10 Min Full Body Home Workout

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It's Chris Heria.

Welcome to another video Official Thenx.

Today I'm gonna be givinga 10 minute routine that you can do from home that's gonna work out everymuscle in your entire body.

(upbeat music) Now, to make this full body workout most effective from home, we're gonna be using compound exercises.

Those are exercises thatuse multiple muscle groups to execute a single movement.

That's gonna ensure that we're getting the most bang for ourbuck from this routine.

And, additionally, we'llbe doing each exercise for time versus doing them for reps.

That's gonna ensure that we're creating more time under tension, which is gonna give you moreoverload on your muscles.

That's also gonna ensure that we can focus on the quality of each rep, doing them as perfectly as possible versus trying to reach a specific number.

And to further increase the overload, I'm also gonna be wearing aweight vest for today's workout.

It's totally optional andif you don't have one, you can always use something like a book bag filled with books.

But if you're lookingto take your training to the next level, especially from home, you can always pick up one of my weight vests at chrisheria.


Wearing a weight vest is gonna apply more weight and more resistance to every single body weightexercise that you do, and that's gonna help youbuild a lot more muscle and a lot more strengtha whole lot faster.

And to make sure this routine thoroughly engages each muscle, I structured the routinein a way that will be emphasizing on each muscle group with two exercises back to back.

Making sure that wethoroughly pump that muscle before moving onto the next one.

So with that said, we're gonnaget right into this routine.

Remember, to properly follow along and get this workout on your phone make sure you download the Thenx app from the App Store or Google Play Store, open up to the YouTube workout section and you'll find this routine.

Then you're ready to get started.

So, I'm gonna go aheadand put on my weight vest.

We're gonna be doing eachexercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in-between.

The first muscle groupwe're gonna be getting into is gonna be shoulders.

And for the first exercise, we're gonna be going forelevated pike shoulder taps.

And keep in mind thatany elevated exercise can also be done on theground to make it easier.

That's gonna apply less bodyweight onto your shoulders, but also make it moremanageable to be able to complete the full 45 seconds if you're just starting off.

So either do it elevatedor do it on the floor, whichever one challenges you, just make sure you completethe full 45 seconds.

Let's go for it.

So, first thing, you wannawalk straight up into a pike.

Once you're in this pikeposition, you're gonna go ahead.

Alternating, taping your shoulders.

You don't wanna go too fast.

You wanna make sure thatyou're squeezing everything, especially your shoulders.

You wanna have a good grip on the ground.

That's gonna make sure that you're stable as you go onto one arm.

(upbeat music) All right.

There we have the first exercise.

Now, the next shoulderexercise we're gonna go into is gonna be pike push ups.

You wanna make sure thatyou have perfect form when going into this exercise.

So, we're gonna start offin a push up position, walk all the way up into a pike.

You wanna be straight, crown of your head down.

And you're gonna putyour head straight down, press back up.

(upbeat music) All right.

By now, your shouldersshould definitely be pumped.

The next muscle group we're gonna go into is gonna be legs.

And the first exercisefor our legs is gonna be jump side to side squats.

And this move is a bit intense, so we're gonna be working our abdominals as well as burning fat, simultaneously whilewe're working our legs.

So, let's get right down into it.

Explode to the one side, explode to the other.

Try not to stop.

If you need to slow down, you can go ahead and do so.

But you really wanna keepup your time under tension.

You wanna be as explosive as possible.

(upbeat music) All right.

There we have the first exercise for legs.

The next exercise we'regonna be getting into is gonna be switching lunges.

So, you wanna get into a lunge position.

You wanna explode and alternate, you can also walk it out ifyou're just getting started.

Let's go for it.

(upbeat music) All Right.

That's gonna be the last one for legs.

Now the first exercise we'regonna emphasize on our chest is gonna be with half burpees.

You wanna take the position of a push up.

You wanna explode onto your feet and then come back down.

So, take your time with this one.

We're going for 45 seconds.

(upbeat music) All right.

Next exercise we're gonna be getting to is some good, old-fashion push ups.

If you had to stop and take a break during any of these exercises, do not get discouraged.

That's completely fine.

The more you do this style of training, the longer you'll be able to last.

Let's go for 45 seconds of push ups.

(upbeat music) All right.

There we have the push ups.

Next muscle group we'regonna be going into is gonna be abdominals.

For the first exercise, we're just gonna hold a plank position.

This is gonna be somewhatof an active rest.

Make sure to keep yourhips up, core tight.

We're gonna hold this for 45 seconds.

Now's the perfect time toregulate your breathing.

(upbeat music) Three, two, one.

All right.

By this point we're gonna bring up the intensity of this next exercise.

Switching mountain climbers.

So, let's go ahead and get into position.

You're gonna bring oneknee to the opposing elbow.

Keep it going.

(upbeat music) Three, two, one.

All right.

Last muscle group we're gonna get into is gonna be our back.

And the best way toworkout your back from home when you don't haveanything to hang off of is gonna be findingsomething that you can lift.

I'll be using my weight vest.

We're gonna go for dead lifts.

Let's go for it, 45 seconds.

(upbeat music) Last couple reps.

(upbeat music) Last one.

All right.

There we have it.

Now, we're gonna go into the last exercise for our back and biceps as well.

That's gonna be bent over rows.

So pick up whatever weightyou're working with.

You give it everythingyou got for this last one, we're gonna hold the bottomof the dead lift position.

Keep your back straight, bring it all the way toyour chest and back down.

Make sure you come all the way up, you squeeze your back.

(upbeat music) Last couple reps.

(upbeat music) All right.

There we have it.

That's gonna be the end of this routine.

And as you can see, I'mpumped and drenched in sweat.

It's a highly effectiveworkout that you can do at home that's gonna engage everymuscle in your body, giving you a solid full body workout.

And you were able to complete this routine with me, that's amazing.

You're on your way to buildinga strong shredded physique.

And if you had to takeany stops along the way, do not get discouraged.

That's completely fine.

You can always take a second to catch your breath or even slow down, but you just wanna keep up the intensity and try to keep going as much as you can.

Eventually the more you train like this, you're gonna build yourstrength and your endurance.

And pretty soon you'll be able to do this without stopping duringany of the exercises.

And to get the most out of this routine you wanna do this for atleast two more rounds, totalling three rounds.

That's gonna guarantee thatyou're getting the best results.

And remember, to get this workout routine and more just like it, getting in the best shape of your life, make sure you sign up tothenx.

com and become a member.

You're gonna get full access to all our workout programs, techniqueguides, and daily workouts that are gonna have you shredded.

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So that you guys so much for watching.

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