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– Hey Killer Bs, its' Pahla B from PahlaBFitness.

com, and on tap today, I've got a great walkingwith weights workout for us.

Now you are gonna needa pair of dumbbells, and I went with my lightest pair, but you are always welcometo set your own challenge, and if you need a new challenge, make sure that you open upthe Description box below, and get the exact three pair set that I have from Amazon, so that I'm ready forwhatever the day brings me.

And today, we're gonnabring you a great workout that has absolutely no jumping, and no transitions to the ground, but does include both awarmup and a cooldown.

So when you're ready forthis one, I'm totally ready.

Let's go.

(cheerful music) All right you guys, let's go ahead and get moving and grooving.

That means that we're getting started with some Arm Circles with High Knees, and I should have told you already, go ahead and get your dumbbellscompletely out of the way for the warmup.

We definitely do notneed weights, you guys.

We're gonna be holdingweights the entire time today, and there will be plenty of it, but right now during the warmup, we could just kind of relax into this, because this is the warmupthat we do every time, and it's my favorite of all things to do, because it gives me a chance to kind of, to just kind of get my head in the game, because my head is not feeling entirely(bell chimes) in the game right now, I'll be honest with you.

If I mess up today, I've already warned you, right here in the firstminute of the workout that I'm, I'm a little off, and sometimes thathappens, and you know what? I actually, I find thatI really enjoy filming on days like this, because I know, first of all I know that itdoesn't really matter to you, but I also, I really want you to know that you don't have tobe performing at 100% to get something reallyamazing out of the workout.

Whether I know what we're doing, or mess up my words, or fallout of the balance poses, or whatever, today is stillworth our time, always.

And, and I'm actually kind of excited, because today is a moderate day for me, and that means that truly, if I'm not going, you know, fast enough, that's heavy use of airquotes, or whatever, I'm still, let's go ahead and do some Arm Crosserswith Booty Kickers, I'm still doing something fantastic for myself, and my health, and my fitness, and now speaking of moderate workouts, moderate workouts have agreat place in your routine, no matter what your goal is.

If your goal is weight loss, basically every day shouldbe nice and moderate.

If your goal is body shaping, you still wanna bedoing moderate workouts, most of the time.

You truly only want to pushhard once or maybe twice a week, and in fact I've got a whole five page information resource for you.

If you open up the Description box below, you can go grab it from my website, that really explains all about how to get what youwant out of any workout.

Now here onscreen today, I am gonna be demonstrating moderate pace, moderate exercises, moderate everything, because that's what really works for me.

If you'd like to, you canabsolutely kick this up a notch.

You can go faster, youcould use heavier weights, you can always make the workoutwork for you, my friends.

Let's go ahead and dosome Welcome to My Homes.

Ah, because welcome to my home.

This, this is where we'reworking out right now.

This is where we're working right now.

This is where we're doingeverything right now.

How are you doing? I maybe, maybe you're having a little bit of an off day also.

I think lots of us are, and I think that keepinga routine of working out, even when you don't feel like yourself, even when nothing feels like normal, having a routine, anddoing something normal, and regular, really goes a long way for both your mental healthand your physical health.

And today, today is gonna feel, today is gonna feel sweaty.

(laughs) And maybe that's normal, it's normal for me.

You guys, here's what it looks like.

I've got the handy dandyGymboss set for intervals of 30 seconds, and one minute, and neither one of those is rest, but both of those arepretty moderately paced.

The 30 seconds is walking every time.

And the one minute, I've gotsome nice strength exercises for us today, and I am not gonna be switching weights to go something heavier.

Again, I'm going moderate today, so I'm not trying to get a lot out of it.

There is always some benefit to be gained from even, even light weights, even moderately paced.

Let's go ahead and grab our dumbbells, and get started with our walking.

Or, if you don't havelight enough dumbbells to make today moderate, if today is moderate for you, go ahead and go hands free.

There's no necessary, there's no need (timer beeps)to have weights in your hands.

But we're gonna go ahead and get walking.

So now I have weights in my hands, because for me, this 30 secondsis basically cardio toning, where we're getting our heart rate up, we've got some weights in our hands, it's got that little bit of oomph to it.

Really kind of working onyour biceps and triceps, sort of incidentally, just by doing a walking motion.

When it beeps though, I've got a long interval.

It is a full minute, sotake that into account, before you decide what weightsfeel moderate right now.

We're gonna be doing(timer beeps) Peekaboo Sidesteps, soelbows up at shoulder height.

We're gonna step to the side, while opening up those elbows, and then step to the side the other way.

So you're opening, andclosing your elbows.

There really is no resting position here.

I know you've already noticed that.

So that's, this exercise, actually it's why I did it first, because I was reallytempted, I thought man, you know, I could probablygo slightly heavier on my weights, since we'redoing like more strength work, rather than all cardio work, and then I put this exercise first, and I thought to myself, do Ireally wanna do a whole minute with a heavier weight? No I do not.

(laughs) This, even with my lightest weights, already feels like a great challenge, and that's exactly what Iwant it to feel like for you.

We are toning, we are strengthening, we are challenging ourselves, even at a moderate pace, with light weights.

My friends, work is always work.

(timer beeps) And then right back to walking.

I know sometimes wefeel like we're supposed to push really hard to getthe results that we want, and I want you to know, that you almost never have to push, depending on what kindof results you want.

If you want weight loss results, the harder you push, theharder it is to lose weight.

If you want body shaping results, you really only have topush once in a while, and then let your body recover from it, because if you're tryingto push all the time, and never recovering, (timer beeps) your body won't be able to do what it's supposed to do.

So feet about a little bitwider than hip width apart.

We're doing Triangles right now.

One hand goes up overhead, while that other hand slides right down the side of your leg.

Now we are letting yourhip jut out to the side.

Sometimes when we do side bends, I tell you to keep yourhips super duper straight.

This is actually meant to be abs, and hips, and glutes, and hamstrings, and inner thighs, and outer thighs, and arms, and shoulders.

This could not possibly be more full body.

As we're rolling down to the side, you're really stabilizingthe whole half of your body, that is crunching down, while maintaining thatone arm up in the air.

Again, why I chose light weights.

We're going back and forth, to give our shouldersa bit of a break, ah, on each of these, but boy, this is a grunter no matter how heavy or light you go.

When it beeps again, and it will, we're gonna go right back to that walking, (timer beeps) and here we go.

You guys, I think I forgot to mention, in fact I know I forgot to mention, today is a no repeat.

Ah ha, so no matter how easy or hard some of these exercises are, we're only doing themfor the one interval.

You guys, when it beepsagain, let me tell you now, before I forget, thatwe're doing Good Mornings.

It is a deadlift, and you are welcome, if you don't like to do Good Mornings, if it doesn't feel quite right, you're welcome to do a deadlift instead.

What you're gonna do is have your hands up at your shoulders.

Your weights almost behind your neck.

(timer beeps) Your feet are a little bitwider than hip width apart.

Elbows are out, out, out to the side.

Back stays straight.

We're gonna push your hips back, and then pull your hips forward.

Your hips are driving this motion.

Your back should remainincredibly straight the entire time.

Good Mornings are moredifficult than deadlifts, which is why I told you that you are welcome todo deadlifts instead.

The reason they're more difficult is because we have the added challenge of keeping your elbows out to the side, so we're really workingthe entire rear chain.

We're working your shoulders, we're working the middle of your back, we're working your glutesand your hamstrings.

And of course, we'reworking your core, always.

I mean literally always.

You gotta make sure thatyour core is pulled in tight to keep your back superduper straight on this one.

The challenge for me is alwayskeeping my elbows out wide.

My hamstrings and glutes, plenty strong, oh my gosh, but my upper andmiddle back, still always a work in progress, (timer beeps) and here we go, rightback to walking, you guys.

I know, it's a long interval.

You can get plenty of work done, but then, but then that work is done.

(laughs) I do love a no repeat workout, especially, I mean, maybe not especially, but especially on a moderate day, when it feels like, let's just go ahead and make our way through these exercises.

When it beeps again, we'regonna do Curtsy Curls.

What that means is that we'regonna do a curtsy lunge, while doing biceps curls.

Now, if you've been(timer beeps) around here before, so go ahead and lock your elbowsright into your waist.

We're gonna come down into a curtsy lunge.

If you don't like to dolunges, don't do lunges.

Feel free to kick out to the side.

It gets the exact same innerand outer thigh muscles, and the same side glute muscles.

You can always modify the exercises, and do whatever works for you.

You're still working, and that is the point.

But what I was saying, if you've been around thePahla B Fitness Channel before, you know that I don'tlove to do biceps curls.

They're very small muscles, and they don't do a lot for you.

They help with literallyevery other thing that we do.

You are actually alwaystoning your biceps, even when we are doing something that doesn't seem entirely related, for example those Good Mornings.

I know you probably didn't feel it, but we were toning our biceps then.

Isolating the biceps is, honestly it's kind of a waste of time, which is why I'm doingcurtsy lunges with it, because just doing(timer beeps) biceps curls, here we goright back to walking, just doing biceps curlsisn't really building a lot of muscle.

Even if you are liftingreally heavy weights, you're not building abig muscle in your body.

I would always rathergive you much more bang for your buck.

When it beeps again, okay, we're doing Overhead Triceps Step Backs.

So it's kind of like a reverse lunge, but again, you don't have to lunge.

We're basically just stepping back.

But what we're gonna do, is we're gonna have your armsup overhead the entire time.

Elbows are locked up overhead.

(timer beeps) Biceps right next to your ears.

We're gonna step back, and then bring those triceps, or bring those dumbbellsdown to the upper back.

And then step back forward.

Step back while you'redoing the triceps pulldown, and step forward.

There's really no restingposition for your arms.

You are really thinking about keeping thoseelbows pointed forward, biceps right next to yourears the entire time.

This is working yourentire shoulder complex, but you're really gonna feel it burning, ooh, there in those triceps.

I know that you love to work triceps, but again, triceps likebiceps, real small muscles, and I'd much rather that we work your entire upper body aswell as, with this step back, your lower body too.

I'm a huge, huge proponent ofcomplex exercises like this.

Isolating one muscle at a time, (timer beeps)there's a time and a place for that.

Let's go ahead and come back to walking.

There's a time and a place for that.

If you are a bodybuilder, basically.

For our purposes, for general health, for fitness, for lookinggood, for feeling good, for getting to a goodweight, and being healthy, there's not a lot of reason to do one muscle group at a time.

When it beeps again, we'regonna do Delt Raise Side Kicks.

So your palms are gonna face your body.

You're gonna start withyour hands just directly down at your waist.

As we kick out to the side, (timer beeps) you're gonna raise thosehands, palms still facing you, up to your chin, if you can.

I had, and I apologize, because I don't remember who it was who pointed this out to me, if you do some of my lowimpact cardio workouts, this is basically asuper slow Butter Churn, or a Hee Haw, or whateveryou wanna call it.

This delt raise, again, not working.



I mean you're workingyour shoulder complex, so it's not, it's not a lot of muscles, but when we add in thelower body work with it, first of all it'schallenging your balance.

Boy oh boy, do you need topull in your core right now.

But also, we're working somany muscles in one minute, it's why we don't have to doa repeating workout today.

I would always, always rather get you in and out in, you know, 20, maybe 30 minutes max, and get it all done, and my friends, that'swhat we're doing today.

We've got the high heart rate cardio.

We're getting, (timer beeps) oh my gosh, our metabolism boosted.

We're doing toning, we're doing strength, we're working on our balance, we're working on our core.

I mean, I mean today is the whole package.

Even if we're moderating.

Even if it's not that long.

It's a great workout today, and I hope you're feeling great about it.

Okay, when it beeps again, oh my gosh, okay you're gonna love this.

We're doing Drinky Birds, yay.

Speaking of balance.

So this is also, especiallywhen we have weights in our hands, a very complex exercise.

(timer beeps) We're really thinkingabout pulling in our core.

You're gonna bring oneleg back up behind you.

While that leg is coming up, your torso will verynaturally tip forward.

I really want you to think about keeping your backvery, very straight.

Your toe on that flying leg, all those toes, facing the ground.

Not letting your leg kick out to the side, and hopefully not fallingout of that balance pose, like I just did.

You guys, there's a lot tothink about with this one.

Keeping your toe pointed at the ground will really help you pull fromthe middle of your glutes.

Now sometimes when you're kicking your leg out to the side, which I see fairly often, it is basically a compensation.

It is your body trying very hard not to let your glutes do the work.

Your glutes, I lovethem, but they are lazy.

We have, in this modern world, done so much sitting that ourpoor glutes don't always know how to work.

So we have to ask them to.

(timer beeps) Right back to walking.

And how we ask them to, is one exercise at a time, just like that.

And you guys, you know ifwe're doing Drinky Birds, that we're pretty lowon the list, and we are.

So coming up next we'redoing a Front Raise, Side Raise combo, and it's actually one of the, one of the least complex exercises that we're doing today, but it's still complexenough for me mentally.

It feels, it feels likea lot of coordination.

One of your arms is gonna be doing a front raise.

(timer beeps) The other one of your arms isgonna be doing a side raise.

So your core is pulled in nice and tight.

Your feet are a little bitwider than hip width apart, or wherever feels comfortable.

Your knees are soft, but strong.

While one arm is doing that front raise, palm facing your body, andthen palm facing the ground, your other arm is doing a side raise, palm facing your body, andthen palm facing the ground.

But you really have to think about where your shoulders are, and where your arms are in space.

We're trying to do this at the same rate, and the same time, but because it's a different exercise, your brain really has to figure out where each arm is, and what it's doing.

You know when in doubt, I love to do complexexercises for our muscles, but I also love to do complex exercises for our brains.

At this age, at any age, but at this age, it's really good to challenge yourself, again, in small doses.

We don't have to be doing something super complex all day long, (timer beeps) right back to walking, but a little bit of having to think about what you're doing, really goes a long waytowards keeping us young, and active, and healthy.

You guys, when it beeps again, oh my goodness, we arealready on our last exercise, and boy oh boy, is it gonna be a fun one.

We're doing Starbursts.

We're gonna get little, and then we're gonna get big, and we're really gonna thinkabout what we're doing.

This is more complex than you think.

We're gonna start with ourhands right about our middle, (timer beeps)and then we're gonna squat down on one foot, and as we come up, one leg goes out, and both hands come out into the top of a letter X.

Now here's the thing, yes, this is a single leg squat, and that's what we're thinking about.

We're getting little on one leg, and then we're getting big.

This is all balance, all core, all your muscles, all your everything.

All working together, including your brain.

Really thinking about getting little, and then getting big.

Pulling from the middle of your back, to make that big, wide top of the letter X at the top of this motion.

Thinking about using yourglutes and hamstrings, oh my gosh, and all of your hip muscles, when we do that single leg squat.

And of course, usingyour abs and obliques, ooh, to coordinate it all.

When it beeps again, we are done, (timer beeps) but we're not quite finished.

Let's go ahead and go back to walking.

(laughs) When it beeps again, I'vegot one final minute for us, because, because when we're done, that's great, that'sawesome, that's wonderful, but we're not quite finished.

I like to finish us off with something that is a little bit more difficult, and here's what it is.

We're gonna still walk for that minute, but we're gonna do aPunch Up, Punch Out combo.

So we're gonna punch up with one hand, then the other.

Then we're gonna punch out directly in front of us with one hand, (timer beeps) and then the other.

So punch up, and then up.

And then out, and then out.

And then we're gonna switch leader hands.

Punch up, and up.

And out, and out.

And yes, I might actually have to say that the entire time.

We've switched leader hands again, because I'm reallyhaving to think about it.

This is absolutely work for your brain, as well as your body.

Up, and up.

And out, and out.

And then we're switching leader hands.

Up, and up.

And out, and out.

And walking the entire time, I know.

You guys, the good news is, this is the final minute.

When it beeps again, we'regonna put our dumbbells down, ooh, and we will be better than done.

We will be finished.

What a great job you have done with this.

I'm super proud of you.

This, this was notsupposed to be easy today.

It was supposed to feel moderate.

(timer beeps) Ah, and moderate, some days, some days doesn't feel like too much, but I promise it's always enough.

I'm gonna go ahead and turn my timer off while we do some Tappers here, (timer beeps) and then we're gonna do some Arm Circles.

What a great, ah, job you did.

Doesn't that feel nice, to lift your hands up overheadwith no weights in them? This is my favorite thing, in any kind of a strength workout, is putting the weights back down.

(laughs) Oh my goodness, making sure that your heart rate comes down nicely.

What a great, great job you did today.

Now here's the thing, I know that sometimes a moderate workout, even though I have literallyjust finished telling you that it was enough, I know that sometimes youmight be like, you know what? I got a little bit more, and the thing is, so do I.

I have, I mean, I have almost800 workouts at this point.

I've got something morefor you if you'd like it.

I have another walking with weights, just a short little add-on, if you'd like a couple more minutes.

If you are done, and youare absolutely welcome to be both done and finished, but you'd like a littlebit more of a cooldown, I do have an extendedcooldown for you as well.

And then on the bottom of the screen, let's go ahead and do some Arm Openers, (sighs) and Arm Closers, we giveourselves a big hug, and a pat on the back.

What a good job we did today.

Down at the bottom of thescreen is the letter P, and that's an invitationto go over to Patreon, where you can make a monthly pledge that helps me make freeworkouts for all of us.

And your support is sogreatly appreciated, if you do choose to do that.

On the other side of thescreen is a picture of me, but it's actually a Subscribe button.

When you click that, and the bell notification(bell chimes) YouTube will let you know everytime I upload a new workout, which is at least once, and usually twice, a week.

You guys, thank you somuch for working out with me today.

Make sure that you subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video.


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