so hi everyone hi everyone my name is Christine Sampson head which to be honest a building and not like got locked up or every we did not mark Bowe Bergdahl was a toponyms lagna cargo in college a dinette quarantine and so Bram damning taemin-ssi on so why not try call the gonna nonsense Milan young NASA barrio Jose why not you feel good about when you're the meeting saponin is going night-night a flogging work out cover sale before the legato burn Domingo Gaskin kind of a dopamine maintained youngin did my sovereigns and anatta when Khepera like Marin Bennigan's my name is Farah diba can see before Botanica like G Jim never like two years to two to three years ago physician for your narration and give me the Cibola hon yeah I don't really wanna be human what silicon historical that's progress them in talega I think if elemental like it no it buntao qu silicon yeah but a negative work so I continue mallamma come on the pinnacle gigawatt to Cebu I keep on watching Tanana Panetta on Castle you know Yahoo named eternity monolithic on of the cinnamon cumin and that but publishing this article likely sense I mean finding a man riding me since Pearl chambray but along it start for a second so so brown I know home and the but uh nobody to some Virginia and Virginia social emotions have in Dakota saina much enjoy kinds of Luggnagg are going koala and along the whole game against McCarthy like literal no word autonomy in do new blog for liking to came up or now in Saitama Sudan from Santa mistletoe I wait so a lot of people it's a Marion Dickerman apart but did nothing chunk of in sub I tightly tied a couple tan and Jim Kayla and Lana young only Tappan [Music] [Music] [Music] yah yah yah yah yah I know what when you are coordinating Bao Bao Allah seems right opening gym so a little incision and let there be light booj booj booj appetito Allah let there be light Cronkite Oh talking about nigga to pick a favorite then again I got makeup on pops the minion to be only get you and again Jared Cass hmm so yeah and getting of our Nexus a tiny position where I could also be a bag of nuts tight to where hot nothing by the way and targets nothing is be enticed neither and don't bomb ticking like haha [Music] if you're in denial doesn't major public opinion so if I go on to my gramophone record at home this photographer is modern in a shampoo binding the biomass bah bahah [Music] so first program 19 is thirty reps three sets networking Denise abandoned a new music data and you know anything engineer yourself [Music] [Music] okay second set with the new additions of my high network item won't work work work out the bomb arms up [Music] [Music] shame now reps three sets okay so most of a London if everyone laughs I um didn't everyone have a minute but didn't want a woman you know wait submit that you can have a picnic Bianca not a bit done prevailing dynamic on only Mila okay so thirty reps we're moving on suppose thirty reps three sets okay [Music] fifteen cyanide into our okay okay so usually I meet you my so you know Sherlock you people call me Victoria also happen you pictured in a very senior finally landed a colossal failure gigawatt cool okay yes do you think I [Laughter] won Signum then 30 reps 3 sets and agree 19 is so I can't even look at the kite when I'm going up once again with an angle making anyone a pair of inner pipe wanna okay [Music] [Music] so far miss Madeline I'm doing nothing inside Eden 1313 of society then 30 random Iike okay okay well i'ma tell Jason okay okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] better believe it Pratap a delegate in a tapas no don't stop when you're tired stop when you're done okay thank you yes very clear with a little insider Dagenham a subpoena from bottleneck start converting extract Network algebraic and from there a new workout in your dinner diamino muhindi you able and in the diameter in a – no sorry no ok cohosh in your poxy animal initially totally not going in and and Parma in the young shortcut shortcut by these lucky keeping you on for four hours for the run your way so you're the fastest baby mysterious objects [Music] so you're no choice but at the school of work on this menu be to Allah cocoa heat element when you go after work autonomously toponymy open the window so okay then I am wrapping seconds [Music] [Music] [Music] you know we make a last name in opposition to the petition – mamas about thighs and sir abs okay Papa's in your bag when you go buy enough makeup now find Anita now sir you know someone on something before posting my first ever vlog go around solution palette on for some reason and the so kind of music does not equate to Mumbai Pune before Maha Nakhon and can easily be done I mean come on I'm kinda similar but the powerless Telegraph understanding combine butter your name you know why from my oppressive before years ago next to mine on the GG Mahal or on which can be now Gordon like dumbbell bar base purpose Shyam wait Chingy noggin and then the other day oh mama you perineum autocracy and and up Adam Benitez gotta specify on an enum guten abend some elements I'm big bones coming so you know what one diet is in the newsfeed Omega is at first Shepherd sovereign may have any dignity recommend Allah is dominant SME butta butta benefit ing nakawara mama yeah Annabella so Brahm heavenward neguin ago I notice is in your eyes think about but something like a of Ottawa and Sabeena bag Ohio Google a young guy and make sure the consultants dr.

nassim are my cattle and Obama staffing McNamee died at Nick the diagonal another available and is Veggie Scylla what if in decoy aluminum parts above a philosophy Yamaha gulag and Yamato delivery for your left toes broken the bowel something and the same area – technologies so make sure it's a mug Papa John's investor doctors Nicole I know but Allah gave your time and I'd say yeah ok ok so we'll get it well a high-end choice and demonic laugh thank you so much for watching follow me on my social media cards and don't forget to subscribe.

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