2020 Blood Test Results After 10 Years and 829 Food Challenge Wins!!

(intense music) – Hey everybody, this isRandy Santel (mumbles) and this video was filmedon Tuesday, April Seventh.

We just finished up my 12week sexification 2020.

Now it's time to really cap things off by sharing the resultsfrom a recent blood test that I just got last Friday.

2019 was an amazing year, especially for my social media.

We gained over 300, 000YouTube subscribers, and over 300, 000 Facebook followers all in 2019 alone, which is so much appreciated, but along with that majorgrowth came a problem.

For people who started watching in 2019, and really 2018 as well, if they didn't go back and watch anything from the previous years, big, big Randy is all they know.

And while understandable, there is a very unfortunate stereotype that for big, big people, they tend to not knowtoo much about nutrition, fitness, health, wellness, and overall weight management, and if they do, they just don't reallyact upon that knowledge.

I've been on the same path since 2012.

Back then I wanted to become the world's number onesocial media nutritionist, and then in 2015, that goaldeveloped into becoming the world's number onesocial media dietitian.

If I got a dollar forevery time someone told me “Health is wealth”, I could buy everybody watching this video a tesla, or at least a face mask and bottle of hand sanitizer.

Most of my decisionsfactor in the long term a lot more than the short term, and that was definitely apparent in 2019.

I didn't want to get that bigbut it just kinda happened while I was getting my team and I ready for me to have these over 12 weeks off.

I'll be the first to saythat getting that big was not a good short term decision, but I knew in the long run, everything would be fine.

Talk is cheap though, so let's look at the concrete numbers.

It's time to reveal my blood test results after 829 food challenge wins, and over 10 years of professional eating, doing food challenges.

Then I'll compare those numbers to my May 2017 blood test results, after 481 food challenge wins.

I get told all the timethrough comments and messages that I'm a candidatefor type two diabetes, a heart attack, a stroke, andother forms of heart disease, so let's take a look at those numbers.

Let's take a look at my blood sugar and diabetes related numbers first.

As for my fasting blood glucose level, my number was 88.

The normal range for thatis between 65 and 100.

Between 100 and 125 is prediabetic, and anything over 126 is diabetic.

So I'm under the 100 soI'm definitely good there.

The more important number to consider is my hemoglobin A1C, and that's because that number is kind of an average of the past two to three months, and for me, that number was 5.

3 Anything under 5.

7 iswithin normal limits.

Anything over 6.

5 is diabetic, so I was well under the5.

7 so I'm good there too.

Now let's look at the four numbers of my blood lipid panel.

As for triglycerides, anything under 149 is known as within the normal limits.

Mine was 67, so we're all good there.

As for total cholesterol, that should be under 200, and mine was 143, sowe're all good there too.

As part of that, my HDL, or you may know it asthe good cholesterol, should be over 40 forsure, optimal is over 60.

Mine was 50, so I do want to work on that and get it over 60 but beingover the 40, it's still okay.

As for LDL, or the bad cholesterol, that needs to be under 100.

Mine was 80, so we're all good there.

In addition to diabetesand heart related problems, some people bring upkidney function as well, since what I do couldpotentially be harmful to the kidneys and other internal organs.

For that number you look at the GFR, or glomerular filtration rate.

Anything over 90 is knownas within the normal limits, or good, and mine was 138, so we're all good there.

Now let's compare these numbers to my May 2017 published numbers.

As for fasting blood glucoseback then, it was 85, so I'm only up three now, but my A1C actually went down.

In May 2017, my hemoglobin A1C was 5.


Now, it's 5.

3, which is awesome! Now let's compare bloodlipid panel numbers.

As for triglycerides in2017, my number was 58.

It's 67 now, so up nine, but still well belowthe 150 recommendation.

As for cholesterol, that went down too.

My total cholesterol was 169 in 2017.

Now it's 143.

My HDL, or goodcholesterol, was 64 in 2017.

That went down to 50 which is not good, but I can definitely work on that.

But, my LDL, that went down from 93 to 80, so I'm very happy about that.

I didn't publish thesenumbers to toot my own horn.

I did so to ease theconcerns of those viewers who worry about my overallhealth and wellness.

While some of the things Ido may seem a bit reckless, please rest assured that Ialways have things under control.

I appreciate everybody's positiveencouragement and support, and know that there are manymore new food videos upcoming.

Thanks for watching.

(light drumming) (light piano).

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