there's a lot of bad information outthere about weight loss like a lot I think there's actually more bad thangood that's why it gets so confusing but fear not today I'm gonna go overwith you ten different steps on how to lose weight that actually work they'reso effective I've never seen it not work double negative I know these are theexact same tips that I give to all my students inside the fat loss acceleratorand they've all got to see some amazing results so you know it works before weget started give this video a like subscribe to my channel and hit the bellto get notified every time I post a new video every week so how do you actuallylose weight because you tried losing weight before you've exercised you'vegone on a diet but you always put the weight back on then you try again maybeyou cut more calories or this time you try a juice cleanse or a detox dietmaybe you stay on the treadmill a little bit longer so you lose a little bit ofweight but again same thing happens you put all the weight back on and then somethat is literally the definition of yo-yo dieting and it's extremelyfrustrating so how do you actually lose weight how do you make it so that it'shealthy its sustainable you're not miserable so you don't do your diet andthis is a pretty big topic I mean it's a multi-billion dollar industry like justcheck how many searches and results there are on Google if you type in theterm how to lose weight last time I checked it had 450, 000 searches permonth and it yields 800 million search results 800 million different strategiesto lose weight I mean how do you even sort through that that just gets soconfusing and a lot of these different 800 million strategies on how to loseweight capitalizes on different things in your body but I can almost guaranteethat majority of them involve some form of calorie restriction which makes yourbody lose a lot of water weight quickly which is also known as the diureticphenomenon which causes your body to lose weight if you step on the scale theproblem with that is you're not really losing fat which is what you want youwant to lose fat you don't want to just lose water but again that's gonna comeback right away so you want to focus on fat loss and that's what I'm gonna showyou in this video so I'm gonna start with a big one that's lies in the faceof a lot of trainers experts and so-called influencers that gives out alot of these bad information don't count calories yepdon't be so obsessed with counting calories like you have no caloriecounter in your stomach anyway think about it in terms of apex predators andwe're on top of the food chain but think about lions sharks wolves likenone of them are fact D see them count of calories nope we on the other handthe so called top of the chain apex predator are so obsessed with countingcalories and we're also the fattest it just doesn't add up and countingcalories is so tedious you're probably not doing it right anyway because it'sreally hard to keep track of what you're eating unless you're carrying around afood scale with you when you leave the house I mean that's just not reasonableslash borderline obsessive and you don't want to live like that and I'm gonnatell you now that you don't need to count calories if you want to loseweight if you want to lose fat like so many of my students inside a fat lossaccelerator have never heard of MyFitnessPal or fat secret or any othercalorie counting app they also don't follow scheduled meal times I mean mealtimes are completely made up anyway instead they follow this one simple rulethat I give them eat when you're hungry don't eat if you're not hungry then theyfocus on eating real foods the right kind of foods the foods that we evolvedto eat as human beings because we're so genetically identical to our Paleolithicancestors which leads me to tip number two and it's insane how well this workslike I wish I started this a lot sooner because I was fat in my early 20s I'mwhat you would call a late bloomer listen we evolved as human beings to eatplants and animals and tech number two is to eat a lot of green leafyvegetables preferably at the beginning of your meal but again not just any kindof vegetable like a potato is a vegetable and you definitely don't eat alot of that like you don't want to eat a lot of starchy vegetables if you want tolose fat I want you to focus on eating green leafy vegetables a perfect exampleof this are cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts broccoli cauliflowerasparagus spinach like stuff in that family because what this does is itincreases your fiber intake in order to turn off your hunger hormones which iswhat you really want instead of being obsessed with counting calories you needto activate your satiety hormones you need fat protein and fiber because thosethree things activate your satiety hormones cruciferous vegetables forexample are extremely filling they're extremely nutritious they're high inmicronutrients they're low in carbs and they're extremely low in calories butagain who's counting and this is a perfect hack if you're a volume eaterlike me like I love eating a lot of food so eating a lot of cruciferousvegetables satisfy that craving and ideally you're eating like one to twocups of cruciferous vegetables for every meal and again I want you toat first so they don't become leftovers if you love eating rice for example howabout switching to cauliflower rice cauliflower rice has a mind-blowing 800percent fewer carbs than regular rice making that simple switch aloneespecially if you eat rice every day or if you replace any starch in your dietwith cauliflower rice I can almost guarantee you you're gonna lose fat tipnumber three don't drink diet soda or use artificial sweeteners I mentionedthis tip a lot in a lot of my videos because nothing stops you from losingweight then drinking this stuff and this just goes back to the first step of notbeing so obsessed with counting calories and that's the biggest selling point ofdiet sodas because here you are presented with something that tastesreally sweet but you can enjoy it guilt free because it has zero calories so itgets a free pass and it leads to overconsumption like instead of youdrinking a can of coke every once in a while you end up drinking diet coke likeevery day some people drink this stuff like its waterthe problem is diet soda and artificial sweeteners has been proven time and timeagain to promote weight gain instead of weight lossanother study links it to higher rates of stroke and dementia other studieslink it directly to obesity because again it destroys your gut microbiome wesimply did not evolve as human beings to drink anything that's artificiallysweetened like our Paleolithic ancestors didn't drink diet soda or put Splenda intheir coffee and people turn to this stuff because they want to cut out sugarso they have the right intention but simply the wrong execution and this is abig problem in today's society because so many people are addicted to sugar Iknow because I used to be one of those peoplethe thing with sugar is that it raises your blood glucose which causes reallymassive spikes in your insulin levels which is your soaring hormone it's thehormone that controls your body weight and one key concept that you need tounderstand here and this might be the most important concept that you need tounderstand at this video so pay attention you cannot reduce body fat ona diet that chronically stimulates high insulin levels you just can'tand both sugar and artificial sweeteners stimulate a high insulin response whichmakes them extremely fattening which leads me to tip number four take sugaror artificial sweeteners out of your morning coffee again I was one of thosepeople that was addicted to artificial sweeteners like I would put three packsof stevia in my morning coffee and I would drink multiple cups during the dayand I also wasn't losing weight when I took it outbut I also understand that some people just can't take their coffee blackthat's fine so I'm gonna meet you halfway here because this is what I donow and I don't crave artificial sweeteners anymore instead of puttingsugar or artificial sweeteners I want you to put a tiny splash of heavy creamin your coffee instead so it takes off that bitterness taste in black coffeeand it makes it creamy and delicious because pure fat that's what heavy creamis has little to no effect in your insulin levels again that's your storinghormone and that's gonna allow you to tap into those fat-burning mechanismsfaster especially if that's all you drink in the morning and you don't eatbreakfast tip number five schedule a cheat day this again flies in the faceof conventional wisdom because we're taught to have like an all-or-nothingattitude when it comes to dieting like you got to go all-in yeahthat can only last for so long as human beings we are extremely flawed like wealways want what we can't have so if you tell someone that they can't havesomething the more they want it this is why you should never rely on willpoweralone if you're trying to lose weight because it runs out eventually and itleads to binging so I like going the other way on this you can have it justnot all the time like one day a week for lunch and or dinner eat whatever yourheart desires live your best life I mean be sensible about it obviously and thisfalls with the 90/10 rule that I live by 90% of the time you're following aproven fat loss plan while the other 10% if you want to eat cheesecake and I lovecheesecake do it like one bad meal won't make you fat just like one good mealwon't magically make you skinny but the key is to just keep it to one day youcan have everything just not at the same time you want to be intentional about itand schedule it there's even studies to back this up that this helps peoplemaintain their weight loss goals longer and it makes complete sense it keeps yousane like if you can't enjoy yourself every once in a while then what's thepoint of all this now go ahead and smash that like button and subscribe to mychannel if you're new if you're learning a lot so far it really helped support mychannel tip number six you need to sleep get more sleep I can't believe I lasteduntil tip number six to mention this because it's extremely importantaccording to the CDC website one in three adults don't get enough sleep Ipersonally think it's more than that my point is a lot of people do not getgood sleep not only that they don't get quality sleep you want to get deepquality sleep that's the key here becausedeep sleep is where all the good stuff happens in your body that's when therest and restore action happens and it's when your body repairs itself if youdon't get that that's when you wake up the next day and you're completely outof whack and we've all been there before your ghrelin levels are messed up sothat's your hunger hormone which causes you to crave sugary things which makesit almost impossible to say no to that free doughnut in your kitchen officeplus if you don't get good sleep you also get increased cortisol levels thenext day which is your stress hormone which is also the hormone that'sdirectly tied to the weight gain around your stomach like you don't justfunction as well when you're sleep-deprived like think about the lasttime that you were up at some ridiculous hour did you ever wake up the next dayand said oh I feel amazing no you felt like crap tip number sevenbe inconsistent with your workouts so if you've been following my channel I'vemade a couple of videos recently about why excessive running also calledchronic cardio is not good for you because it's extremely stressful to yourbody it stimulates cortisol again which is your stress hormone way too much andat least to weight gain around your belly instead I recommend that you slowdown like way down I want you to go for a walk instead ideally you're aiming for10, 000 steps every day spread throughout the day and that's a big enough goldthat it forces you to move constantly and that should be the main goal withexercise is to just move because again that's how we evolved as human beingsour Paleolithic ancestors regularly walk five miles every day they climb treesthey build shelters and fire which meant that they had to carry heavy rocks andbig logs and they also sprinted when they're hunting or when they're beinghunted by saber-toothed tiger they did not go to their spend class seven days aweek they did not run every day they did not do chess on Monday back on Tuesdayleg on Wednesday they did not have a scheduled routine because again youdon't want to fall into chronic exercise patterns routine is the enemy you wantto change it up you want to be inconsistent with your workouts likemaybe one day go for a run the next day lift heavy weightsthe day after go for a bike ride all the while trying to get 10, 000 steps everyday to me that sounds way more fun and way more interesting it doesn't getboring compared to you go into your 6 a.


class every day and cranking that resistance to the max because you wantto burn a few extra calories fun fact calories burned during exercise does nottranslate to fat burn in your and if you haven't lost weight eventhough you've put in countless hours doing spin you already know that to betrue tip number eight don't just cut caloriesokay so let's dive into this concept a little bit more so when you cut outcalories when we eat less than what our body needs our body starts to think thatit's starving and your body protects itself from this state of famine bydecreasing your BMR your basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that yourbody burns to keep your heart pumping keep your organs functioning you knowimportant stuff like that so again when your body reduces your BMR to protectitself from starving you also burn less calories at rest your body is insurvival mode it's trying to conserve energy this is why by the way you're notlosing weight even though you're barely eating anything you're eating like athousand calories every day your metabolism has simply slowed down italso makes it so that you have increased ghrelin which again is your hungerhormone because your body starving which makes you crave sugary foods becauseglucose is a quick hit of fuel in your body so it's really really importantthat you always eat until you're satiated and in order to feel satiatedyou always want to be eating fat protein and fiber because all those three thingsactivate your satiety hormone specifically cholecystokinin and peptideYY like what do you think is more satiating for example for breakfastbacon and eggs with some avocado or toast with some Jam and breakfast cerealthe former is high in healthy fats and protein and it's delicious which helpskeep you full longer while the latter is an absolute sugar bomb it's gonna putyour body fat storage mode and it's gonna make you snack mid-morning andyou're gonna look for that quick fix and you're gonna reach for something sugarylike a granola bar or protein bar which again is full of sugar so you get stuckin this sugar cycle throughout the day which means that you have high insulinlevels all day and you never get into fat-burning mode and they say thatbreakfast is the most important meal of the day I'm gonna go a step further onthat and say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day not to mess uptip number 9 so we rarely sit down these days and eat a proper meal becauseeverything is convenient and available on the go and I think protein bars andgranola bars epitomizes this concept so we packed one or two of these as a snackor we just eat it for breakfast because it's convenient it's like breakfast onthe go and I don't really know when this became the norm like eating protein barsand granola bars but if you ever bother to look at the back andingredients they are loaded with sugar and this includes the natural kind likeI did an example of one of these natural protein bars in my other video where themain sugar ingredient is dates so it's supposed to be good right it's naturalsugar well if you look at the back it has 16 grams of sugar do you know whatelse has 16 grams of sugar 4 Oreo cookies and you probably shouldn't eat 4Oreo cookies if you're trying to lose weight listen there is absolutelynothing good about protein bars and granola barsthey're extremely processed and they're extremely high in sugar which causes ahuge spike in your blood glucose which then triggers a corresponding insulinresponse which puts you in fat storage mode which makes protein bars andgranola bars extremely fattening you're literally just eating a glorifiedSnickers bar the problem is we eat like two or three of these every day againthis ties back to my last point and that you want to start your day with asatiating breakfast you don't ever feel the need to snack just eat three meals aday like a normal human being and that's the whole point of tip number 9 herelike if you're someone who eats these in-between meals to eat like 5 or 6meals during the day you eat right before bed as well if you just cut thatdown to just three meals so take out those in-between snacks I can almostguarantee you you're gonna lose so much weight okay last tip tip number 10 Isaved the best for last since I opened up the topic of cuttingmeal frequency again I'm not talking about eating less I don't want you tocut calories I want you to eat less frequently check number 10 is I want youto utilize the amazing fat loss benefits of intermittent fasting and I have tonsof videos about how amazing it is and all its amazing benefits so make sureyou check it out but one of the biggest benefits of intermittent fasting interms of fat loss is it improves your insulin sensitivity again insulin iswhat controls your body weight so when you moderate your insulin levels andfasting is the best way to do that because every time you eat assuming it'sa blend of fat carbs and protein your insulin goes up so when you don't eatwhen you're fasting your insulin stays on baseline levels that is the only timethat your body is able to tap into your fat-burning mechanism your body is thenable to tap into your fat stores and burn it for energy and if you're new tofasting I don't want you to think of it as you know starving yourself you're notthat just tells me that you have an unhealthy relationship with food becauseyou have about a hundred thousand calories worth of stored energy in theform of body fat waiting to be used it's not just there for looks think of it asjust taking a break from eating letting your body burn up some of thatbody fat that's been living rent-free in your body all this time and this is myall-time favorite question to ask and I love asking it what do you think willhappen if you don't eat what do you think will happen if you go from sixmeals to three meals and eventually just two meals what do you think will happenif you take a break from eating you're probably most likely definitely gonnalose weight so again make sure you check out all my other videos aboutintermittent fasting because in my opinion intermittent fasting is the mostpowerful method of fat loss bar none listen if you just do all 10 things Imentioned in this video you're gonna feel amazing you're gonna have moreenergy you're finally gonna lose weight you're finally gonna reach yourweight-loss goals and you won't have to count calories in the process by the wayI want you to comment below which one of these strategies are youmost excited to try I want to hear what you're gonna implement and I also wantto hear about your progress thank you for coming to my TED talkthe next question that becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you wantto lose weight because here's the thing 80% of your body composition isdetermined by your diet you can't just freestyle this part youhave a proven plan that you can follow to help you with thatI want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprints this is how Imelted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself of my favoritefoods or wasting hours at the gym it's a simple four-step process specificallydesigned for busy professionals and it's the exact same blueprint that I teach toall my private coaching clients and they've all got to see some amazingresults if you want to be the next success story then download your FREEcopy of the lean body blueprint right now there's gonna be a link somewhere atthe top here or in the description box just click on it type in your email andI'll send it to you right away alright that's all I've gotgive this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with yourfriends please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I post a newvideo every week and hey leave a comment below if you have any questions aboutthis video thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video virtual highfive.

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