okay so you ate a decent breakfast youpacked a healthy lunch now you're done work and it's time to relax and unwindunfortunately this is also where people start to slip up with their weight lossgoals in this video I'm gonna share with you 10 mistakes people make at nightthat prevents weight loss and what to do instead before I get started give thisvideo a like subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to get notified every time Ipost a new video every week mistake number one eating a high fat and highcarb dinner so if you guys have been following my channel you'll know thatI'm a big proponent of primal living because that's how we evolved as humanbeings specifically revolving your foods around a high fat moderate protein lowcarb diet because it's the best diet to moderate your insulin level so you caneasily tap into your fat-burning mechanism after you're done your mealthat way you can get into some fat burning action while you're sleeping butlet's say you start meeting up with friends for dinner three four five timesduring the week or maybe you had a long day you're tired you don't want to cookso you start stopping by your closest drive-thru window and order takeout andthat carb lever slowly starts to creep up like if you start getting a burgerpasta pizza a few times a week instead of my recommended once a week indulgenceso all of a sudden you have a high carb and a high fat dinner if you do thatconsistently you're gonna start moving away from your weight-loss goals becauseall those fat calories will immediately get stored as body fat because you'reeating a high amount of carbs as well and your body will always burn glucosefirst before it starts burning fat again I'm not saying that you can never havethose things but they definitely fall more in the category of a cheat mealwhich I only recommend you have once a week follow the 90/10 rule here staydisciplined this is why I'm a big fan of setting yourself up for success bystocking your freezer with ready to go healthy meals just in case you findyourself in that do I stick to my diet or do I order pizza instead even thoughit's not a cheat day type of situation do you know what I mean mistake numbertwo this is a big one and it might ruffle some feathers a little bit herebut you deserve the truth mistake number two is having multiple alcoholicbeverages with dinner so maybe you had a long day you have a glass of wine withdinner or you crack open a bottle of beer if you do that once or twice a weekthat's not necessarily the worst thing but if you start doing it everyday andyou start having multiple drinks then I can almost guarantee that that habit isgonna prevent you from losing weight and I have a separate video when it comes toalcohol's relationship in terms of weight loss specifically so make sure you checkthat out but all you need to know about alcohol is alcohol in the form ofethanol is actually known as the fourth macronutrient after carbs fat andprotein and they're known as the first to burn calories because alcohol isliterally poison in your body that's how you get the buzz and if you drink toomuch of it that's how you get alcohol poisoning so when you drink alcoholespecially with dinner your body will always prioritize burning those caloriesfirst which inadvertently pauses the burning of all other calories becauseagain your body has to prioritize metabolizing this poison that you justput in your body so if you have a drink or two with the pizza that you orderedfrom mistake number one all those calories from carbs and fat immediatelyget stored as body fat and beer might be the worst alcoholic offender of them allbecause it also contains carbs they don't call it a beer belly for nothingbut if you're gonna consume alcohol try to stick to dry red wine or hard liquorbecause they don't contain any sugar and try to drink without food mistake numberthree watching too much TV right before bed I know even I'm guilty of this sowhen you watch TV it emits this blue light which actuallyinhibits melatonin production which is your sleep hormone so when you blastyour eyes with blue light right before bed your brain gets confused it thinksthat the Sun is about to come up so it sends hormonal signals to wake your bodyup the complete opposite of what we're trying to do and you won't find a shortlist of studies that links lack of sleep to weight gainnow i'm not saying that you should never watch TV at night but try to finishwatching Netflix 60 minutes right before bed now what should you do instead Idon't know you can meditate or you can journal both very good for your mentalhealth by the way you can read a book you can talk to your spouse basicallyanything that helps you unwind so you can start increasing that melatoninproduction mistake number four drinking a ton of water right before bed and thisis a super easy fix listen you should always stay hydrated throughout the daybut drinking a liter of water right before bed is probably not a good ideabecause you're probably gonna wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroomand that's gonna interrupt your sleep you need to empty the tank right beforebedtime not any more water mistake number five latenight snacking this is a huge weight loss killer because we don't reallysnack late at night on the healthiest stuff like I don't really know a lot ofpeople who snacks on broccoli and hard-boiled eggs right before bedusually we're snacking on something sugary like chips cookies protein barscandy and that's gonna cause a spike in insulin which is your storing hormoneand that's gonna put you in fat storage mode right before bed the reverse ofwhat we're trying to do when we go to sleep because really that's the onlytime that we get into fat-burning mode for an extended period of timeespecially if you're someone who eats all day and we snack late at night fortwo reasons number one is that we just do it out of habit or we're bored or wedo it because we're not satiated from what we had for dinner that's why it'sso important that you eat a satiating meal for dinner so you don't fall intothe trap of late night snacking but if you really have to snack on somethingthat's high in fat like nuts cheese or dark chocolate mistake number sixworking out really close to bedtime when you do an intense workout right beforebed like if you do CrossFit spin or you decide to go for a run or something thatreally jacks up your heart rate then that's gonna increase your cortisol which isyour stress hormone and your body gets flooded with glucose which is a quickburning energy to fuel your workout but if you have high cortisol levels rightbefore bed you can basically kiss melatonin production goodbye becauseyou're still high strung from your workout and that's definitely gonnaaffect your sleep like you don't really want to be stressing your body too muchright before bed instead you should do something that's low intensity likegoing for a walk going for a walk after dinner by the way has been shown toreduce the blood glucose response by up to 30% because you're giving your body areason to start burning up some of that glycogen right away by simply moving andthe faster you can regulate your blood glucose levels the faster you can tapinto your fat-burning mechanism now if nighttime is the only time that you getto work out then I guess it's better than nothing but try to keep it as shortas possible and try to do your workout two hours right before bedtime numberseven you're drinking a protein shake right after that workout listen I'mprobably killing any potential sponsorship deals here but I don't careunless you're a professional athlete who trains for hours and hours every day youdon't need to ever drink protein shakes you actually need way lessprotein than what you've been led to believe even if you're really active andyou go to the gym let's say five days a week you really only just need 0.

7 gramsper pound of lean body mass to promote muscle growth for example a 200-poundperson at 20% body fat would only need to eat a hundred 12 grams of proteinevery day you're probably like what I thought you needed to eat your bodyweight in grams nope it's completely unnecessary and it'sreally a waste of money now how did I get 112 grams first you need tocalculate lean body mass so 20 percent of 200 is 40 pounds so if you take 200pounds minus 40 that gets you 160 pounds of lean body mass then when you multiplythat by 0.

7 you get 112 grams of protein and you can easily get that by eating alot of green leafy vegetables, a few eggs a few ounces of meat and some nuts now goahead and smash that like button if you just learned something new rightthere it really helps support my channel and the problem with protein powders is thatwhey and casein which is what protein powders are made out of are extremelyinsulinogenic so if you drink a protein shake then that's gonna triggera huge insulin response right before bedtime and this is the same concept aslate night snacking you don't want to be putting your body in fat storage moderight before bed now what makes protein powders extremelyinsulinogenic is that they're extremely processed and they're alsousually sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners and I always liketo tell my students inside my fat loss accelerator program don't drink yourprotein eat it like what do you think is more satiating a piece of steak or ascoop of protein powder number eight you're not eating enough green leafy nonstarchy vegetables when I say green leafy non starchy vegetables I'm talkingspecifically about cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower broccoliasparagus Brussels sprouts spinach bok choy and other vegetables in that familythose vegetables specifically are extremely low in calories they'reextremely low in carbs and they're also highly satiating because they containfiber which activates that stretch mechanism in your stomach and alsoprotein which activates your satiety hormone, peptide YY so eat your veggiesnumber nine you're not eating enough fat so let's say you're eating your vegetablesbut you want to double up on your fat loss effortsyou start cutting out fat that might start working against you because thatmeal is not gonna be satiating because fat also triggers your satiety hormonesand it might lead you to snacking on something sugary afterwards no I'm notsaying that you should just start eating sticks of butter but one of the bestsources of healthy fats that you can add to your diet is avocado like ideally youshould be eating one avocado every day because it's extremely high in omega-3fatty acids in the form of alpha linoleic acid or ala which preventsheart attacks it lowers high blood pressure and could even reverse thehardening of the blood vessels also known as atherosclerosis now try sayingthat word five times without messing up there's a reason why avocado isconsidered a superfood plus it's deliciousnumber 10 too much social media consumption right before bedtimelisten I'm guilty of this sometimes this is the same concept as watching TV inthat it suppresses melatonin production and it makes it so you don't get highquality sleep and I know that you can put your phone on night mode now but youdon't really need that brain stimulation right before bed the bigger problem herereally is that social media has been shown to increase anxiety and thereforeincrease your stress levels like what are you looking for on social media lateat night anyway I'll give you a perfect example here a couple years ago I wasgoing through some personal stuff and when I decided to delete my social mediaaccounts I have never felt more at peace in my life but I also understand thatthere's no escaping it social media is part of life now and itdoes bring a lot of benefits if you use it properly so I'll meet you halfwayhere if you really want to look at social media or browse through yourphone do it again 60 minutes right before bedtime so you can give yourbrain some downtime and increase that melatonin production so you can get somedecent sleep because I can't stress enough how important it is to get properquality sleep when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals like I could giveyou the best diet advice and the best workouts on the planet but if you don'tget your sleep right you ain't losing weight so at the end of the day it'sreally all about putting yourself in the best position possible to succeed so doyour best to avoid all the nighttime mistakes I mentioned in this video andif you're watching this in the middle of the night go to sleep the next questionthen becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to loseweight because here's the thing 80% of your body composition isdetermined by your diet you can't just freestyle this part do youhave a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give youa free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat aroundmy stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours atthe gym it's a simple four-step process specifically designed for busyprofessionals and it's the exact same blueprint that I teach to all my privatecoaching clients and they've all gone to see some amazing results if you want tobe the next success story then download your FREE copy of the lean bodyblueprint right now there's gonna be a link somewhere at the top here or in thedescription box just click on it type in your email and I'll send it to you rightaway alright that's all I've got give thisvideo a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends pleasesubscribe to my channel if you haven't already I post a new video every weekand hey leave a comment below if you have any questions about this videothanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video virtual high five.

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