20 min Ab + Leg Workout In Bed! BURN BELLY & THIGH FAT ◆ Emi ◆

life goes by fast we're so down we got older where did it go now you are oh hi guys I'm Emmy we're finally back with another back work out this time targeting the whole area of our belly from topside lower in the core as well as the size

and our hope you guys really like the previous back what comes we did because we all have those days when we're too lazy together back but don't let that be your Excuse I always believe that we can workout anytime anywhere as long as you're willing to give it

a try this workout is perfect to do before you go to bed or when you wake up and you don't even need a pair of shoes or yoga mat you can just do it in your pajamas and in the comfort of your own bed this workout is 20

minutes long but don't worry I promise you it's open that time to just fly by without you even noticing if you're ready get on your bed and let's go first exercise let's start with a classic plank to work the inner a player that pulls our belly together for

a smaller waist [Music] exercise form a triangle base with the forearms putting a belly in tight so that your body is in one straight line from head to toe but down don't stick it up in the air remember to work your core here to keep your body lifted

the batter is actually making it harder to balance and doing it on four and therefore more effective work it guys [Music] [Music] second exercise fly back down for good bridge to work the thighs and booty [Music] knees bent feet flat on the pad left your hips off the

bed as high as you can squeeze your glutes hard at the top while keeping your abs drawn in just hold it there you should be feeling a burn and your booty and size [Music] [Music] third exercise is crunch one of my favorite favorite exercises for the belly burn

and building the apps [Music] hands behind your head crunch your abs to curl your upper body up do it slowly and pause at the top for one to two seconds until you can really feel a burn in the ABS then lower back down to complete one rep we're

doing it slow for the maximum burn in a belly area [Music] yes fourth exercise is reversal excite towards the lower abs and thighs [Music] put your lower abs to lick it lick that one knee towards yourself and extend the other leg a few inches off the floor alternate

between sides is just like the reverse motion of riding a bike we're not dropping our legs until the timer is up hang in there remember no pain no gain [Music] [Applause] [Music] fifth a side app touch for the side belly burn [Music] lie on one side hands behind

your head then crunching uh please the side of your belly and bend the top leg while you lifted to catch your upper elbow repeat on the side for 15 seconds and switch side we be mindful that we're using the power of our side app for each rap instead

of just swinging I'll lick up good work so far remind yourself off your goals give those love handles up good [Music] six is out elixir go for the sideburn starting with brightly [Music] flying on left side left elbow supporting your upper body left leg bent on the bed

raised right leg up to start drawing circles in whichever direction you like for 15 seconds then switch side [Music] we're not dropping upper leg to the bat during the whole exercise enjoy the burn all around the thigh let it do the work [Music] you guys don't know servants

is playing punch a super fun one especially when we do it on bed let's get into it get into elbow plank positions and punch your arm – it's a bet one at a time the harder you punch the more calories burn you get it's so perfect for stress

relief punch it heart punch it all out but don't forget to hold your abs tight to maintain the balance off your plank take it you just don't know better got a few feet we're shopping [Music] you're doing amazing it is crunch circle for a slow burn in the

belly from every direction my face up knees bent hands behind your head same starting position as the front we did earlier then left your shoulders off the floor until you feel a tight contraction and your belly start curling your torso around in a small circular motion for 15

seconds then switch to the opposite direction you should be feeling the burn in your abs is what you're here for so keep going you guys don't know [Music] next one is slick extension to take the lower upper into the next level [Music] elbows on the bed supporting your

upper torso then both knees in towards your chest then tighten your lower abs as you extend both legs together to the front keeping them a few inches off the bed work your abs to pull your knees back into your chest repeat for 30 seconds no dropping no stopping

make every rep count if you're feeling the burn it means you're doing it right so keep it up [Music] and we're onto intense exercise already enough I love to give up inner thighs the best burn we're first working on our right leg [Music] lie on your right side

cross your left leg over your right leg and plant it on the bed and front off your booty engaging your inner thigh pulse your right leg up and down for 15 seconds and switch side you can feel the burn and the inner thighs good work this is not

the time to select keep policy [Music] we're halfway through already xi is flutter kick to target ass up and lower belly area [Music] lie flat on the bed hands below your bum to stabilize your body use the power of your lower abs to lift your lips up and

start making small rep head up and down motion have you add contracted the whole time the closer your legs are to the bed the harder and the more effective the burn will be [Music] this is not easy I know but those who are willing to work hard are

the ones who was a seed in reaching their goals so don't give up when things get tough [Music] 12 is another fun ab exercise pull Russian twist [Music] you just don't know grab the pillows set up hold a pillow in front off your chest crunch your apps to

raise your legs with knees bent then hold your core tight for the balance start twisting your torso and moving the pillow from side to side I know it burns I'm right here together with you for every breath hang in there we've come way too far to quit now

pinkish-red no make it sweet you trash don't know grammar stuff got a 13th is donkey kick for the licks and booty and to give the axe a quick get into all fours we'll start on the right leg squeeze your booty as you raise your right leg behind you

as high as possible the lower sound but still have it off the bed to keep the tension work on the side for 15 seconds and we'll switch side you will feel your race eye and booty getting sore those are the spots were working on do it in a

controlled way so we target the right areas instead of just swinging a lick back HFS don't know [Music] 14 let's get the pillow again for the super fun pillow Pacha [Music] lie back down facing up arms extended past your head holding the pillow and crunch your abs to

raise your legs so that you pass a pillow from your hands to your legs lower your legs down together with the pillow let's back up using the power of your ab passing the pillow to your hands repeat for 30 seconds this should set your abs on fire keep

pausing the pillow and working up Valley we're really close today [Music] [Applause] [Music] fifteen is kneel to squat for the legs thighs and booty [Music] kneeling on the bed come up with one leg at a time to a squat we're not standing up here go back down to

kneeling position and then get up to squat again we're keeping tension in our sides the whole time especially in a squat position remember to squeeze your booty throughout the whole movement and keep your core tight to have your chest and torso up Alexa turning jelly that's good news

because it means the exercises are working [Music] [Music] sixteenth is lick circle for the lower belly and Piper [Music] lie back on the bed hands below your bum crunch at lower abs to lift your legs a few inches off the floor start drawing circles to us one direction

for 15 seconds and switch [Music] if you want to drop your legs onto the bed no don't do it only ten more seconds to go keep them up I have faith in you get it done together with me only four more exercises left seventeenth a single leg glute

day [Music] this is similar to clip bridge but instead of having both feet flat on the bed makes one leg up in the air keeping both knees bent then lift your hip off the bed with just one leg on the bed as you squeeze your booty at the

top then lower your hip back to the bed switch side after 15 seconds we're not resting up but on the bed for long just a slight tab and we'll lift our hip right back up [Music] and we're onto our 18th exercise already plank has dip to work the

inner core and the side belly as we chip know make it sweet you trash don't know grandma she'll get into elbow plank will get miss section to rotate your hip to one side steep your body almost to the floor return to starting position and dip to the opposite

side hold in your belly to try your best to keep your butt down [Music] you guys don't know [Music] only two more to go 19th is behold for the final burn and a belly and legs don't sit up on the bed bend your knees contract your abs that

lift your legs up as you reach your arms straight forward to balance yourself hold it there don't drop until thirty seconds is up guys we're almost there let's finish this back workout together stay determined you just don't know Thank You toy tell me what you wanna feel I'm

destroyed you saw us through [Music] and we're onto the last exercise a challenging but fun one tabletop toes touch to work on your full body balance and coordination [Music] hands behind your butt knees bent with feet on the bed push yourself up as you lift your butt to

tabletop position pull your core tight to maintain the balance then raise one arm and the opposite leg up at the same time so your hand touches your opposite ankle lower them down an asana side the bed makes this exercise even more difficult to balance then we normally do

it on the floor but challenge yourself I'm almost falling here as well but I'm not quitting just yet almost there [Music] [Music] we did it I'm so proud of you for getting this 20 minute belly and thigh workout in bed done together with me if someone asks you

why you stay in bed for so long you can tell them you're not being lazy but instead you had a kick-ass workout done you're welcome to do this anytime in the morning at night so harder we work the closer we are to uphold just like anything else in

life I hope you'll have a great day or night ahead and I'll see you again very soon

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