15 Minute FAT BURNING Indoor Walking Workout *Full Body*

15 minute fat-burning indoor walkingworkout you're going to love it I've just finished it I'm sweating I'm hotand I feel amazing so this workout is very very doable butit's going to challenge you and we need to be challenged especially when we'restuck stir-crazy inside so exercise every day challenge yourself

and you'llnever ever be younger than you are today so you have no excuses I'm excited let'sget started this is a 15 minute workout so we're going to do 14 differentexercises for 30 seconds each separated by 30 seconds of fast walking plusyou're going to get a 15 second rest

right in the middle please subscribe tofabulous 50s if you haven't already and the benefit that you're going to get isthat you're going to start feeling really good about yourself take a deepbreath in 1 2 three four fivelet's start moving our shoulders loosen up we're going to move our

arms and justwarm up a little bit and get ready to exercise because doing this workout nowis going to set you up for the whole day and you're going to feel so proud ofyourself at the 15 minute mark change arms breaststroke arms when people say I'mtoo old I say

no you're not you're younger today than you'll ever be againso that's golden let's all remember that let's start walking you've got fourwalking options you can walk at the same place as me you can slow it down by halfyou can run or you can mix between running and walking

it's up to you youcan take it slow today and work your way up for next time next up 30 seconds of toe-tapping rightnow you're taking control of your body and we need to do exercises tostrengthen our body every single day and we've got to challenge ourselves so wedon't

get old so that means change things up daily andinclude variety thirty seconds of walking so take abreath and start to find your pace and then put a smile on your face and forgetabout all of your worries just for now take your feet wide and with a straightback bend

down and touch your knees you can do these windmills two ways you cantouch your knees or you can go all the way down and touch your toes it'sentirely up to you keep going you're doing a really great job thirty seconds more of walking if westop using our bodies

to exercise our muscles atrophy but if you prioritizeexercise like you're doing now you can stop that from happeningkeep going the work you're putting you now is going to thank you later take your left hand and tap the rightknee and take the right hand and tap the left knee

we're crossing our left/rightbrain barrier here and we're actually doing something really good for ourbrains it's keeping us young keeping us strong and keeping a spite all thirty seconds of walking mix it up takeit fast take it slow start dancing you get tochoose just make sure that you're having

fun okay balance on your right leg take yourleft knee out and move it to the side back and downup out back and down this is a controlled move and it's really reallyfocusing on our balance so use a chair if you need to help gain your balancepracticing balance in

our body really helps with balancing our mind if you'vegot enough energy have a practice of running just for a few seconds and thenyou can go back to walking and a gentle combination of run/walk/runwill really help you burn fat so keep it up you're doing an amazing job keepgoing

keep going let's move to the other side we're goingto balance on our left leg this time up side back and down up side back and downdon't forget grab a chair if you need help with your balance and the more youpractice this move the easier it becomes think about

how awesome your body isright now it's working hard and nothing is more satisfying stick with it take itat your own pace and start tracking your progress because what you're doing rightnow is exactly what you need to increase your fitness using strong arms take your arms out upback in

out up back and in out back and in keep your core engaged the whole timeyou're doing this and very very strong arms you've made it to halfway share thisvideo to a favorites list and go ahead and give a thumbs up if you're feelingreally good take a breath take

a drink and don't forget to follow me onInstagram and Facebook if you haven't already the rest is over let's get backinto it second half or lots of energy we'regoing into skaters and these are so much fun there's a low impact version on theleft side and a more high

intensity version on the right side but the bestthing about skaters is we have to use our mind to think about what we're doingso that means it's good for the body and it's good for the brain thirty seconds of walking – running -walking whatever feels good for you make

friends with exercise just liketoday you've just made friends with moving at a fast and pacekeep going you're amazing we're going to do 30 seconds of toe tapson each leg now this is really great not only for our legs but for our core andour balance so make sure you

do this one with purpose hold onto a chair of courseif you need to help with balance and you can make it a goal to become a littlebit more balanced every single day well darkness start walkingwhen you start getting used to this kind of pace you'll be surprised at

howquickly you increase your fitness it only takes repetition so your bodyknows and your body adjusts swap legs one over the other you use achair if you need keep your core held in very tight backstraight shoulders straight and head up high if you're feeling puffed out slow down alittle

and catch your breath this isn't a competition it's you becoming onepercent better than you were yesterday and that's why this workout is so doableit's you challenging you keep going stay strong arms out palms facing down and startcircling with the music the goal here is to tie your arms

out so don't put themdown keep them up for 30 seconds start walking I'm just warning youyou're going to experience an exercise high after this and that feelings goingto help you get through your anxiety and your fear and you'll worry abouteverything it's all about us being able to manage

our own state to createpositive change you've got this keep going the arms out palms up and stop circlingbackwards for 30 seconds stay with it you've got this okay 30 seconds more of walking we'regetting close now is the time to amp up the energy let's fire up our glutes

now legs withthese ballerina squats make sure to keep your knees turned out as you squat downand come up on your tippy toes when you get to the top if this ischallenging for you take a small squad and then work your way up to it you'rejust training your body

to get stronger remember to squat using your glutemuscles and not your legs it makes a huge difference take a breath if you need it slow downmake sure that you feel good and make sure that you're doing what you'recomfortable with we're doing this for fun and not punishment so

enjoy it okay we're slowing down a bit now goingto table top squeeze your glutes as you come up down and squeeze down andsqueeze huh most of the hard works over you're nearly there this is our last 30 seconds of walkingmake it a dance make it faster put as

much Energy's you've got into it andstart planning what you're going to do next what do you have to do today whatare you going to knock out what are you going to create and what are you goingto do just for you stand with your feet slightly apart andstart twisting

your body and just thanking it for all of that work you'vejust done give you a call held in very tight and your back straight I justthink about how awesome you are for just doing that and doing it so well we're finishedyou did it well done I really hope

you enjoyed that workout and I'm pretty sureyou're going to be feeling amazing let me know in the comments below if you areand if you've got more energy do it one of these five minute workouts it'sreally going to complement this workout and if you're ready to slow down andstop

for the day make sure you do a stretch next it's going to calm you downand put you in the right frame for the rest of the day thank you so much forworking out with me you're amazing have a beautiful day

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