2000 REP Full Body & Abs Workout CHALLENGE for 2 Million Subscribers 🔥Burn Fat, NO JUMPING

Welcome back to my channel guys.

First of all, thank you for 2 million subs.

I'm not able to do two million reps yet So I thought I'd put together a 2000-rep challenge to mark the occasion So we're gonna achieve 2000 reps through 50 exercises with 40 reps each There will be no jumping involved, moderate-intensity.

Let's start with knee drive Now there's no times in this workout but I've put in a repetition counter instead.

This is a long workout so you're gonna be burning heaps of calories Some of you may burn over 500 to 600 calories in this workout Some of you less depending on, you know your weight, your age, your height, and also it depends on how hard you work for it So the aim of this challenge guys is to be able to hit 2, 000 reps one day it might not be today, but that's okay.

It's all about progression all the time Just rest whenever you need to and jump back in when you can! Next we're doing a knee pull.

Try to make a note of how many reps you can do each day and watch yourself get stronger every day.

Now on to the other leg.

Next we'll have front kicks.

Side kicks are next.

Standing bicycle crunches are next, stay on your feet guys.

Let's laugh at my confused ass over here.

Alternate toe-touches are next.

You should have about 200 reps by now, so great job don't stop now.

Honestly, I'm not as fit as I used to be because I haven't worked out in a long time so I struggle a lot.

So yeah, let's just struggle together and let's keep going.

Next we're on to our second set which is legs.

We've got squat and twist.

Reverse lunge is next.

Squat oblique crunch is next.

Next we have single deadlift crunch.

You should have about 400 reps by now so you're about 20% through.

You've got this so don't even think of stopping.

Next we have lateral walk.

Next we have lateral lunge tap.

Curtsy lunge is our next.

And the final exercise of this set is knee drive.

Now get on the mat for the next set we are going into ab exercises and we've got mountain climbers.

So you can take a longer break here if you want to and guys my body is so sore from this exercise like this workout really smashed my abs, my legs, my back, my arms, just everywhere so keep going you're gonna find this workout so satisfying after you finish it.

So ignore what I'm doing here, took me a few seconds to realize that I was doing the wrong exercise here.

I was probably regretting this challenge at this point.

Now that's the proper spider-man plank exercise.

Now flip around and get on your back we've got some crunches.

Heel touches are next.

Next we've got bicycle crunches.

WHY CHLOE, WHY??? Next we've got some flutter kicks.

We're so close to a thousand reps guys, so don't give up.

Next we've got some leg drops.

You can tell I was regretting this workout so badly at this point should have just done easier exercises to get that rep counter up, but no I had to choose leg drops.



So swap in with easier exercises if you are starting to get tired, just don't quit on me guys! Now that's finally over we've got opposite toe touches.

Remember to rest whenever you need to.

This isn't a race you're not trying to keep up with me or anyone.

Just go at your own pace and you'll get stronger all the time.

Alright last exercise for this third set, we're halfway there.

You're almost at about a thousand reps.

Don't quit on me now guys.

Great work everyone.

Now get upright, we're doing arm circles.

Arm exercises should be a lot easier.

So let's breeze past this set.

Next we've got arm rotation.

Up pulses are next.

Down pulses are next.

Now get into a tabletop position, we've got some tricep toe touches.

Now flip around into a plank position we've got plank toe touches.

Okay, remember earlier when I said we'll breeze through this set? Forget that cause we've got push-ups also that at this point you can do knee push-ups or alternate with some up and down pulses I'll punish myself with some push-ups since I've misled you.

So if you haven't thrown up yet stand upright and let's do some arm wings.

I'm just kidding guys.

If you're too exhausted or unwell, please stay safe and know your limits.

Arms criss cross is next.

And the last exercise of this set is arm squeeze you have done more than 1, 300 reps guys.

Keep going.

All right, we've just got two more sets to go.

Let's start this leg set with squat and sight kick.

Your leg should be well rested by now so we've got five more exercises to go to finish this set.

Don't give up guys.

Next we've got lunge back leg raise.

Stay safe and watch your balance guys.

We've got lateral lunge next.

Now time for some lateral raise.

Less than 500 more reps to go – we are almost there.

Next we've got squats with front kick.

The last exercise of this set is knee drive.

We're gonna go easy on this and then we're gonna have ab exercises next.

Alright get on the mat, we've got Russian twist to kick off the final set.

Now let's do in and out.

I'm not going to remind you to engage your core at this stage and make it harder Please don't cyber bully me *whisper* Now flip around and let's do some up-and-down plank.

You can do it on your knees if you need to we're almost at 2, 000 reps guys.

Don't give up! Next we've got downward dog to a knee tuck.

I was so exhausted by now, but let's smash this.

Let's do it.

Just 200 more reps to go we've got bent leg crunch next.

I was feeling so dead by this one so I know how you feel but rest however long you need to and let's finish this.

Bicycle crunches are next, this is a lot easier to get in those reps so let's smash this one out.

Now flip around the second last exercise guys, we're almost there we've got bird dog.

And the final exercise of the day is groiners.

Let's hit that 2000-rep milestone! WAHHH Amazing work everyone you've done so well with sticking with me all the way to the end I hope you had a great calorie burning session.

Smash that like button and subscribe if you haven't already and don't unsubscribe if you are hating me right now I'll see you in the next workout.

Please come back! Bye!.

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