10 MIN MOBILITY WORKOUT | Meine Übungen für mehr Flexibilität (im Triathlon)

Today a video that lots of you were asking for:I'll show you my mobility procedure.

A couple of exercises that right now while in quarantineyou can easily do at home: All you need is a mat.

I like to do these exercises in the morning, just a sequence, but also before sessions.

Just to limber up the body.

It's a mix of exercises that you'll probably know already.

Now you'll see how I combine them.

You move onto your mat.

And start by lying down on your back.

Lift your legs and do a twist by moving the knees to the left and right.

And the head always to the other side.

Try to leave your shoulders on the ground.

Then extend one leg, do another increased rotation, head to the other side.

You can see that I pin one foot behind the knee.

Then you can put extra traction on the lumbar.

I just do that once or twice each side, and then I move into circling.

Move the knees towards the chestand then nice circles with your hips on the sacrum.

Then move one legs as far as possible to the chest.

Move a bit to the outside, and to the insideso you get a nice stretch on the hips.

No need to do that too long, I just do it once or twice and then I sit up and another twist.

It might crack a bit, then you'll know everything is in its proper position again.

Then you come up and sit on your heels.

Move the shoulders back .


I'm getting a bit warm and will take off my jacket.

Then we move into the “qudruped” (hand and knees)and the a cat's hump and a dog's back.

[In English the poses are called cat and cow.

] Mobilize your whole spine.

Back to sitting on your heels, arms forward.

Stretch your latissimus, your shoulders.

When you take your knees apart there's a bit more space for your pelvisand the stretch can be a bit more intense.

Left and right, a few times.

Don't do it too often, it's more for activation.

Next is downward dog.

I start by walking in place, meaning I bend my knees.

Press one heel towards the ground, that's the side I'll have some more stretch.

Make sure your back is straight, and you look towards the mat, long neck.

Advanced may lift one leg like I do, and bend a bit.

An excellent stretch for the groin.

Forward side of the quadriceps Then I always go back to that middle position, where I walk in place.

A stretch on the other side.

Walk a bit more in place, into the stretch.

With one big step I gain momentum and move one leg to the front.

I move a bit to the side in order to prepare the hip.

Now I do the “lunge with rotation”.

Open up on one side, try to put the elbow down, onto the mat.

Open up again, look towards the hand that opens.

Do that five, six, seven, eight times.

Stretch here a bit, quadriceps, hip flexor.

One step backwards.

Back into the dog, enjoy a few steps.

Then we'll also do the other side.

With momentum to the front.

If you can't come all the way to the front, then wiggle it a more forward.

Twist open, head follows the hand.

Enjoy the twists, the stretch in your hip.

Hands down, knees down, then you can stretch your hip flexor a bit more.

Step back into the downward dog.

It already feels a bit more supple, I think you can already see that.

To the front .


via the cobra .


I get down onto the mat.

And enjoy the stretch of my full forward muscle chain.

Back into sitting on the heel, arms stay at the front.

Rock a bit left and right.

Look how your shoulders feel, give them some extra stretch.

And .


once more the dog.

Now move both legs to the front between your handsand let your back hang down.

Sway a bit, you can grip your elbows to stay loose.

Bend your knees a bit so there's not too much tension on them.

Extend and bend.

Extend and then come up.

Then stand with both legs apart like this.

Move into a sideways stretch.

Change to the left and right, adductors.

The inside of your legs.

You can lift your feet to make it a bit more intense.

Push to the left and right .


great for the hips.

Move a bit further apart .


everyone has to find their own position .


and another rotation Open up, look towards the handthat intensifies the stretch of all the fascia.

You'll feel it .


in the front, your abdomen .


your whole body.

Then into a deep squat.

I'm working a lot on this, push to the left and right, groove into the move.

Go back to sit on your heels, for most this is already a good stretch for the quadriceps.

I also use it to mobilize my anklesby leaving the feet on the ground and lifting the knees.

Then I raise the toes.

Sit on the heels, nice tension on the plantar fascia, muscles in your foot.

Move a bit back and forth.

Stretch the calfs and your feet's soles.

I like to do this before running.

Then I move a bit to the left and right, trying to leave the foot standing as much as possible.

Another excellent mobilizing of the ankles.

Fore and back .


and then that's it! Come back up .


deep breath.

One more nice stretch to the back, breathe out.

And once more .


breathe in, stretch, breathe out.

That was it!I put on my jacket again.

I hope you've enjoyed it, you've had some fun.

Let me know if you've enjoyed it, if you felt a bit more supple afterwards.

I look forward to your feedback, click through and enjoy the next video!.

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