10 Minute Supermodel Workout | Karlie Kloss

Today we're gonna do a full body workout high-intensity interval training.

We'll target the legs and the abs specifically and the great thing about high intensity training is you hit cardio, but you don't need to like run on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

My favorite way to train is like this.

You don't need a gym membership, you don't need a ton of equipment, you just need this video and the will to do the work.

So our intervals today are gonna be 45 seconds of work with a 15 second break and we'll do 10 exercises all theway through we're gonna time it so that you can do it along with us.

Let's do this together right now okay so our first exercise is a plank walk out this is a great exercise you can do to warm up the body stretch the legs and fire the core.

What you'll do is you'll start with legs nice and wide you'll hinge forward and find a plank reach the right knee to left elbow left knee to right elbow and walk your hands all the way back and stretch the arms up to the ceiling I always find this a great way to start because it's a stretch and it starts to activate all of the body! So our next exercise is called a lunge twist.

This is another great exercise to mobilize and heat the body up We'll start in a plank we'll march the right leg to the outside of the right hand and then twist the torso towards that bent knee.

Make sure your hips are really square and you're engaging your inner thighs so you feel a twist through the upper body.

Squeeze through the back glute as well to maintain stability.

So, next up we have burpees we're gonna start in a plank we'll jump our feet to the outside of our hands and then we'll jump up at the top.

This is spiked up our heart rate and get us ready to go! How are you so happy when you talk about burpees? I love burpees! Ready? Let's go! 45 seconds! Done! Next up we have squat hops, we're gonna jump into a deep wide squat with our toes turned out and then as we come up we'll stay on our tippy toes and do two little hops in the center.

The wide squat we'll hit the glutes Here we go! All right , so we're gonna hit a plank and we'll do a plank to push.

We'll start in a high plank, walk down to the forearms, climb right back up.

Keep the feet wide and the hips square, Feel it all throughout the body.

So we'll stay in a forearm plank and we'll jack the legs out and in.

This will spike the heart rate up and challenge your balance and stability.

For these exercises, it's really important when you're in a plank to keep your back parallel to the ground and your hips square.

It makes it hard on the core.

So our next move is an alternatingcurtsy hop.

This will spike up the heart rate, hit the glutes and work the core.

We'll start by standing with one foot turned out.

We'll take a deep curtsy behind, we'll hop up and then we'll alternate to the other side.

Done! Let's spike up our heart rates with some mountain climbers, Find a high plank hands under your shoulders and run your knees into your chest.

Again, keep your back parallel and hips square.

Our next exercise is called a side plank twist.

We'll hold a side forearm plank and thread the top arm through make sure to keep those hips nice and square as you twist through, we'll do 20 seconds on both sides.

So our last move is a core burnout some bicycles! Hands behind the head twist towards opposite knee.

Make sure to squeeze the legs too! So that was one round! If you'd like, we'll take a quick break and we'll do two or three more sets! We figured you don't want to watch a 30 minute workout video so repeat it as many times as you like! Honestly guys the reason why we're doing these videos is cause we want to share these kind of workouts and access to an amazing trainer like Dara with you! and to the Klossy community! I love you guys, I read all your comments keep writing what you want to see and if we're really in this together.




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