2 Weeks Workout Program to Lose Weight, Get Abs & Burn Fat (Arms, Belly, Back, Leg) ~ Emi

[Music] we are going to start the new year fresh with kick as two weeks workout program to set the tone for the year 2020 we are going to play and work towards our goals making it one of the best years I'm putting all the best workouts and there's

two weeks program where we'll work our full body burning fat with cardio and targeting all the different areas upper abs lower abs side abs and a core for smaller waist side booty cos or hole legs arms back chest all the workouts will be in this video so it's

easy for you guys to come back to and I'll be guiding you on what to do throughout the week so make sure you finish watching this intro before we get into it I'm so excited to announce the launch of the family membership here on YouTube click the join

button on emmys channel now to see the three different tiers of memberships that all come with awesome perks and she's gonna describe some of them now for example like what gets with me so we can work out together in real time with life chess fan and also means

that you get an additional workout each month we'll also be doing a live Q & A per month where I'll be answering all of your burning questions about fitness diet weight loss or about life job relationship or if you have any questions for Chad I will answer them

– plus every month we will make a video wish this where you guys can let us know what videos you want to watch and Emma will choose and make it happen and you guys will also get special emojis especially designed for live chat such as cutie face of

pawpaw or my sister face yeah for more details of all the different perks that you can get you can just click that joy pattern and check them and now hope you guys through this two weeks program there will be three workouts per week where you do it together

with me in this video and for the rest of the week two days will be cardio I'll give you a list of suggestions below the other two will be rest days or active recovery using my stretch playlist depending on your schedule and how your body feels ricardio there

are so many options is entirely up to you it can be a 30 to 45 minutes quick job or a hike swimming then saying cycling or if you want you can also just go to 105 30 to 45 minutes home workouts I'll put the playlist and that description

box below all I need from you is your commitment if you're willing to put in the work and just follow through the program I promise you are going to see progress at the end of these two weeks after you complete this to each program feel free to repeat

it as many times as you want just make sure that each time you push harder and challenge yourself to go better with more intensity and hence it's more burn and you will see your body improve and transform and if you're ready here we go the first workout over

two weeks program day 1 let's start strong with a full body HIIT get ready to sweat first exercise a side lunge toe touch getting into trouble exercise keep your back flat bend one leg at a time and try to touch your toe with opposite hand alternate for 45

seconds we're staying low the whole exercise here set your intention for this workout and also for the next two weeks remind yourself what you want to achieve and use that as your motivation to push through the workouts and stay committed do this for yourself [Music] since L [Music]

yes rest for 15 seconds second exercise is punch check [Music] any negative emotions you have punch it all out the harder you punch the faster you jump the more fat and calories you burn I know you're starting to sweat and getting out of breath me too it means

the burn is doing the work get it [Music] dangerous I go in [Music] that exercise is squat with me hit but [Music] [Applause] [Music] exercise arms raised above your head legs wide apart and sumo squat stance squat down and as you stand up raise one knee up and

lower your arms to tap the knee keep going you should be feeling the burn in your legs and also all over your body enjoy it is exactly what we're here for keep pushing yes forth exercise is heine to take the fat burn to the next level Hanson front

drive your knees towards your hands in each rep again the higher and the faster you go the more burn you get just like anything else in life the more work you're willing to put in the closer you get to your goal [Music] [Applause] [Music] almost there push for

the last few reps good job fifth exercises front lunge on race [Music] keep your knees in 90-degree angle when you lower yourself into lunge position and each time you stand up push through your back leg and squeeze your bum alternate legs for 45 seconds [Music] [Music] we're halfway

through six exercises but cake simple hands behind your bum kick your legs back touching your hand we're all so much stronger than we think mind over matter all you need is a belief that you can do it and trust me we well Plus this workout is the hardest

one in these two weeks if you can get this done the rest will be no problem so let's go do anything just to get you back again do anything I'm not in the same you deserve a better man let me just hold your hand a particular several exercise

is brawl a half version of burpees excellent for burning full body fat bend down jump your feet back into high plank then jump towards your hands and stand up doing amazing only three minutes ago next one we can lie down [Music] [Applause] there's a new bottoming 8 exercises

slow at bike back you love somebody else doing them another beer go baby go [Music] work your abs depress your belly to the floor here we're doing a bike slope you will actually feel more burn in your belly [Music] [Music] hang in there we're not dropping down until

timer is up work those apps all right ninth is height plank jump jack for the final cardio burn while working our abs and our full body [Music] in high plank position hold your core tight jump your feet out and back together for me this is actually the hardest

in this whole workout but I'm not giving up this is not just burning fat all over it's also working our app and inner core for the smaller ways no pain no gain guys let's get this done [Music] and we're onto a final exercise already classic set up [Music]

work your midsection to lift your torso up in every rep feel the app burn we're almost done with this workout let's give it our all in these last few reps [Music] week one first workout full body Asia eye teeth done second workout targeting the app and arm first

exercise is slow mountain climber in high plank position crunch your apps to bring one knee to up the opposite elbow and alternate side do it slow and controlled hold your belly tight feel the burn in your arms and in your abs [Music] yes next exercise is crunch [Music]

[Music] we're also doing this slow actually for a lot of ab exercises the slower you do the more burn you get curl yourself up as if you're a shrimp your app to hold at the top for a second or two then slowly come back down [Music] [Applause] [Music]

third exercise a side plank rotation [Music] get into elbow side plank work your side up your oblique rotate your torso and reach your arm up then lower it down repeat for 22 seconds and switch side remember your goals remind yourself why you click into this video what you

want to achieve this year we will only get there if we are willing to put in the work so let's go fourth exercise is slow leg raises you watching I can be or be knighted because again the key here is to do it slow licks off the ground

slowly lift them up using your lower abs and lower them down for keeping them off the floor we're not dropping our legs to the floor until timer is up [Music] this exercise is commando an elbow plank position with your side up to dip your hip to one side

and then the other and push yourself up with commando by extending one arm followed by the other come back down again for hip dip so tell me tell me what you want me to do I can be because [Music] both apps and arms are burning so much it

means this workout is working so keep it up [Music] halfway sixth is been lick reverse crunch get ready for an intense lower ab burn [Music] like spent punt your lower abs to curl your hip up and your knees to your chest the key here is that we're not

swinging our legs up but we're using the force of our abs to bring our hip up the burn is real this is how we get them apps leave it all over again all over again baby doll again all over again [Music] seventh is plank toothed dolphin an elbow

plank position holding your core tight push your hip up into an upside-down V then come back down to plank the burn in both your arms and abs are getting intense enjoy it keep it going [Music] viii as reverse bite Lix in Reverse bike motion pad can be up

or down past your belly to the floor that's always the number one key for lower ab exercises so that your back won't be arching and coming up this way we'll be using an ad instead of hurting our back [Music] I need it all all of everyday [Music] all

over again [Music] ix is four points plank my recent favorite for arms ads and also a really good full-body firm [Music] and all fours hold your app tight and lift your knees off the floor just hold it here [Music] [Music] you can do it we're so close to

the end surprise yourself what you can do [Music] the words final exercise is tabletop food touch a perfect combo for both the app and the tricep targeting the stubborn flabby part on the back of our arms in tabletop position raise opposite arm and leg up to touch asana

between sides use your core to maintain your balance it's the last exercise don't quit now push it to the end and prove to yourself what you can achieve [Music] [Applause] [Music] there's a bunch others it's just [Music] week one second workout app and arms done that workout targeting

the legs and thighs and a good news for you there's no jumping here first exercise is good morning squat back straight bend forward with slight bend in the knees this is the good morning position then sit your butt into a low squat come back up into good morning

and then stand up focus on each movement work your thigh and squeeze your bum holding your core tight [Music] second exercise is low side lunge [Music] this exercise legs wide apart bend one leg until parallel and sit your way onto it while extending the other straight keep alternating

between sides without standing back up we're staying low the whole exercise the burn in the legs are getting more intense perfect keep going we won the results we gotta put in the work [Music] [Music] third exercise is lick left with circle working the left leg first [Music] for

the first 22 seconds work your thigh to lift your left leg up and down keeping it straight then switch to rotating it and circles after 22 seconds you and of women through is way too strong you should feel the burn in your thigh good work [Music] fourth exercise

is the same working the right leg this time [Music] [Music] [Music] I'll stay in fifth we're standing back up for reversed lunch to squat you attack [Music] take a pic step back with one leg into reverse lunge lower both legs and do 90 degree angle then step to

the front stand up and sit into a squat step back with the other leg into reverse lunge alternate sides for 45 seconds [Music] we're halfway guys keep pushing through for more licks but no pain no gain [Music] yes sixth is a no Lake left [Applause] [Music] [Applause] lower

leg straight upper leg bent planting it in front of the straight leg then pounce the lower leg up and down using an inner thigh repeat on the side for 22 seconds and switch [Music] your inner thighs should be feeling sore that's a good sign it means we're working

the right area [Music] [Applause] [Music] vii is squat with psychic [Music] exactly what the name is about squat down then as you stand back up kick to one side squat down again and kick to the other side kick harder for more burn I don't know what you've been

doing well you got scars since you are through the door I've been trying to reach you because I feel you what's the story to tell what's the story behind the mountain you're trying to climb think of her before we can write our own and in this time [Music]

only three more minutes ago eighth is donkey kick starting on the right leg size [Music] every time you kick your leg up squeeze your booty at the top and when you bring your lick down keep it off the floor so the tension is still there switch side up

to 20 in two seconds [Music] [Music] nice a sumo squat houses very simple legs wide apart and sumo squat stance sit your butt down chest up and start pulsing up and down here we're not standing back up until timer is up the burn in the fight is crazy

this is why I love this exercise we won the slim sighs we gotta work for it what's the story behind that such a – you try and hide think of [Music] [Applause] riding the side [Music] last exercise off this workout and off this week plan [Music] similar to

a side plank position but this time me on the floor feet together at the back for each rap open your knees up like a clam squeezing your bum together we're keeping our hip off the floor the whole exercise switch side after 22 seconds last one for this week

guys give me a few more racks [Music] and that's it week 1 third workout lick and thigh reads edit you that's so good this week I'm so proud of you for coming this far with me and to put in the work for your goals remember you can add

an optional cardio and stretches on your off days we're halfway through this program already I'll see you again next week week two let's go forth workout off this program app and core first exercise is good old plank forearms forming a triangle base on the floor holding your core

tight had to heal in one straight line hold it here this is working out poor and pulling in a belly together for a smaller waist this is our second week you did amazing last week so let's keep it up and kill this two weeks program eyes on the

gold we're going to get there [Music] yes second exercise is slow Russian twist [Music] punch it low ass to lift your licks up twist your torso working on your side abs to chop with your arms to the side tapping the floor next to you then bring to Center

with a little pause and chop to the other side we're doing it slow and controlled for more burn sound like you love somebody else cheering them another beer baby go [Music] I wanna take you out [Music] oh sure we wanna buy make up enough [Music] but is ankle

crunch [Music] legs up to the sky curl up trying to reach your toes then just pulse here up and down you should feel a burn and your abs and inner core keep on passing come back when you're older go find a place where you can't be the victim

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] fourth a circle crunch a slope and all angles of a valley area [Music] Concha Adam rotate your torso and circle will switch direction after 22 seconds the figure the circle you make the more you use your abs challenge yourself for a bigger circle let's

make the most out of each wrap off this workout and you feel that your bacon [Music] there's good [Music] older you can't be the [Music] [Applause] fifth is Lake race hold [Music] [Music] hence the low your bum work your lower abs and core to lift your licks up

and just hold it there remember the key is to press your belly to the floor the less space we have between our back and the floor the more we work our ABS and the less we hurt our back [Music] hold it almost there just a couple more seconds

to go you can do this rest six is classic side plank to target our side apps bulb leaks [Music] head to toe in one straight line keep your body lifted by squeezing your side abs switch side after 22 seconds I know this is a tough one but nothing

is impossible as long as we put our mind into it hard work and determination are the recipes for success to work it [Music] [Music] sevens a single leg brace both legs off the floor punching your lower ab to lift one leg up lower it down and alternate side

again we're keeping both legs off the ground until timer is up this really works in a lower ab area so as challenging as it is just keep trying that's all we need to make progress [Music] we say we save [Music] eighth is flutter cake we're doing it slightly

slower than usual [Music] move your feet and scissor like motion crossing each other up and down while holding your lower abs tight keeping your feet off the floor the more burn we feel a happier we should be because that's what we are here for no complaints if it's

easy anyone can do it pick it up and let's get it done ice SV AB hold [Music] [Applause] similar styling position as Russian twist working after left you're licked up in a reposition just hold it here [Music] [Music] only less than two minutes ago this is not the

time to put final exercise off this workout spider-man plank [Music] an elbow plank position quench your F to bring one knee to at your elbow awesome aside for 45 seconds keep breathing remember that this is the last ab workout off this program we gotta push it and keep

going less than 30 seconds to go for the day [Music] belief in yourself we're almost there done week two open court coded first workout off the program arms and back targeting to stubborn area first exercises wing fly [Music] exercise bend down but back with slight bend in the

knees lift your arms back pulsing up and down as you squeeze your shoulder blades together if this feels easy do not worry about it the burn will come very soon just keep flying [Music] you should feel the burn already in your upper arm next one swing open [Music]

same starting position this time we are squeezing our shoulder blades to bring our elbows to the side here we're not just working our arms but also activating the burn and up back [Music] third exercises inchworm with showed attack [Music] slow and controlled walk your arms forward to high

plank position put your core tight to maintain the balance and type your opposite shoulders with your hands and walk back to your feet [Music] fourth is hand released knee push-up you got me feeling spend your elbows and lower your body all the way to the ground left your

hands up this is the hand release then place them back to the floor and push yourself up try your best to hold your app so that when you come up your body is in a straight line [Music] I'm returning jelly it means the Weka is getting us closer

to our goals keep pushing [Music] this is backless [Music] lie on the floor hands behind your head working your back to lift your upper torso off the ground you're starting to feel sore in the back good work keep going in this [Music] so tell me sixth is prank

punch [Music] [Music] get into elbow plank position lift one arm up and punch as hard as you can alternate between sides hold your core tight to maintain your balance we're feeling it all over upper body hang in there we're more than halfway through keep punching vii a single

arm tap plank a fun combo of shoulders have and single arm plank in high plank position with one arm up tapping behind you then lower it down and alternate arms this is harder and work both our arms and core more than shoulder taps but we can do this

only three more minutes ago let's finish this workout with the bank [Music] [Music] viii is back squeeze to continue the back burn [Music] silent position similar to back lift this time arms extended in front squeeze your shoulder blades to bring your elbows back repeat for 45 seconds enjoy

the burn in the back squeeze as hard as you can for every rep leave it all over again all over again name it all over again all over again [Music] we go 9th exercise already Yoga pushup this is not an easy move but challenge yourself it works amazing

for the arms back chest and a whole upper body get into down talk like an upside down V then bend your elbows as you dive into updog position this is one breath repeat for 45 seconds if it feels too difficult don't worry just keep trying I couldn't do

a single pushup a few years ago when I started my fitness journey either we all start somewhere you will never know how far this journey can take you as long as you got heart and you're willing to work for it [Music] [Music] and we're onto the final exercise

off this workout tricep dip to target the stubborn flabby part of the back of our arms in tabletop position then your arms too low up but down then expand your arms to push yourself back up you don't need to do it quick here the key is to do

it right slow and controlled no rush feel the burn in the back of your arms that's exactly what we want keep stepping almost done with this workout [Music] another workouts done week to arm and back last workout of the two weeks program linked with full-body asia IT as

a final burn get ready and let's finish the strong first exercise is quick white job [Music] Lix wide apart hands together in front slightly bent forward drop your feet up and down as quickly as possible the quicker you job the hired intensity and the more fat and calories

you burn this is the final workout off this program we have put in all this work already let's give it our all and really push through this workout [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes second is squat with twist to side [Music] squat down until thighs are parallel to the floor

then as you stand up work your side outs to twist your torso to one side also no sides for 45 seconds we're working the sides abs and burning fat all over a body stay focused think about the goals and how every single rep in this workout is getting

you there [Music] [Music] the words now [Music] great work third is jumping-jack front insight to take a burn to the next level [Music] exercise hands in front jump your feet apart to the side back together than apart again but this time one front and one back keep jumping

the more effort you're putting in these ten minutes now the more results you are going to see you're getting into trouble [Music] unpredictable so original you will never backing down backing down down so dangerous [Music] fourth is reverse lunge with kicks we're first starting on the left leg

[Music] exercise take a big step back into reverse lunge both legs at 90 degree angle and push yourself back out through your right leg and kick left leg forward repeat on the side for 22 seconds and switch side chest up look to the front kick harder [Music] so

dangerous yes fifth is elbow knee hit [Music] [Music] exercise legs wide apart hands behind the head elbows out put your weight onto one leg for each rep work your abs to raise the other leg up trying to touch the knee with officer elbow repeat for 22 seconds and

switch side legs are sore the burn is getting intense no pain no gain take a deep breath and pick it up [Music] they'll be read [Music] halfway last five minutes off this workout 6s Burpee with squat hole [Music] like a usual Burpee with no push up jump your

feet back then towards your hand and as you come up don't stand all the way up sit right away into a squat with chest up hold for a split second before you continue with next this is definitely a killer for the legs the burn really builds up enjoy

it we'll we'll get through this and get stronger fitter at the end of it sevens a split lunch [Music] [Music] exercise one lick front one lick back flinch down so both legs are in 90 degrees angle come back up and lunch down right away again continue on the

side for 22 seconds and switch sides [Music] three-two-one no one says it's gonna be easy but the ones who succeed are the ones who wake up every day and make it happen [Music] [Applause] [Music] viii is squat hold [Music] squat down chest up eyes look into the front

and just hold it here less than three minutes ago guys we have worked so hard for the past two weeks don't let that go to waste but some reason I don't know [Music] push through this I know the burn and your thighs is crazy right now I'm a

hundred percent feeling it as well but I believe in you I believe in us we can do this we don't quit when it gets hard we keep pushing till the end and that's what makes us a seed [Music] amazing work last two let's go 9th as mountain timer

with [Music] in high plank punch your apps to bring one knee forward to it's your elbow this is mountain climber and push yourself into upside-down V as you extend the leg back and up so it's in one straight line with your upper torso this is leg lifts repeat

on the side for 22 seconds and switch [Music] I'll stay in bed I still got the feeling that you're next to me my final final exercise of this workout and of this whole program Greiner you [Music] in high plank one foot at the front the other at the

back hop and change positions every rep this is insane I know we are of course saving the best for last [Music] keep hopping we have come too far to slack or give up now after it is a choice we're not at our max yet it's a decision whether

we're giving it all to push through these last few reps and we did it good work you're amazing give yourself a pat on the shoulder because you deserve it you stay committed through these two weeks of workouts and you push through each one of them this is a

very comprehensive program so feel free to repeat it it can be a base structure for your weekly workout schedule you can download the calendar and the link below and you can also now join our membership for monthly live workouts Q&A it's your videos wish list and many more

perks click the join button on my channel and remember to subscribe and turn on the notification button so you won't miss all the fun your workouts coming your way see you soon

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