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if you've ever wondered how to lose 200 pounds without surgery that is the question we're gonna answer here today this is Tammy hey hi she's my new friend actually she's a youtuber that's how we met in fact I was trying to tell my husband this morning how we met and I actually can't completely remember but she has two YouTube channels one message me I think yeah I don't think we met in real life I don't she messaged me like the apt to pick my brain about YouTube you know I don't know how I knew about her Millison that's true but that's probably a year and a half ago now so she's two channels one is called hide and seek and that is a family vlog and I'll link that below so that if you want to follow that you can't and then also her second one which is kind of the one we're gonna talk mostly about today it's called keto chaos and she's got a number of people who follow that and have had quite a good success yeah a lot and so we're gonna have hear her story today and I'm gonna include some before and after pictures too well you got the after already but with include some before pictures okay how long does it take to lose 200 pounds well that's crazy it depends on how gung-ho you want to be in the first year doing what I do I lost 138 pounds it did take me and other son here and a half-ish to lose the rest to 200 but yeah in the first year I lost 138 I think I remember you telling me that you had lost a hundred pounds in eight months yes 100 pounds and eight months and that's when I started YouTube because I realized I had come across something amazing that was gonna work and I wanted to tell everybody else about it and I thought YouTube would be the way to do it and I was right yeah you were right definitely on that and so tell me a little bit about your journey like tell me first of all like hello you're heavy what brought you to Quito and how you have found Quito to be so successful alright well I pretty much been heavy since I was 10 I remember when I was 10 years old weighing myself and I was 135 pounds and it was definitely not at all 10 year old so I remember feeling like I was fat from a very young age so I don't really ever remember being thin though I know I was before 10 there's pictures to prove it but you know memory and all that I'm kind of old so anyway after she's younger than me let's just note that she is younger than me not very much like ten years okay well tech news doesn't feel like that you might too when we're when you're this age right it feels like we're all the same age anyway out of high school I weighed probably about 200 pounds by the time I met and married my husband I weighed 225 225 is what I weighed when I got pregnant for the first with my first of my nine children and she just went from there so proposed in my adult life I was over 290 300 pounds but after I had my last son my 9 my ninth child I got up to three hundred and seventy four pounds and it started getting really scary I started having real health issues concerning problems I was starting to be afraid that my kids wouldn't be able to like you know that they would find me dead or that I would get stuck somewhere and they would have to come and get me out like in the tub how embarrassing would that mean if your little kids had to come help you get out of the tub I mean that's horrible and so I started having real bad anxiety over it and I literally I mean I try not to get suicidal because there's so many kids but honestly like I dreamed of escaping escape was my only thing I thought about every single day so I would get down on my knees and literally beg God for an answer like plead with all my heart to help me and I was looking into all surgeries actually I had a whole list of them I was very interested in the balloon surgery that they were doing at the time where they would like to put a balloon in your stomach that would take up space so many people died from the surgery that year I cannot even believe how many people died from that because it was new and it's gone now you don't hear anything about it yeah cuz people don't even that could have been me that could have been me and so I decided on January 1st just like so cliche that I was going to start my weight-loss journey like everybody else does on January 1st right and I decided sorry general 1st 2017 2017 3 years ago and I that morning I basically just said okay well I'm not eating anything bad I'm just gonna eat me and vegetables and drink water and that's all I'm gonna do and I dropped like nine pounds that first week and a friend online said you know what are you doing and I said oh I'm doing this I'm eating meat and vegetables and I'm drinking water and this lady says wait you're doing Kido and I'm like what is keto and why have it how had I never heard of it never heard of it I couldn't believe was the first time I'd heard of it and I'm like I don't know what that is but I want to know cuz at the time I thought I was doing a crash diet a dangerous thing I thought it was my last ditch effort I really had a bad feeling about it I didn't feel like it was the answer but I was desperate so she put me in this Facebook group and I found out that not only was it a real thing but it was also a healthy thing and it was also a sustainable thing which blew my mind and I became an expert I read everything I could on the subject I studied it like in depth and I started answering questions on the Facebook page for them they decided that I was so great at that they asked me to help moderate the group I spent half of my day typing answering questions answering questions answering questions and finally I got tired of it and I asked the moderators if they wouldn't mind if I made some videos that we could link to that would explain it because if I could just talk you'll be so much easier right is that because you talk a lot I've often been rushed in my life yeah I have to multiple times I'm okay almost every day hey the exact truth be told right yes I hate it I became the moderator I made the videos they loved it we used the videos we linked out the videos I got subscribers from the videos because there were people that liked me and they were like oh this girl's making videos so they started subscribing dr.

Stephen Finney is the source of all the information that I teach on my channel he actually puts all his studies he is a scientist and he's also lived and eaten ketogenic Lee for most of his adult life well well over 20 years he's a happy healthy 60 something-year-old guy who loves quito and studies it on the daily so everything I teach came from him and he's brilliant so we can even link that they if they want to find it but he has a blog where he writes articles his whole staff writes articles that help explain why to do things but I've noticed people don't really care about the science behind it they just want to know how to lose 200 pounds without surgery a lot of people don't believe I lost 200 pounds without surgery they think I'm lying oh really yeah you see how much food I you thought how much food I ate at lunch there's no way if I had weight-loss surgery that I know you didn't how much no cuz I actually have a two girlfriends who are who had surgery yeah it's tiny bit much food yeah my mom had surgery so I am very well aware of what it's like to live post bariatric surgery and it's no fun this is so much better I get to eat all the steak and all the yummy food like it's amazing like I eat so much food people always say that on my videos you eat so much food and I'm like yep yeah and look at this still works it's brilliant so tell me what a day in the life of the food that you eat so like what I would typically eat to lose weight yeah okay so I do intermittent fasting so I usually put off my first meal as long as I can usually a 1 o'clock 2 o'clock I'll eat when I just can't stand it wait any longer and my my breakfast usually consists of bacon eggs cheese and Greek yogurt that's it my eye I eat 60 grams of protein and about 30 grams of fat in that meal and a little fewer than 10 carbs I try and cut my my macros in half I track everything in a tracker then for dinner it's usually chicken cheese veggie and sauce so for example about a six ounce chicken breast two ounces of some kind of cheese 1/2 a cup of a low-carb marinara and zucchini noodles underneath or spaghetti squash which tends to be my favorite of late and so I can sometimes do ground beef but if I'm trying to lose weight I try to stick to lean meats I don't eat crazy amounts of fat like they tell you on keto this is a different kind of keto because yeah I'm not what you're used to hearing that so so when the keto thing really started as I looked into it well this is Atkins with more fat yes which really is reddit it's what it is absolutely true in fact what I do is app conduction oh really that is what you get Utley what I do okay so when I was in high school everybody was doing Atkins yep and so we would eat like lean meat like cold turkey mm-hmm I can't remember what else but I mean Atkins was the big thing yeah I think it started like in the 70s or something it did and dr.

Atkins was actually brilliant there's just one piece of information that he didn't know about which is why the Atkins diet got such bad reviews and why so many people just fell off of it it was electrolytes dr.

Atkins didn't realize that when you're eating anti-inflammatory like that you drop your electrolytes constantly and you need to be replacing them if you have five grams of sodium per day you're not gonna get sick on a ketogenic way of eating and that's the one thing that actions didn't realize and the one thing that dr.

Finney stresses is getting proper electrolyte supplementation you also do need potassium and magnesium but sodium is the big one it's the one that makes you feel crappy and so it's necessary if you want to do it and that's actually the hardest thing people usually have and I have whole videos on that subject multiple videos on that subject so one of the things that happened we ate lunch together and she picked up the salt shaker and put salt on and she's like oh I gotta make sure I'd have plenty of salt yeah and you'd normally that's not enough I usually actually consume salt water and I forgot to take it this morning and I'm already feeling like in this kind of chest pain right here because of my low sodium for the day because I usually consume I personally take 37 grams of soleil water which is about twenty-two hundred milligrams of sodium just in the morning and usually try and do that four times a day that's way more than dr.

Finney recommends but it's the only amount that works for me I've tried cutting it back doesn't work so I know I can watch the videos yes but just give me an idea right now like why doesn't your food that you're eating the meat and the vegetables haven't have enough sodium but we're like like people weren't on keto where do they get their sodium they don't need it as much what up the only reason you need it on keto is because it's anti-inflammatory your body doesn't retain water and so it doesn't retain sodium so you're flushing it Const in fact we recommend not drinking gallons of water like everyone else every other diet on the planet because you can flush even more of them we recommend drinking to thirst only which for me is about 60 to 80 ounces of water a day yeah I'm lucky if I get in 50 ounces of water right that's so interesting so when I was in grade school I went to an overnight camp and they fed us all salt pills all week we have salt pills all week we had to like take him with water and I thought it was so weird but it was probably because it was because you're sweating we're sweating and we were hot and everything and so they were worried about the sodium thing so I actually I didn't know that the difference with Atkins most people don't that's why it got such a bad bad rap because the kid people got sick yeah did you know that the reason people get hangover hangovers is because alcohol also flushes electrolytes and really that what you need the next day is just sodium that's why so many drinks have salt around the edges the things you learn Oh interesting think about this also what happens when you're really really sad and you cry and cry and cry and cry you get a headache you get tired oh you get dehydrated yeah because you losing your sodium yeah because you let the tears they're salty right you're crying out your sodium yeah so all these things that people like attribute to random things are all electrolyte issues and so it's something that we're really aware of if we think about it and it makes sense but most people fight it because they're like ooh salt salt is bad and I know just like fat is not bad it's just another form of energy that you can use just like carbohydrates it's salt is good for you and you need a certain amount so on a standard American diet you need about 2, 000 milligrams of sodium but on a keto diet you need 5, 000 plus so that's the most interest that's the hardest thing for people to grasp but I'll tell you what if all I have to do is eat salt every day and be SI small Oh do it or you'll sign me up for the rest of my life well 200 pounds is a pretty big deal and that's a whole person yeah isla did I remember when I hit my hat away because when you when you came here I thought you had lost a hundred pounds and they're like no I've lost two hundred and you were like what I love it so a hundred and eighty seven pounds was like halfway mark my body likes 187 I actually got down to 174 but it's come it's coming back up I think 187 is my setpoint and I'm gonna have to fight that so you do definitely get to a point where it's harder you have to think harder you have to cut back on your calories a little bit more you have to be a little bit creative so it's definitely not always an easy fix I'd still struggling with the last 10 pounds 15 pounds but honestly like at this point if I stay here for the rest of my life it's not 300 pounds it's not 400 pounds and I'm happy it would be considered a healthy weight oh yeah yeah for sure I mean I'm wearing size small tops and about the size 10 jeans so yeah like dude I'll take it never if you ever told me I would wear a size 10 jeans but I ever believed it yeah and now I'm dancing I take ballet classes I take jazz classes I take clogging classes and I was just in the Nutcracker as a party parent dancing with my kids on stage and people told me that it looked like I'd been doing it my whole life and it was like a 15 year dream and I just accomplished that this year it should be nothing can nothing can take the place of that that feeling is so good it's so amazing and especially as someone who lived at over 300 pounds and could not do a lot and used her weight as an as an excuse it's amazing to me that I can do so many more things at 40 to 4 years old for all crap I'm 45 I just turned 40 but you know I feel like I'm doing more now than I did when I was young so what about exercise the Dancing's all I do I started after losing a hundred pounds actually that was my reward I bought myself a pair of hundred dollar clogging shoes and I joined the adult clogging class that was my first exercise I ever did cuz I exercise scares me I don't want to be a fitness guru I don't want to be a runner if you tell me you have to do that in order to lose weight I like clam up and I get really bad anxiety and I told myself you know what it doesn't matter you don't have to run you don't have to be the cliche a person who loses weight and becomes a fitness model no just be normal and so I wanted to do what my kids do because I've always been jealous of my kids and that's why I started clogging so that year I only did clogging once a week I fell in my first clogging performance on stage that was not good got right back up and kept on going could I have fallen like that at 390 pounds have gone back up or 370 for whatever I was I could have fallen there about getting back up so yeah that's exactly like and in ballet class I've fallen so many times I will be doing it tour jete and I forget one foot has to be down and do feed her up and everyone screams and Knight is hot back up because I can I could never do that before it's the weirdest feeling I actually like falling down because it feels so amazing to just be able to hop back up the things that you never knew you would like but yeah that's the only exercise I do so I do ballet for an hour a week clogging for an hour a week and then whatever performance I'm doing like practices for Nutcracker was like an hour a week that's it I don't run I don't go to the gym I don't do cardio zero probably I do lose that last 15 20 if I really put my effort into it but I don't know if I care enough to go to the gym you're doing way better than me on that front yeah I like to go to this and she just got healthy you just got a bike for crazy I just got bikes for Kristen to see yeah I'm a little jealous of that but I don't know where I put it in my house you have such a big big pretty house my house is cramped with a bunch of people yeah well we have a lot of people here too but I know you have nice big house thank you thank you one day I will have a nice big house oh wait I don't know I said we're never moving again yeah we're not moving either we're just hoping some people move out and they'll be the less people around here that's our big goal that is my goal too so far none of my kids have moved out I don't know what I'm doing wrong there oh I can talk to you about that off camera okay good someone comes to you and they say I want to lose 200 pounds what's the bottom line my top five tips for losing 200 pounds okay my top five tips for losing weight number one carbs under 20 it's easier than you think number two trapped every bite get your macros I can help you with that number three get in your electrolytes this is the most important one don't forget electrolytes number four patience is key consistency and patience will win out and number five measure your body not just using the scale because the scale doesn't always tell the truth I feel a little bit intrigued because as you know I'm on this journey to lose some weight I agree and so far for two months I have maintained through all the holidays which I'm very that's amazing that I didn't I gained 10 pounds I'm very happy that I maintained through the holidays like I'm happy about that but I do want to be healthier I want to be in better shape I want to get exercise I want to just just have all the markers of being healthier like that's my big goal then diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the doctor says that I have to go like 3 to 5 years without medication before they'll be willing to say that I don't have diabetes Wow but I have I've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes so I have some real incentives to try to be healthier lose weight etc and I have to say that I I my interest is piqued in this yeah so I'll have to see what ends up happening with that with other conversations and stuff but I just really appreciate you coming on the channel and talking about your journey I'm happy too the thing is like we kind of talked about 200 pounds because 200 pounds is such a big big deal but needless to say she also lost 50 pounds she also lost 75 pounds she also lost a hundred pounds she also lost a hundred and fifty pounds on her path to getting to 200 pounds good so there's lots and lots and lots of benchmark markers there of weight loss so thank you very much for coming on the channel and I really appreciate it very very very appreciated so thanks so much thanks for inviting me you're welcome and remember your efforts matter you.

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