Today I'm going to be teaching you a 15 minutebeginner resistance band full body workout.

Are you ready? So this is a full body workout for beginners.

So this is a great way to get started usingresistance bands.

All right, my name is Brent Kasmer.

I've been doing this for 17 plus years now, and just want you to feel like you can do this, whether you're at the beach, whetheryou're at home, and you can get a great workout.

I mean, I love being in the gym, but at thesame time, like I can't always be in the gym.

So there's a lot of times when we're on atrip, and this is all I got.

So let's go ahead and get started.

So we're gonna start off, so we're going tobe hitting chest, rhomboids, which is the middle of your backup or top part of yourback.

We're gonna be hitting some legs and abdominals.

Alright, so we're gonna be getting a fullbody workout in 15 minutes or less unless I keep talking.

Okay, so we're gonna start off.

Let me wrap this around a tree.

And this is gonna be a resistance band row.

So you want a nice tall back, you're gonnahold a squat position, see me leaning back a little bit, but keeping your back nice andtall, and just rolling your hands beside your body.

Okay, so this is the resistance band row.

See how controlled I am.

So you want to be pulling it back hard, controllingit on the way out.

So pulling back hard, controlling it on theway back out.

You want to keep your elbows nice and tuckedin beside you.

The second exercise is going to be a resistanceband chest press.

It's just like a bench press.

So like as if you'd be laying down on thebench.

So you would be staying nice and tall.

I'll stagger my steps so that way gives methe ability to kind of keep you know some a good base below me.

So if I had my feet like this, somehow I'dbe falling back or forward.

Oh, just stepped on something hard.

So we're going to go ahead and do a chestpress.

So elbows up, and this pressing up and somewhattogether, okay, squeezing your chest.

So if you want to make this easier, you wouldmove back closer to the tree, so less resistance on the actual band itself.

If you want to make it harder, you would movefurther away from the tree, or whatever you have this hooked into.

Alright, so that's your resistance band chestpress.

So we're gonna do a step back lunge usinga resistance band now.

So this is there's two ways to do this.

So the first way, this is, you know, a verygood beginner exercise, you'll leave the band on actual tree.

So this is gonna help you to do your lunge, so it's gonna help pull you back up.

So it's keeping less pressure on your knee.

So if your legs aren't that strong, and it'sokay, this is gonna help you to stand back up and it's gonna also help you to stay onyour heel while you're doing this step back one.

So step back lunges are one of the easiestlunges for your knees.

Not an easy lunging generally, it's just easieron the knee.

Another way to do this is standing on theband, this is to make it more difficult.

And you're gonna step back and now the bandis adding resistance to your leg.

Okay, so step back lunge, pulling that bandup nice and tall.

Like so, step back, lunging down.


And then the next one is going to be a torsotwist, or abdominal twist using a resistance band.

So you’ll gonna be, you know, horizontalwith the tree or parallel with the tree.

So you're facing this way, and you're literallyjust twisting your body away from the tree.

You know, oh my god it’s so hard.

I got both handles here was super difficult.

But guess what, you need to make it a littleeasier, you just pass the one handle through the other handle.

Now you've got only one hand or one band.

And it makes it a little bit easier untilyou get that core nice and strong and you're able to do it.

All right, so you would do that and you turnto the other side.

And just twist the other way also.

So those are your first four exercises.

So we've got, you know, you've got your row, your chest, press, you've got your torso twist and your lunge.

All right.

So, we go through that two sets, 15 reps, takes you, it would take probably like six minutes.

Now we got time for a water break in between.

And then we move into the second circuit ofexercises.

Oh it’s a mistake.

So what we're gonna do is it's gonna be abanded bicep curl or bicep curl using a resistance band.

You can do this a little bit.

Put two feet on it, keep your elbows in frontof you, and curling up, just like so, curling up.

If it's too difficult, one foot on it, andcurling up, just like anything, it's got less resistance on the band itself.

The next one's gonna be at overhead.

So standing overhead tricep press using aresistance band.

One way would just be letting it fall to theground.

You're gonna step on the band as far up asyou want to make it tight and go behind your body.

Keep those elbows in nice and tight and goingstraight up.

Your hands are going down behind your head, keeping your spine nice and alive and going straight up what your overhead tricep press.

Alright! The next one is going to be doing a squatusing the resistance bands.

So you would just take these bands, shoulderwidth apart, stepping on, make sure they're nice and equal.

Okay, they're wrapping around behind yourshoulders.

So wrapped up behind your shoulders, keepyour elbows up, helps to keep the bands on your shoulders, and just doing a squat likeso.

So this is like having the bar on your back.

This is your banded, this is your squat usinga resistance band.

Then the last one, which is like the motherof all exercises, the plank, all right.

So I got this mat out.

Beginner way to do a plank, you’re layingdown, you would put tuck your feet up.

So you see my nice and dirty feet there.

And you will do these from your knees.

The goal is to keep yourself nice and straight.

Okay, you just hold this plank, it's 32ndplank, just like so.

Or you can make it from your toes.

Just tuck your toes up under and hold yourbody nice and stiff like a board.

Alright, so those are your next four exercises.

That's our circuit.

So we have two circuits both are, you know, two sets through 15 reps each exercise.

This is your 15 minute workout for beginners.

So this is our 15 minute workout, or beginnerworkout using resistance bands, this is a full body workout.

Again, in case you didn't know, I'm BrentKasmer.

I've been doing this for a long time and Ijust would love them, you know, just help you get a better education of, you know, notbeing feel like you have to go to the gym, and you can get a great workout at home.

So, alright, stay tuned.

We do have links in there at the bottom forresistance bands.

I know it's crazy times right now, I'm notsure when you're watching this, but the Coronavirus is hidden and it's alive.

We're all at home.

We have links on there for the ones that we'vebeen paying attention to because, you know, they've been sold out pretty much on all theother different things.

So just go ahead and click the link so youcan get the bands also.

Alright, see you in the next video.


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