10 Min. Quiet- No Jumping Full Body at Home Workout

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi, folks, I'm BobSchrupp, physical therapist.

– Brad Heineck, physical therapist.

– And we're the most famous physical therapists on the internet.

– In our opinion, of course, Bob.

– Today, our title is a 10-minute, quiet, no jumping, full-body, at-home workout.

This is for the peoplethat live in apartments or if your spouse is sick of you and you're gonna do a workouton the second floor and you don't wanna hear them.

– Right.

– This, you can do, quiet but still, you're gonna get some cardio, you get some strengthening.

– You better believe it, Bob.

– And flexibility.

– You're gonna get some Braditude.

– Braditude, that's right!- Hey, there, there ya go! All right, here we go.

Gotta be very, very, veryquiet, the neighbors are below, they have two babies and theydon't wanna get woken up.

(Bob laughs) Okay so this is whatI want you to pretend.

If you're older, like 50 yearsold, and you saw the movie Kung Fu and he would walkon rice paper very gently.

So everything is goodimagining your carpeted floor, hopefully on carpet, isgonna be like rice paper.

– [Bob] David Caine, I think.

– Yeah, Carradine.

– Carradine!- Yeah that's right, okay! – There we go, yeah.

– Here we go, warmup.

Neck circles.

I'm not gonna talk quietthough while I do this.

Because it's hard for me.

Boy I can hear my neck crack.

There we go, and Ws, just stretch back, shoulder blades together, chin goes back, we're doin' 10 of these.

And four— And emphasize posture on a lot of these.

– Five.



– Good posture.

– Eight.

Nine, and 10, arm circles! Forward, little baby ones, progress into big ones.

Bob was gonna join me on this but we couldn't keepour six-foot distance.

So we thought we'd be safe.

– [Bob] Six foot and 1/2 tall.

– Opposite direction.

– Plus with the camera.

– Yep.

There we go, swing it out big! Trunk rotations, bring your feet out wide, and kinda get your body movin' with this, a little knee bend right to the left.

Breathe, take a deep breath in.

In through your nose, out through your mouth.

– No pain with that, no pain, if it hurts, don't do it.

– That's right.

There ya go.

Right knee, big circle in front.

Left knee, now quietlywhen it comes downward.

Not rushing, big motions, slow with good control.

Remember that rice paper.

So you're gonna come down onyour toes, not on your heels.

Nice work, all right! – [Bob] Well done, Brad! – We are gonna need two things, possibly, if you have any balance issuesyou may be using a chair to help balance, like this, that you could move around, or the Booyah Stik or a broom handle.

Oh I'm getting signals Igotta go over this way.

Chair outta the way.

All right, here we go, we're gonna start out.

I call this a horse stance, really wide, bend your knees, and you're gonna hold it rightthere, work those quadriceps.

Left arm out here, one back here, fists.

Slow punches.

– Looks like Brad's karate days are comin' back here.

– Oh yeah.

Yes, this is a nice, Ireally enjoy this exercise.

Yeah, makes you feelstrong, you're gonna win.

We're gonna get through all this just fine.

– Nice solid base.

– Quads are starting to burn a little bit right now, that's good! – Workin' hard for your body.

– Now we're gonna do uppercut.

But now we're gonna get somemotion goin' with those legs.

Like you're pickin' up abucket of water in one hand and lifting it up.

You're gonna lift, breathe, ah! I'm gonna try for 10 on eachone, I may do a few more.

Don't get worried about it.

If you need a break, take a break.

Now hooks comes across this way, right in front of your nose here.

Use your body, twist, push with the leg, push, push, get things movin'.

This is fun to do on a heavy bag but we're just gonna have to imagine now.

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.

And then come up.

– [Bob] Watch that jumpin' though, brad.

– Feet out– Oh, man! Thank you, Bob! Now I get so excited.

We're gonna do posture squats.

Down, you can put yourhands up if you want.

You can put 'em on your shoulders.

Or you can put 'em on your waist but we're gonna squat down as far as you feel comfortable.

– [Bob] Keeping the back nice and straight is what you're trying to do.

– Right.

– [Bob] And try to stayback towards your butt a little more to keep the shins level as possible.

– Right, right.

– [Bob] Not level, vertical! I don't know why I said level! – We don't wanna do this.

– [Bob] Right.

– Okay.

Now, no jumping, quiet, take your time.

– That's right.

– All right.

– Brad gets so excited it's hard to— I do.

Now this is where you may need a chair or the stick for balance.

We're gonna go rightelbow to the left knee.

Take your time with 'em.

And back and forth.

And back and forth.

You know, if this is the case where if you do this andyou lose your balance, you can grab something there to regain your balance.

– Exactly.

Could be near a countertop too.

– Mmhmm, exactly.

– Or a wall.

– Take your time with it.

You know what, if youcannot touch, that's fine, just go up as far as youfeel comfortable if you can.

You know I have somepeople, they'll do it twice just to get a little more ab work.

If you're conditioned for that and ready for it, that's fine.

Now we're gonna go on one side.

Up, and over here.

Now you can just do one leg 10 times and do the other side 10 times but we want 10 on the side.

For balance you may wanna hold.

And this works out reallywell for a lot of people.

There we go.

And you just keep on workin' these.

And once again, we'regonna do posture squats.

If you have a broom ora Booyah Stik with ya, I like to do 'em like this.

Up and like this.

There's a lot of options that the stick makesthese things more fun.

Sometimes I'll go like this.

And it maintains proper posture.

– [Bob] So he's got threepoints of contact here.

He's contacting at thehead, mid-back, and pelvis.

– [Brad] Right! – [Bob] Then you know thatyour back is straight.

– Right.

– And your spine is straight.

– Yeah! I'll show you the wrong way to do it.

– [Bob] There we go.

– That's no good, we want this! Boy.

– [Bob] It seems like he'sexaggerating but he's not.

We see a lot of people thatend up doin' it that way.

– Good now shake it off a little bit but don't bounce on thefloor, take your time, relax.

Now we're goin' down to the floor.

All right.

Now you don't have to havethis, but I'm using this just so you can see what we're doing.

Pick an imaginary spotright here under your chest, both hands no that imaginary spot.

Take a big step with yourright hand to the right, back to that spot, to the left.

Tighten up your core muscles.

– [Bob] Now this is oneif you have bad shoulders you may not be able to do.

Again, if you have any painwith any of these things, go ahead and you can go ahead and skip it or do a modified version of it.

– Sure, you bet, Bob.

Yep, we're doin' thisfor the health of it.

We don't wanna create an injury.

And we're gonna do this 10 times.

And keep that stomach tight.

Ooh yes, this is a nice one.

– Doing well, Brad.

– Are me? – [Bob] You're doin' well! – Oh, thank you, Bob! – [Bob] I'm sweatin' for ya.

– Oh good.

All right, now, we canget that outta there.

Slow mountain climbers.

– [Bob] Climb that hill.

– That's right.

– [Bob] Climb that imaginary mountain.

– Now you can modify this.

Instead of bringing yourknee straight forward you can go off to the side.

It's a little more difficult, little more core work, and you know, so it's up to you.

– [Bob] Like a army man crawl almost.

– Yep.

It's your workout, do alittle modification, enjoy it, but be very quiet.

There we go.

Okay?- That's like Spiderman too.

– Quadruped, all fours.

Right hand's gonna point straight out.

Left leg's gonna point behind you.

We're gonna hold.


Opposite, left arm out, point straight ahead, right leg back and hold.

Nice and slow, this you shouldfeel across your whole back.

Right shoulder to left hip, there we go.

– [Bob] If this is hardfor you you might start off with just doing the legor the arm by itself.

– Exactly, good point, Bob.

– If you're a total beginner.

– Yep.

– [Bob] 'Cause it does take a little bit of balance to do both.

– It does, and it just takes more energy.

We're gonna finish up, wegot two more of these to do.

I call 'em the pointer dog.

I don't know, black lab, orwhatever kind of dogs point.

(laughs) All right, next one.

– [Bob] Yellow lab, wasn't it? – Pushups, you can do 'em here or on your knees, your choice.

We're only gonna do five.

But not real fast.

We're gonna go down and hold.


– [Bob] Good form! – Oh yes!- That's right, squeeze the butt.

Elbows going straight back.

– What number are we on, Bob? – [Bob] That's three, right? – Three, okay, it mightabeen four but we're gonna do more than this.

– Might have been four, right.

– Ah yes, it's alwaysgood, and when in doubt, do an extra one is my theory.

Philosophy, I should say.

– [Bob] There we go.

– All right, and relax.

Now a little bonus fordoin' those hard pushups.

On your back, take your time.

Gently on your back.

Take a little breather.

You know when you're onyour floor and on your back you have perfect posturebecause the floor's straight? Everything is there, shoulders back.

– [Bob] Great way for takingair into the diaphragm.

– Yeah, air pushups.

A little break for the workout.

I've always enjoyed doin' these.

We're gonna do five to 10 of 'em.

All right, now the next one, I like to go like this with my hands, I'm gonna put it right under my sternum.

– [Bob] Not sternum, onto your sacrum.

– Sacrum! – [Bob] There we go.

– Oh my goodness, Bob.

My anatomy.

(laughs) Okay, I gotta tightenup my stomach muscles and hold it into a neutral position and I'm gonna do bicycles.

You can do 'em like this or you can do the pumps like this.

Not too fast.

I wanna see slow movementwith good control, think about the core, have those tummy muscles nice and tight.

Pushin' down the back towards the floor.

– [Bob] Yeah, you get an abdominal workout and you're getting a core workout here at the same time.

– And if you want a little harder workout do this at the same time.

Try not to bring your head forward, just the shoulders up.

And that doubles the effort.

Ah, okay.

– That's good, yep.

– Yeah.

– That's the exertion level goes up quite a bit with that.

– Now we're gonna do simple crunches.

We're not doin' this.

– [Bob] Not curling forward, he's bringing the head straight up towards the ceiling.

– Take your time.

– [Bob] I always think abdominal workout, that's a great one to do at the end.

– What? – [Bob] The abdominalworkout's a great one to do at the end of the workout.

– Oh, yeah, listen, we are gettin'– Figure we'll stop here– We're comin' up, I'm justabout right on 10 minutes too.

Okay, now this is up toyou, we're gonna do bridges.

Bring your feet away fromyour buttocks a little bit.

Less chance for hamstring cramp, as well it's a little more difficult.

And we're bridge! Squeeze those butt muscles together 'cause we wanna getthose glutes firing good.

That's good for the glutesas well as the hamstrings.

Now if you wanna make these difficult, put your hands on your waist like this.

And that makes quite a differenceas opposed to down here.

And for you people thatare really in shape and want a challenge, put one leg out and do it that way.

– [Bob] That'll give you a good challenge.

– And alternate right and left on that.

You can bring your feet upcloser if that works out best.

Be careful if you get a hamstring cramp, make sure you straighten your leg out and that will help get rid of that.

Okay! And the final thing we're gonnado, back to this under here, hold your legs six to 12inches above the floor, and we're gonna do the lateral flutters.

And that just gets thosehips workin' with the core, tighten that stomach up.

Oh yes! How we doin', Bob? – [Bob] Well I was thinkin'we're gonna get cut off here but the camera's been set– – And that's it, I'm a littleovertime on my 10 minutes, but Bob has somethin' to say! – Make sure you subscribeto the Bob and Brad channel if you haven't already! – There ya go.

– Why haven't you if you haven't? Thanks for watchin'.

– Enjoy.

(synthesizer tones).

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