10 Minute BEGINNER AB Workout For Women Over 50 | Reduce Belly Fat!

join me today for a 10-minute toned abs -burn belly fat workout suitable for beginners and the entire workout will bedone on our back and there'll be no strain on our neck whatsoever whichmakes it the perfect workout for women over 50 hi I'm Schellea and welcome toFabulous 50's I

want to say a giant hi to all of my fabulous subscribers thankyou for writing to me and letting me know about your progressI love reading it and I love hearing that you're losing weight and gettingstrong and getting fit thank you keep letting me know because I want to

keepup with your progress and if you're new to fabulous 50click subscribe and click the bell for more videos that are created for womenover 50 ok I'm excited let's get started lie on your back and start rolling yourknees to gently warm your body up before this amazing workout we're

going to do40 seconds of ab exercises followed by a well-earned 15 second rest you'll findthis is a challenging workout but it's very very doable if you take it at yourown pace and you build your strength as you go change direction if you feel likegiving up that's okay make

sure you do at least one morebefore you stop and then start again when you can do the best you can it'sjust you versus you and being better than you were yesterday bring your kneesinto your chest and we have a 15-second break next up we'll put our knees at

a 45degree angle and with a pointed toe take one leg down up and back down againnow imagine drawing your belly button right in and hold it in tight as youexercise this is going to give you a very strong core and you do thisthroughout the whole workout keep going

you're doing a great job oh well vana take a rest next up we'regoing to do scissors so point your toes and start crossing your legs with yourlegs straight and your abs holding tight as if it's going to burn I can promiseyou that but versity with it and go

a little bitfurther than you thought you could yes well done you need this 15 secondrest and there's only one way to increase your fitness and that's bydoing what you're doing right now next up we're going to put our legs at a 45degree angle without arms slightly raised above

the ground and hold thatwill your core muscles in tight belly button in and then hold it for as longas you can and whilst you're seemingly doing nothing focus on one thing aboutyourself that you're really really proud of something that you're better at todaythen you were yesterday and keep

your focus on that until the bell goes I'm telling many of the exercises inthis workout are to challenge our balance and coordination but in adifferent way than you're used to next up we take our knees to a 45 degreeangle hip-width apart and with a pointed toe touch the

floor and back up again dothis whole move with your abdominal muscles rather than your legs and you'llfeel how great this is for your ads you really are doing a great job so keep itup pull those knees in how yourself tightstrength balance coordination and posture other things we need

to work onas we're getting older and every little bit that you do makes a huge differenceso keep it up next up we take your hands to a 45 degree angle take your legs widewith a pointed toe and tap and back up again place your hands on your belly

andfeel the work that you're doing you can see your abdominal muscles going in andout great job keep it up Wow you're doing such a great job pullyour legs in for 15 seconds next up take your legs to a 45 degree angle again andtake your left tail down to

the right side of the floor and take your righttoe to the left we will be using cross body exercises coordination and balancePlus feel what it's doing to your abs this is such a great ab workout keepgoing do the very best you can and be proud of every single

move that yourbody can make great job take a rest you deserve it forsure next up we're going to do the same move but with our legs up and straightthis time we take our pointed toe to the opposite side of the body and we'rechallenging our balance our coordination and

our determination and our strengthso keep going you are doing such a great job take a restyou just know by how you feel right now that doing this workout is actuallygoing to work do you know for sure for sure because you can feel it next uptake your hands underneath

your bottom for support and then raise and loweryour legs with purpose hold your core in very very tight and dothis movement with your abdominal muscles it'll make all of the differencetake it flow and do more than you expect you can spend bring your knees in and hug yourselfbecause

you really deserve one you're doing such a great job next up we're going to bring the kneesall the way to the left side of their body and twist the torso we're going tohold here for 20 seconds and then we're going to move over to the other side ofthe

body and twist on the other side our core strength is critical for postureinjury prevention and longevity plus these amazing muscles stabilize ourentire body so it takes a lot of work to keep them strong and healthy but theresults are huge and if you've got the gift of a body

that works you need to beusing it so you can either use it or lose itkeep doing ab exercises and stay so strong take your last stretch break 15seconds you have done such an amazing job next up we're going to do our lastexercise it's not difficult but this one

is going to really help with our hipflexors and it's gentle we're pulling in we're holding our me and just gentlyholding the leg out straight and the reason we're doing this one last isbecause we spend so much time sitting and this move counteracts that sittingpose it's opening up our

hip flexors plus it's really doing some nice work toour abs and it's gentle and it feels good and you're good so the whole thingis perfect really feel that stretch point your toe and start focusing onwhat you're going to do for the rest of the day today is going

to be a great dayand something that you do is go to make the world a better place keep going feelthat stretch you close to me good what you are a superstar or well done Ireally loved working out with you today say thank you let me know in thecomments

below if you felt that burn in your abs and touch them I hope they'regetting really tight please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this workoutand share it to a playlist so you can watch it again later and if you haven'tdone any cardio today do this video next

get your heart rate up and start burningsome more fat and if you're ready to finish for the day make sure to do astretch from this playlist before you finish thank you so much for working outwith me today I'll see you tomorrow

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