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Obesity and an enlarged abdomen also affectthe best person, while abdominal fat is considered to be the least difficult to get rid of.

It is said that the thinner your waist, thelonger your life and now Science agrees.

There is no need to work hard or stop eatingto get rid of stubborn belly fat, just eat as much as the human body needs, overeatingcan lead to many diseases including obesity.

According to research, the health of yourbody is directly related to your stomach, whatever you eat and drink affects your health, not only do you need a good diet to stay fit, but also Exercise is a big intervention, youcan't lose weight or belly fat just by being hungry, doing so will only make you weak andnot healthy and fit.

If you want to lose weight, especially ifyou want to lose belly fat, then you must exercise because the abdominal muscles arevery flexible and they can be kept in a proper size only through exercise.

There are many exercises to reduce bloatingthat can be done as part of your daily routine.

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According to fitness experts, these exercisesare very important to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

PlanckPlank is the name of an exercise that if you include it in your routine, it has a veryquick and positive effect on you.

Plank helps you lose extra weight, includingthe abdomen, as well as builds endurance.

Helps the body to get in shape from awkwardshape, plank is a suitable exercise for back pain.

Side plankPlank is an exercise that can be done in many ways, and the benefits of each method areinnumerable.

In Side Plank, you lift yourself above theground with the help of your hands and toes.

In this form, more weight falls on the abdomen, back, and legs, which makes the muscles harder and stronger, and helps to melt fat.

Sit upsIn sit-ups, you have to lie down straight and get up without any support.

This exercise activates the muscles of theback and abdomen, which helps in melting the excess fat on the back and abdomen.

This exercise is very effective.

Useful, it should start with 20 setups andincrease daily.

Russian twistRussian twist is also considered to be especially useful for reducing belly fat and thinningthe waist.

For this exercise, sit on the floor and liftthe 'dumbbell' weight or hair in hand, now put all the weight on the hips and also yourfeet.

Pick up and place the hair on the ground fromone side to the other, doing a regular Russian twist can reduce your back in days.

Repeat this exercise 20 times at a time, thenslowly make 15 to 20 sets on a daily basis and repeat 5 to 6 times.

CrunchesExercises to eliminate belly fat in days Crunches are also recommended by fitness experts, thisexercise has a direct effect on the shoulders and abdomen, including the waist, and alsothe time to get rid of old and stubborn belly fat.

Don't think soAdopting it regularly strengthens the abdominal muscles which gives the sagging abdomen aproper shape.

For this exercise, lie down straight on thefloor and now bend your legs, now bring your hands behind your head and bring your upperbody towards your legs, just lift yourself as much as you can from the ground, Avoidputting too much pressure on the neck.

Do this exercise daily, take a break one daya week, repeat this process 15 to 20 times at a time and breathe with a 30 second intervalin between, repeat the same process 5 to 6 times after 30 seconds, slowly Keep adding Squats:Squats are an exercise that moves the whole body at the same time and relaxes and strengthensyour abdomen as well as your spine, including your arms, legs and hips.

In this exercise, stand with your legs apartand push down on your knees and then stand up straight, which can also be consideredas sitting up.

Ship Pose Yoga:Ship Pose Yoga especially stretches the abdominal muscles, helps to dissolve the belly fat andstrengthens the abdominal muscles, this yoga will reduce the belly fat in a few days.

V setups:Sit-ups are also the best exercise to get rid of excess belly fat completely, it dissolvesexcess belly and back fat as well as relieves back pain which makes a person feel refreshed.

To do this exercise, lie down on the ground, lift your legs straight up, touch your feet with the help of your hands and then lie downstraight, this will activate the abdominal muscles which will result in good posture.

Yes, V-situps can be done according to convenience.

Bicycle Arch:For this exercise, lie down on the ground and bring both your hands behind your head.

Now bend your right leg at a 45 degree angleso that your knee is close to your chest.

Keep your left leg straight.

Rotate the upper body so that the left elbowhits the right knee and then repeat the same process with the right leg.

Do this exercise for one minuteErinch: For this exercise, lie down on the groundand bring both your hands behind your head.

Now bend your right leg at a 45 degree angleso that your knee is close to your chest.

Keep your left leg straight.

Rotate the upper body so that the left elbowhits the right knee and then repeat the same process with the right leg.

Do this exercise for one minute and repeatthree times a day.

The Boot:For this exercise, you sit on the ground and bend your knees while keeping your legs straight, spreading your legs in such a way that your body makes an angle of 90 degrees.

Spend hours stretching your arms to your shoulders, take five deep breaths and bring them back to their original position, repeating thisexercise 5 times a day.

Speed:According to medical experts, walking is very important for the human body and if you wantto dissolve excess fat along with good health, increase the speed of walking.

To get rid of belly fat, inhale, move yourstomach back and walk briskly, walk briskly for 30 minutes a day, in just a few days theresults will be amazing.


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