What’s going on, guys? Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.

com And today I’m gonna show you 10 diet andworkout myths that you still believe in that are definitely holding you back from achievingyour weight loss goals.

And a lot of these myths are severely outdatedinformation and are often considered conventional wisdom.

And people just follow it blindly.

But that doesn’t always mean it’s thetruth.

And if you’re still following these outdatedmyths then that’s definitely gonna hinder your weight loss progress.

Because losing weight is hard enough as itis.

You don’t wanna make it harder by followingbad information.

So let’s debunk these popular weight lossmyths once and for all.

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Okay let’s jump right in to probably themost popular diet myth out there and it’s important that you get this right becauseit’s gonna set the tone for the rest of your day whether you’re moving towards yourweight loss goals or away from it.

Number one, The myth that Breakfast is themost important meal of the day This has been ingrained in our heads for whoknows how long now.

And the general idea really is that you needto eat something first thing in the morning to kick start your metabolism from your sleep.

The thing is, your metabolism doesn’t reallystop when you sleep.

Otherwise, you’d die.

And yes, your metabolism does go up a littlebit when you eat and that’s because of something called the thermic effect of food.

It’s the energy required for digestion, absorption, and disposal of ingested nutrients.

The thermic effect of carbs for example, is5 to 15% of the energy consumed, 20 to 35% for protein, and 5 to 15% for fat.

Which means that when you eat, you’re stillat a net caloric surplus.

If you wanna lose weight, specifically bodyfat, you need to be at a caloric deficit.

Assuming that your hormones are fully optimizedfor fat loss.

You can’t just cut calories.

It doesn’t work long term.

And that’s another myth in itself by theway and my entire channel is all about debunking the calories in vs calories out myth so makesure you check out my other videos.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong witheating breakfast btw.

I love breakfast food.

It really depends on the types of breakfastof food that you consume.

Because there is a world of difference inhow your body responds if you eat bacon and eggs… versus a bowl of breakfast cerealwith skim milk or toast with some jam.

The former is a nice and nutritious meal fullof healthy fats and protein which will help keep you satiated.

While the latter is a nutrient deficient sugarladen meal that’s gonna cause a huge spike in your blood glucose with a correspondingspike in your insulin levels, so that’s your storage hormone, which then puts yourbody in fat storage mode because high insulin blocks fat burning.

So if your breakfast is composed of the latter.

Breakfast might be the most important mealof the day for you not to screw up.

Number two, The myth that skipping a mealwill put your body into starvation mode Okay so this is directly tied to the firstpoint in that you need to eat first thing in the morning.

Because skipping a meal, especially the allimportant breakfast is somehow gonna put your body in starvation mode.


Listen, scheduled meals are completely madeup.

We’re the only species on the planet thatfeels the need to shove cornflakes down our throats first thing in the morning.

Like I remember force feeding myself… And kids, inherently know this.

Like if kids aren’t hungry, good luck feedingthem.

They’re gonna be kicking and screaming.

They won’t eat.

It’s only us that teaches them that we needto eat at certain times.

Let me ask you this, what do you think willhappen if you skip a meal? Nothing.

You’re probably gonna lose some weight becauseyour body has survival mechanisms that gets triggered when there’s no food available.

Like our paleolithic ancestors didn’t wakeup first thing… Sometimes they would go days without eatingand they were perfectly fine.

Myth #3, Eating six small meals a day to fuelyour metabolism Since we’re in the topic of skipping meals, this is the complete opposite of it.

And this was popularized by the body buildingindustry.

And again the concept being that you needto fuel your metabolism to burn more fat by taking advantage of that thermic effect offood which again only lands you in a caloric surplus.

But then some people say, but they’re smallermeals.

Yeah, that doesn’t really help the argument.

The biggest problem with this way of eatingis that it’s extremely tedious, your entire day basically revolves around eating food, and the meals are not satiating at all.

You’re always hungry when you eat this way.

And to make it convenient, we start gravitatingtowards highly processed packaged foods like granola bars, or protein bars, and if youwanna keep the calories down, we start eating more highly processed foods like low fat andlow calorie versions of foods.

Again, those foods are not satiating at all.

And satiety plays a huge role in your weightloss success.

So every time you eat you trigger the fatstoring hormone called insulin, to store all the nutrients from your meal.

So it puts your body in fat storage mode.

Now this is a very important key concept thatyou need to understand.

Your body can only be in two states.

You can either be in the fed state, or thefasted state.

And insulin is what controls this process.

That’s why a lot of people consider insulinthe master hormone.

It’s the hormone that controls your bodyweight.

So every time you eat, again, your body goesinto fat storage mode.

And if you eat your six small meals a dayand you’re eating a lot of these processed foods which are extremely insulinogenic, you’rein fat storage mode all day long.

This by the way explains why you’re notlosing weight even though you’re only eating these small meals, you’re only eating 1200cals every day.

Myth #4.

Fat makes you fat This belief started back in 1980 when theUSDA released the first dietary guidelines for Americans telling everyone to eat… And the top of the food pyramid is where youcan find fat.

THat’s also when the energy balance theorywas born.

Because fat is calorically dense all you haveto do is go on a low fat diet.

So everyone started buying low fat foods, we started buying low fat cheese, we started buying skim milk, We started buying egg whites.

The thing is, the yolk is the most… Dietary Fat is essential to your body especiallywhen it comes to activating your satiety hormones.

Fat doesn’t make you fat.

If anything, if you’re not eating enoughfat… Here’s a bonus myth for you about fat inthat it clogs up your arteries and causes heart attacks.

That is completely false.

That is actually caused by inflammation fromeating a lot of processed and sugary foods and new studies actually now show that themore saturated fat you eat, the more protected you are from heart disease.


The myth that Drinking milk is healthyfor you I kinda brushed on this from the last mythso let’s talk about it a little more.

Because it hurts me every time I hear someoneorder a skinny vanilla latte whenever I’m at Starbucks.

And I love using skim milk as an example forthis.

Because it’s gross.

Like, if you compare skim milk vs regularmilk, you’re gonna see that yes, it’s low in calories because it’s low in fatbut if you look at the sugar content, it’s usually higher.

The other thing about milk is that we arethe only species on the planet that drinks milk from another animal.

It’s kinda weird if you think about it.

And really the biggest reason why we do thisis because milk contains calcium.

Well, you can get calcium from better sourceslike nuts and leafy greens.

Think about it this way.

And this is a very important concept you needto wrap your head around.

A cow’s milk is full of something calledIGF-1 which is designed to grow a 90 lb baby calf to a fully grown 1500 lb cow in about15 months.

How do you think that’s gonna affect yourbody.


The myth that Red meat is bad for you No.

Any “study” out there that eating redmeat is bad for you is usually just based on something called an epidimiological studythat can only prove… And there’s usually some sort of plant basedpropaganda behind.

And saying that red meat is bad for you goesagainst evolution.

Every anthropologist will tell you that thegrowth of the human brain is directly linked to us being able to discover fire and createtools to hunt animals.

Like, a lot of native tribes around the worldwho still live a hunter gather life are perfect examples of this, like the Masaai tribe fromAfrica or the The inuits in canada for example, but let’s use the Inuits because I’m fromCanada.

Their diets consists of mostly animals becauseplants aren’t really abundant in northern canada, so they mostly hunt fish, seals andcaribou.

And what they do is they’ll actually eatthe fattiest parts of the animal and the organ meat because they’re the most nutrient dense.

So again, fat isn’t bad for you.

And they don't suffer from modern westerndiseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

They only start getting it when they starteating a modern western diet.

Go figure.

Myth #7, Spending hours at the gym to burncalories I’m talking specifically here about peoplewho spends countless hours on their favourite cardio machine trying to burn calories.

And I have a separate video why this conceptdoesn’t work so make sure you check that out.

But all you It’s been widely proven thatcalories burned at the gym does not translate to fat burned in the body.

You goal when you exercise is to build leanmuscle mass because that is the primary driver of your metabolism.

And you don’t need to spend hours at thegym in order to achieve this.

If you do a high intensity interval trainingstyle workout for example you can get a lot of work done in like 10-15 minutes.

I want you to think less but more intensewhen it comes to your workouts.

Myth #8, The anabolic window This is the idea being that you only havea small window of time to drink your protein shake or eat enough nutella to induce diabetesto fuel your muscles.

This is purely bro science.

Real studies show that the timing when youeat your protein doesn’t matter as long as you eat it at some point during the day.

It’s the amount of total protein intakethat matters.

Your body is also extremely efficient whenit comes to recycling old proteins.

Again, this goes back to evolution.

Our paleolithic ancestors would sometimesgo days without food.

If there was such a thing as an anabolic window, they would’ve withered away.

Myth #9, And it’s directly tied to the lastmyth in that you need to drink a protein shake I’m killing sponsorship deals here but thisis purely bro science.

We are extremely proteinized as a society.

You actually need way less protein… You only need 0.

7 grams per pound of leanbody mass to promote muscle growth.

The other problem about protein shakes iswhey and casein which is what protein powders are made out of are extremely insulinogenicbecause it’s highly processed and it’s usually sweetened with sugar or artificialor artificial sweeteners which are also fattening.

Plus, protein powders are not satiating.

Like what do you think is more filling?.



Don’t drink your protein.



Myth #10, The myth of detox and juice cleanses Let’s call a spade a spade here, juice cleansesare nothing more than an expensive high sugar crash diet.

When I was doing my research on this I sawa 3 day cleanse called deep clean for $125.

The deep clean that happens here is it deepcleans your wallet.

The only thing that a juice cleanse does isit puts you in a massive calorie deficit, that’s why you lose weight when you do this, while pumping you with sugar which triggers massive cravings.

That’s why a lot of people are miserablewhen they do this.

And then when they finish the cleanse, theyput the weight back on.

Sound familiar? Did you know that your body has a naturaldetox system.

It’s called your liver.

There you go.

I just saved you $125.


Bonus myth.

It’s normal for you to gain fat as you getolder I hate this myth because it’s just a defeatistattitude.

Listen, if you eat a crappy diet and you don’texercise, then yeah you’re gonna get fat and sick as you get older and your qualityof life will suffer.

The average american for example gains 1.

5lb of fat and losses half a pound of muscle starting at the age of 25 until 55.

The average american adult is also in theoverweight or obese category.

And a majority of them I would bet followsa lot of these myths.

But you don’t need to be part of that statistic.

You need to be above average.

Time and time again, and I see it with allmy students, I’ve seen them achieve amazing results because they take care of themselves, they follow the right diet, not these myths, and they’re in the best shape of their lives.

Some of them are in their 50’s and 60’s.

Listen, at the end of the day it’s reallyall about putting yourself in the best position possible to succeed and it starts by knowingthe right information and debunking a lot of these myths so you can make better decisionsmoving forward.


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