun for us! We're gonna do CurtsyCurls with a Press Up.

So, as we're coming downinto a curtsy lunge, we're gonna curl our bicep, (timer beeps) our bicep curls up.

So coming down and the press up, as we stand back up, hands go back down.

Coming down on the other side into a curl, press up so we're down in that curtsy for a little bit longer than normal.

Now here's the thing, we're coming up into a curl, press up overhead.

(timer beeps) Yeah, that was only our first interval.

(laughs) Because this is such acomplex exercise, oh my gosh, we're only gonna do thisonly, for 3 intervals.

But we're taking it at a pace that feels like strength and yes, cardio because my heart is pounding.

(timer beeps) We're getting it all in here.

This is our last interval, the next time it beeps is the last time it's going to.

Curl, press up whilewe're doing that curtsy, stand it back up, curl, press up and down while we stand back up.

Probably our last one, maybe even our last one (timer beeps) on each side, nope! That was it! Oh my gosh.

Put those dumbbells down, completely down, completely out of the way.

I'm gonna turn off my timer here, (breathes out heavily) You guys, you guys, okay.

I know I made a big point here, we're gonna do some arm circles to really cool this down.

I know I made a big point of saying, “Today was moderate, Iused my moderate weights, yes, took it at a moderate pace.

” And I'm still drenched in sweat.

This is kind of whatwe're talking about today.

Moderate is as moderate as moderate does.

We don't have to be lifting super heavy weights or moving fast to feel like we got a great, great workout.

Now, if today was a push day for you, you might still have beenusing moderate weights, (laughs) or just going at a moderate pace! Did you notice how tough that workout got? That's what I wanted you tosee about workouts, my friends.

You can always, always, always make them work for you, no matter what the girlon the screen is doing.

With whatever weights she's got, whatever pace she's got.

You can always get what you want.

Let's go ahead and do some Arm Openers.

(sighs) Oh my gosh.

And a nice big hug and pat on the back.

What a great job you did today.

I know some of you, ifthis is your push day, some of you are like, “Okay, I've got maybea couple more minutes, I've got maybe 10 more minutes in me.

” My friends, I have somany 10 minute workouts.

I will have a suggestionfor you here on the screen.

Probably something cardio toning so that go back to your lighter weights, but we'll see what I come up with for you.

(laughs) If today was a moderateworkout for you, my friends, today was definitely enough.

Even if you might feel like you have more, sometimes moderate feels like that.

I will have an extended cool down for you so that you can get alittle bit more stretching, a little bit more sweatdripping off of you before you get on with your day.

On the bottom half of the screen here in a couple of seconds, you're gonna see the letter P.

That's an invitation to go over to Patreon where a monthly pledge from you helps me make freeworkouts for all of us.

And thank you so, so much for that.

On the other side of the screen that's a picture of me but it's actually a subscribe button, make sure that you click that and the bell notification so that YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new workout.

My friends, what agreat job you did today.

Thank you for working out with me.

Make sure you subscribe and I'll see you in the next video!.

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