20 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout

hello everyone today we are doing a 20minute of bodyweight workout so we're gonna be doing some interval traininghere so we're gonna get our heart rate right up we're gonna have some shortrest and we're going to get real sweaty in about 20 minutes so what you're gonnaneed for this

workout it's just some space if you have a bath great and alsoI highly recommend having some quite on hand because you may need that so theway that we're going to go there's gonna be four different little mini circuitsbut in the 20 minutes each circuit will be five minutes

there's gonna be fourminutes and we're going to be working and then there's going to be a minute ofrest before the next circuit so the four minutes of the rest is going to be 20seconds on 10 seconds off and we're going to be alternating between twoexercises so two exercises

per mini circuit going for four minutesone minute off I know this may sound a little confused right now but doesn'tmatter because you can just follow along with me so I'll be letting you know whenwe're working and when we're resting so let's get right into it the first twoexercises

like it could be inchworm and skaters I'm going to show you thatright now inchworm this is a little bit of awarm-up we're going to go it down we're gonna walk our hands out get intothat next high plank position major we get our hips straight we're not dippinghere to

being the court type and our wrists are right below our shoulders andthen we'll walk right back up and again so we're just warming up the body caretell me the first exercise and then the second ones and these skaters or skiersreducer in a one end of your mat or

in your space and from the outside legyou're gonna jump over and then land with your outside leg so back and forthjust like that again this is really just warming up taking this little hop sothose are gonna be the first two exercises so get ready make sure youhave your

space you have your water and we're goingright now alright let's go right into inchworm we're really warming up these shouldersright now all righttens of these break-ins really bad already going in two and onethe right of the speeders really got lending to be important writers sportsand health feature is

a really stable your midsection the work so that's onean hour good work guyskeep it up remember system warm up and ready the skaters there are today a little bit of warm we're all right the last 100 spinnersand then we'll be done dis circuit and so get out your

core tight all right here going in two and one and then I will show you shoulders too much go with our side to side it's really burn so you just gotta pushthrough it remember it's only 20 seconds and go all right if you're ready for the shorttill the

top and go again keep that core tight barely any movement wristall right over your shoulder and I'm gonna work one round beforegoing into two and one really visible whereas here so we really gotta push 20minutes go by our boss all rightI wanna really learn I'll get in here

so the house going and it does all right two down I'msure we're gonna sweat right now I hope you wear too let's go really focus I'm driving those chipsback in this water and my name three two and one sidestep you can also use a fan for thisexercise but

just for the purpose of making this workno the necessary by using the word alright you just stay here you don't have tojump up all right all the way down spinning yourlegs and then back up good story all right snowman extremelyswitch legs all right so and drive it maybe

one legwhere we feel a bit more stable to be here four times gonna help with thestability good doers we are flying through those guys keep going to serveyour turn to get out of four all right nor alright and we're halfway through thiscircuit River all right reset good work

that's three rounds all right it's good life good work okay philosophy said we're onto our final circuit on this workout all right oh okay want me to break or not our lasttwo exercises they're going to need we're going to need to play jump ourlegs out this is a

bit of cardio but also really working on the upper bodyshoulder stabilization and your core second exercise two more pulses withJones so here's two movements think it's much wider then they trade there's noLondon squat stance wider and we're gonna rotate our one two three pulsesand then jump three and

jump all right hopefully grab some water we're gonna goin to one and go right into those right below your shoulders one good word all right look it up readyfor love sumo bell to the jump into and once wegot one two three it's really gonna burn remember this is20

seconds so go hard and you're a surrogate mother get out therealright let's go turn I'm Josh so we're halfway there we are almostgoing to keep going hard let's go Wow Oh come on but all right all right thank you so muchfor joining me on this workout today I

really hope you enjoyed it I hope youworked up a sweat and you are feeling good as always if you did enjoy it Iwould really appreciate if you could give this video a thumbs up subscribe tomy channel because the ton of more Oracle videos follow along back homebody weight

all the good stuff are coming and if you know anyone that youbenefit from this video as well definitely share it with them I'm reallyappreciative when you do I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see youguys in the next one

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