10 Healthy Habits That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Best Weight Loss Habits)

Successful weight loss transformations are really interesting because they're not just usually caused by one massive change Typically.

Like obviously some habits are gonna be weighed more than others For example, 80% of your body composition is determined by what you eat But it's generally a multi-faceted approach that gets someone over the hump and I'm a perfect example of that I've built upon my knowledge over the last 13 years or so basically when I first started paying attention to what I was eating and what I've taken away from the last 13 years from coaching hundreds of People at the gym and all my students inside my fat loss accelerator program is that there are 10 things I mean there are other smaller things here and there but there are 10 major things that have made the biggest Difference for me and really move the needle in my own health and weight loss journey so today I'm gonna be sharing all those 10 things with you so you can implement them if you want to and maybe just maybe It'll change your life as well before we get started give this video a like subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to get notified every Time I post a new video every week So let's dive into the first healthy habit that really got the ball rolling for me in terms of me actually moving towards weight loss instead of weight gain and it's so simple but so effective that you can start implementing it today healthy habit number one is I Changed my environment.

I'm the type of person and comment below if you're the same way if there's junk food in the house I'll eat it and my biggest caloric kryptonite's are sweets.

I have a sweet tooth.

So what did I do? It's simple I stopped Stocking junk food in my house because I firmly believe that your environment determines your success when it comes to achieving a successful Weight loss transformation and it starts with what's in your fridge and pantry because human beings are not wired for self-control That's kind of been proven time and time again Like if you have chips pasta cookies pop candy chocolate granola bars and protein bars Always available to you.

Guess what you're gonna eat and I got this quote from Steven Gundry author of a few books He's good.

You should check him out But he said that what you stop eating has far more impact to your health than what you start eating for example If you're someone who drinks coke or even diet coke and you always have it in your house you drink like five of these things Every day then all of a sudden you stop buying it and you just start drinking water instead How do you think that's gonna affect your health your life will change number two.

I started stocking my fridge with better foods this is part of changing your Environment in that once you do a purge of your fridge and pantry from all the junk that's in your house You have to replace it with something else.

Otherwise, you will have no food you're gonna end up eating out and the chances of you ordering something healthy is 50/50 at best because there's so many temptations when you eat out you need to control the controllables and if you have kids this is the perfect time for you to set an example and save them from years of misery when it comes to weight loss and it starts by giving them real food instead of junk food you need to set the tone and lead by example on this another habit that changed my life when it comes to my environment is that I Started stocking healthy frozen meals ready to be microwaved.

Here's the thing life happens.

Sometimes you run out of food you forget to buy groceries or whatever having healthy frozen meals as a back-up plan is a Game-changer because again, it saves you from making bad decisions Listen, there are many things that you have no control over in life But one of the things that you have complete autonomy Is what goes in your fridge what gets stocked in your house use that to your advantage? Put yourself in the best position to succeed by taking control of your environment So this is your foundation and then we're building on it.

We take out the junk We replace it with the good stuff and number three.

Let's dive into the healthy habit that really changed my life.

I started Intermittent fasting and I talked a lot about intermittent fasting on my channel so this isn't about me trying to convince you that it's good for you it is it's literally one of the best things that you Can do for your body, but when I first heard about it, it sounded insane I was like a lot of people the thought of skipping a meal or skipping breakfast sounded just crazy But I did it anyway because eating six meals a day and just cutting calories wasn't working.

I always felt tired I had no energy, but I felt like crap So why not go the opposite way on it and my diet still wasn't? Perfect when I started fasting but it really just shows the power of it and all I did was a 16 hour fast I just skipped breakfast and after just eight weeks I had a Completely different looking body and it changed my life and I've been able to maintain my results ever since in fact I'm in the best shape of my life.

I mean, here's a little 10 year transformation If you don't believe me, I like the guy on the right a lot better And before I started scheduling cheat meals one more lose weight.

A lot of people tend to have this all-or-nothing attitude How many times have you heard people say, I am never eating dessert again.

Yeah, good luck with that And this is basic human physiology The more you tell someone that they can't have something the more they want it and however long you can hold off on your favorite treat is Really just built on how much wealth power you have There's really only one problem with that Your willpower runs out and then at least two bench eating which is a big problem for a lot of people So why not go the other way? you can have it just Not all the time a simple trick that I do and this is what I tell myself is that if I skip breakfast all week It's like putting tiny deposits in a little piggy bank and then once a week you make a withdrawal In the form of a cheap meal.

I mean who doesn't want a way to have a cheap meal guilt-free? This is how number five I started incorporating Daily walks I gotta admit This is just a recent habit that I started incorporating into my routine, and it's Really had a huge effect when it comes to managing my stress levels and I didn't even know how stressed I was until I started going for walks and notice how much more calm I was and the benefits of walking gets magnified if you have access to like a park a trail a Body of water or somewhere in nature because it's been proven to help lower anxiety stress and depression It's also just really nice to have some time to yourself and think this is also when I listen to audiobooks and it's really something That I personally look forward to now and I aim to get 10, 000 steps every day But before I started incorporating daily walks, I am what you would call an active couch potato So I do CrossFit.

So I go to my you know, group class three four or five times a week And then that was it after that I would avoid anything and everything that has to do with any sort of physical activity Like my friends used to always make fun of me because I would drive to the coffee shop That was two blocks away from my house That's how bad I was and I used to describe myself as the laziest fit person you'll ever meet thankfully I'm not that person anymore walking has become sort of this therapeutic thing in my daily routine also walking gets you bonus points when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals because walking is a very effective way when it comes to Up regulating your fat-burning mechanism number six.

I stopped taking supplements I'm probably gonna kill a lot of potential sponsors here But if your goal is to just be healthy you want to be lean? You want to have a six-pack or you just want to lose some belly fat and have a tight and toned body? You can achieve all those things without ever taking in supplements and it's kind of in the name itself It's meant to supplement your diet if your diet is complete trash and you think that taking protein powders and B C double A's will somehow fix things for you You might as well let your money on fire and this is a complete 180 for me like I used to be one of those nerds that would go to G and C every day and look at BCAAs and pre-workout and protein powders and protein cookies and protein bars and I would buy all of them because they do a really good job of Marketing this stuff to you.

It's a multi-billion dollar industry Do you know what contains all the amino acids and protein that your body needs in order to build muscle? I don't know some green leafy vegetables a few eggs and a few ounces of animal protein like real food It's also way more satiating than a scoop of protein powder number seven.

I started Prioritizing sleep.

I think a lot of people deep inside knows that sleep is important But it's kind of just something that gets brushed aside And it's also the first thing that gets sacrificed when we're short on time or sometimes It just completely goes out the window if you're somebody who loves to live it up on the weekend for me I was a national-level weightlifter for three years and even if I was up really Late because I used to bartend I would still force myself to wake up early to train and my body felt broken the entire time It really wasn't until I started to prioritize my sleep that I started to feel better I mean if you think about the essence of Working out you need to have a rest day or two because that's actually when your body rebuilds your muscle fibers I mean, that's what sleep is for your body Rests so it can repair itself and I have literally never met anyone who complained about getting a good night's sleep number eight I turned off all social media notifications There's a study out there where every time you get a notification on your phone from social media You get a spike in cortisol, which is your stress hormone And if you have facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Tech Talk or whatever's hip right now that can get overwhelming real fast Especially the amount of times that we check her phones every day It's something like 300 times each day were addicted to it and I really felt the power of take myself out of the constant social media stimulation when I deactivated all my social media accounts for almost two months I was going through some personal stuff and I just wanted peace of mind and it felt like a drug and I was going through Withdrawals, I really started to realize how much I was checking my phone just out of habit So when I did it it freed up so much time in my hands and I ended up writing a book because of it Listen, I'm not saying that you should delete your social media accounts I mean you can try it, but you need to take back some of that control by just turning off your notifications Like do you really need to know that your ex watches your story? So turn off your social media notifications and only check your phone at designated times.

Number nine.

I started practicing mindfulness and gratitude there are many things in life that I wish I would have started sooner but practicing mindfulness and Gratitude is near the top of that list Why because it's one of the best things that you can do for your mental health? and I'm really happy that Mental health has gotten a lot more awareness these days because it's it's real a lot of people are dealing with stress anxiety depression and these people are fighting a tough battle that we can't see because it's just going on in their heads and practicing mindfulness and Gratitude is one of the best ways to take care of your mental health and it's so simple like for me I use a guided meditation app called headspace and all you do is you just focus on your breathing be in the moment and you can do it for Three five or ten minutes.

That's it because we don't do a Good enough job of just taking the time to be with our thoughts and how could a few minutes each day? Just focusing on your breathing be such a bad thing number ten.

Be nice to your stuff this goes hand-in-hand with practicing mindfulness in that you need to have a good Relationship with yourself if you want any sort of success in life.

You need to start liking yourself first Unfortunately, most people don't like we can be so mean to ourselves especially the way we talk to ourselves Sometimes think about a baby trying to walk when they're just learning how to walk they fall all the time They're not very good at hit but you wouldn't say you're so stupid – Oh, baby Would you but how often do you hear someone say that to themselves? We always say I'm so stupid Why am I so bad at this I suck like why is it okay to talk to ourselves like that? It doesn't really help remember you change best way you feel good Not when you feel bad and one of the best and fastest ways to feel good is number one Practicing mindfulness and number two starting a gratitude list every day and you can do this.

However you want I personally like using a journal.

I like putting thoughts to paper and what I do is I write five things I love about myself every day first thing in the morning after meditating then I read it and I feel it I internalize it and you can't help but feel good about yourself when you do this guys I really hope you got a lot of value from this video and I really Want to know which habits stood out to you the most and which one are you excited to start implementing in your life? I really want to know so let me know in the comments below The next question that becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here's the thing 80% of your body composition is determined by your diet.

You can't just freestyle this part You have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint This is how I melted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours at the gym It's a simple four-step process Specifically designed for busy professionals and it's the exact same Blueprint that I teach to all my private coaching clients and they've all gone to see some amazing results If you want to be the next success story then download your FREE copy of the lean body blueprint right now There's gonna be a link somewhere at the top here or in the description box Just click on it type in your email and I'll send it to you right away Alright, that's all I've got give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends Please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I post a new video every week and hey Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this video Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video versus a high five.

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